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  1. I don't actively use this anymore, I guess you'd need to update the main script or you maybe able to update the options file to set defaults either via CLI --prefs-add or editing the file directly - it'll be in your config folder and you just want the line: subtitles 1
  2. The max available resolution for get_iplayer is 720p, the BBC don't make anything else higher available through the web version of iPlayer only SmartTVs etc
  3. Just an update from me, with my troublesome docker turned off everything is working fine, it's not Pi-Hole for me but rather this : https://github.com/chrisns/docker-node-sonos-http-api perhaps there are similarilties, although not obviously to me! I've not had a chance to update to RC2 yet.
  4. Can’t stop them all, one of them, a node docker for the Sonos api that I added wouldn’t stop. The others all have. I’ve subsequently tried to restart the docker service with /etc/rc.d/rc.docker restart but that’s not working, looks like I might be doing a forced reboot in a bit and then disabling that particular docker
  5. Is there a docker command to stop them all? I can’t do that at the minute, but will try over the weekend at some point. As an aside I ran “docker stats” from ssh and it doesn’t return anything, have to ctrl c to get a prompt back “docker ps” does return successfully
  6. Not that it's any better than holding down the power button but if you can still get a ssh session, you can do the following to force a reboot echo 1 > /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq echo b > /proc/sysrq-trigger https://major.io/2009/01/29/linux-emergency-reboot-or-shutdown-with-magic-commands/
  7. It stopped and started without issue but didn't seem to make any difference to the docker tab unfortunately
  8. I've posted these over on the main release thread, but here's my diagnostics for the same issue https://lime-technology.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=39269 I wouldn't know where to start with sifting through them but I notice we all have the same error in our docker logs, specifically level=error msg="stream copy error: reading from a closed fifo" I don;t know what a log looks like with out this issue so that could be a red herring. I couldn't see anything at the same time in my sys log
  9. Here's my diag file too with the same issue tower-diagnostics-20180319-1556.zip
  10. I do, that doesn’t run either just sits there scanning. interesting to see Yippy3000 had to force a reboot as I did too. GUI was stuck on stopping services.
  11. No offence taken :-). I rebooted, the docker and also "App Store" tabs worked after a reboot, they're now back to not working though. It flows through to the Dashboard too as I don't see my dockers or VMs under there (VM tab does load) I wonder if it's to do with checking for updates. (Although my Plugins page does work and shows updates)
  12. I've upgraded and everything appears to be working fine, but I can't access any information about my dockers. I know they're running but when I visit the docker page I just get the spinner and eventually see this in chrome developer tools " 504 (Gateway Time-out)" Tried in different browsers and the same, but not restarted the server yet (I have some maintenance to do in a few days so waiting for that, especially as the dockers are working) Plugins page works and various plugins have had updates
  13. I went for the easy option, HDHomeRun - all up and running. I figured if I had any issues I could play with Adding it to Plex anyway Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. So, master plan is to buy a second TBS card for DVB-T2, I'm assuming that'll work fine with my existing TBS S2 card? Only complication is a lack of pcie slots, so I'm going to use a pci -> pcie adapter, fingers crossed, has anyone got any experience with these adapters or is there a USB or PCI (not express) T2 card that'll work alongside my existing card?