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  1. You da man squid! thank you so much for your help my array is degraded from a disk fail and im trying to get preclears done on 2 new ones so im a little nervous about doing too much atm to begin with. one last question...how do i put the [solved] tag on subject, is that a mod function?
  2. i renamed all the dynamix files/folders from {filename} to Delete{filename}Delete. i normally do that when mucking around in stuff above my paygrade so that if(when) i screw up i can just remove the "delete" on each side and im good. however that didnt help in this case... the files are really gone from those folders. i just deleted dynamix.plg and sure enough unraid came up perfectly. so i gather that on booting up everything in that plugins folder gets run regardless of name? so my trying to remedy a potential issue caused a immediate issue?
  3. so how do i get the dynamix files requested above back in place? while looking for the dynamix plugin to install it to the boot drive i found a bunch of bergware dynamix plugins - Active Streams, Cache Dirs, S3 Sleep, System Info, System Stats, System Temp, System AutoFan, Schedules, System Buttons, Local Master, SSD TRIM, File Integrity, SCSI Devices, Date Time, Stop Shell, Day Night. i dont believe i ever installed any of those plugins but its been running for nearly 5 years now so i could be mistaken. i thought for sure i found it when i stumbled across https://github.com/limetech/dynamix. but when looking in the scripts folders the libvirtconfig.php and dockerconfig.php arent in the scripts folders. If they are not on the boot drive when you set it up and its not in one of those plugins where might i find it. would it be possible to reinstall the https://github.com/limetech/dynamix package and it will build the missing files?
  4. just tried to make a new bootable usb drive to pull the dynamix files off it... there are none. im at a loss now, not sure where to go next.
  5. Looking at monitor connected directly to server it seems it booted properly. Even says it's on 6.6.7 and lists it's IP however below that it says. Tower login: sh: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamic.docker.manager/scripts/dockerconfig.php: no such file or directory sh: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamic.vm.manager/scripts/libvirtconfig.php: no such file or directory I'm thinking I deleted something I shouldn't have. When I ran the pre-update check utility it said dynamic was bad and I needed to delete it... I'm guessing it was a dirty liar?
  6. just updated from 6.53 to 6.6.7 and i get this message at bottom and my entire screen is blank except for the unraid header picture. no menus no buttons no logs nothing...
  7. everything seems to install ok but when i run it i get anyone have any ideas what i did wrong?
  8. First off let me say I wasn't sure where to post this as I'm not set on a docker, vm or plugin. Whichever works easiest/best would work and we may need to move this thread as that gets hashed out. On to the question! I have Alexa devices, sonoff switches, arduino devices and a security system I would like get to all play nicely. I'm also heavily nat'd by my isp so I can't use any dns or external IP to access a mobile control panel, so a cloud connect for that would be helpful. I just learning Arduino and haven't flashed any of the sonoffs's but it doesn't look too hard. I've been unable to find recent articles of all 3 being setup so I was hoping that anyone with recent experience might chime in. Excluding the zosi security system I think it's all doable just needing a nudge which direction to go.
  9. I followed Scott's suggestion and it works perfect. Even on manual imports/drone folder imports it knows which folder to place the file into
  10. so when it post processes it will pull each into their respective folders. what about manual imports? will i have to manually chose the path or will it already know where to put it? swmbo mandates it be dead simple....
  11. can i run two instances of radarr side by side somehow? i have a /movies folder and a /kids_movies, atm everything is going into the /movies folder and i have to manually move it but then radarr tries to redownload it.
  12. My current itx case is full with 6 drives and I need to expand. I have an old 8 bay sans digital USB 2 case that gave up the ghost some time back. The nas mobo has a pci-e 1x 2.0 slot free. My thought is to use one of these https://www.amazon.com/ELEGIANT-PCI-Cable-Express-Extension/dp/B01GWMUK7W to move the pcie slot to sans digital box then install an 8 port sata controller in it. Anyone tried anything like this or have opinions one way or another?
  13. Thank you so much for this docker! installed easily and found books with simple setup! when i look in the log i keep seeing: WARNING Download dir [/mnt/user/unraid1/Books/] not found, using /var/run/s6/services/lazylibrarian ive tried: /mnt/user/unraid1/books/ /user/unraid1/books/ /unraid/books/ and /books/ however it seems to be downloading the books just fine.
  14. trying to transition from a win2012 server to something that doesnt require as much maintenance to keep everything moving smoothly. freenas was too security driven, omv is a touch too buggy and not enough support atm so im trying out the unraid trial atm. I have attic antennae feeding 2 hdhr3-us's, running to whatever nas i settle on, and 4 openelec front ends, fairly standard i believe. i need to run sickbeard, couchpotato, sabnzbd, plex and mythtv. all the other nas offerings worked fine on all but the mythtv. so i installed fresh unraid trial, and started there first. i followed sparklyballs directions (i think) and was able to rdp into mythtv but after database fill i get a box that comes and goes too fast to read. when i try to run webui i get the attached error messages, which im assuming is whats in that dissapearing box. can anyone make sense of that to tell me what im doing wrong? mythtv_error.txt