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  1. Hi, Thanks for this docker! Is it possible to get the docker to delete to original file in the input folder once it has been processed and renamed to the output folder? Thanks
  2. Just Sonarr for me. Plex, deluge, coachpotato, plex etc all look great.
  3. So you need to telnet to you server and type that command then follow the prompts to change the password. Then close the telnet session. Done. Thanks. Yeah I saw the info on the dockerhub page. Was just interested to see if it was possible through the gui rather than text based command.
  4. yes, restarting the container will fetch any updates at startup. Thanks
  5. Hi Binhex, thanks for this. I remember you and Squid got to the bottom of the icon issue in the old thread. Do you know if there will be a fix for this? Thanks again
  6. Hi, thanks for this. Is there a way to change the admin password through the docker webui or through the unraid webui? Thanks again.
  7. Hi, thanks for this. Is this the latest version and will it auto update when a new version is released? Thanks again
  8. Hi everyone, I'm having a problem with Sonarr, when I try to access the webui it just shows the loading screen. I have just set it up with Deluge. The log shows: 2016-01-09 22:20:31,837 DEBG 'sonarr' stdout output: [Error] DownloadedEpisodesImportService: Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /complete/xxxxxxx Thanks!
  9. Yeah, I am having a the same issues. Status stuck on paused instead of downloading/seeding. Not moving to completed folder and also extractor not working.
  10. im going to need a bit more info than that :-), i wasnt aware it was broken, what are you seeing that makes you think its broken, can you post your supervisord.log, please give me as much info as possible, the more info i have the more chance i have of fixing any potential issues. NP everything else works perfectly - Deluge VPn, SABnxb etc anyhows 1 - Screenshot 2 - Another Screenshot 3 - the log is to big to post let me go try something else... ok so when you say there is a problem with the image, you mean the icon, ahh i now understand, i would try and not
  11. Hi binhex, massive thanks for all your work on these great containers. If you have a little spare time, would it be possible to have a look into creating a container for Jackett: ? Sdesbure, created one a while back but hasnt been updated in nearly 2 month. If not, thanks anyway for all your hard work.
  12. Thanks for this! Would love to see it be updated to the latest version if poss? Thanks again
  13. Hi everyone, Hope someone can help, I am new to Unraid. I have installed Unraid and configured my array. I have installed the Unassigned devices plugin then mounted the external usb drive. From here I can explore and view the files but I am unsure how to copy the data to my user shares? I have tried searching the forums but it seems a lot of threads mention an outdated? app called SNAP? Thanks!