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  1. They were all tested with tilaa b.v. and speedtest.net one was tested on a vm on unraid
  2. Hmm, I tested the web version again after some time but the web version doesn't seem to work that well anymore for some reason, here is an example: Plugin: Speedtest.net: Speedtest-linux: Ping (Lowest): 3.72 ms | Download (Max): 460.86 Mbps | Upload (Max): 512.64 Mbps Speedtest-beta: Retrieving speedtest.net server list... Selecting best server based on ping... Hosted by Tilaa B.V. (Amsterdam) [1.75 km]: 5010.821 ms Testing download speed... Download: 0.00 Mbit/s Testing upload speed... Upload: 0.00 Mbit/s It also takes very long for the plugin speedtest to finish (10-30 minutes)
  3. Hey i'm having a little problem with the queue, It can only download 6/7 torrents at a time and puts the rest in a queue. In the settings I set the total active to 200 but it still puts torrents in the queue. I'm using third party apps to auto download some stuff, could this be the problem? I tried restarting deluge and restarting unraid but it doesn't seem to help. What could be the problem?
  4. You can do speedtest-linux --server server# It also has an option for --numclosest but that doesn't seem to work. I tried it with a server I know i can get my full speed and i get this: Ping (Lowest): 10.61 ms | Download (Max): 291.97 Mbps | Upload (Max): 190.82 Mbps I also tried with a random server thats close to me and now I do get my full speed (or it just shows a random upload ) Ping (Lowest): 9.53 ms | Download (Max): 322.56 Mbps | Upload (Max): 589.46 Mbps I tried more servers but they all show different results while the browser version show consistent results
  5. I edited my post now it shows both tests that I did seconds after each other
  6. I tried it and I got this: SERVER:~# speedtest-cli Retrieving speedtest.net configuration... Retrieving speedtest.net server list... Testing from Unet B.V. (XX.XX.XX.XX)... Selecting best server based on latency... Hosted by fdcservers.net (Amsterdam) [0.00 km]: 31.759 ms Testing download speed........................................ Download: 244.20 Mbit/s Testing upload speed.................................................. Upload: 107.35 Mbit/s SERVER:~# speedtest-linux github.com/zpeters/speedtest -- unofficial cli for speedtest.net Server: 6035 - Amsterdam (fdcservers.net) 2016/01/15 15:56:34 Testing download speed .......... 2016/01/15 15:56:38 Testing upload speed ..... Ping (Lowest): 9.92 ms | Download (Max): 225.07 Mbps | Upload (Max): 1552.13 Mbps Edit: Also can I somehow choose a different server? Because the closest to me is not the best one haha
  7. Ah okay, I thought unraid wasn't getting my full speed so I thought maybe it had to do with my network settings. But if I can trust the VM thn it's all good. Sorry I edited my previous post. I meant "definitely not". There's too many other variables involved with added network layer and flash in a browser through rdp or vnc. What upload speed are you expecting? I find mine to be relatively close between running speedtest on my android phone, this plugin and a hard wired desktop or wireless n through my laptop. If your unRAID memory or cpu load is high then this plugin is going to give poor results. What's your network like from unRAID to modem? I was expecting about 300Mbps download and 450Mbps upload. But today there was some kind of upgrade to the network so my upload went to 570Mbps. I'm getting about the same speed when connecting with my laptop to the router. And my unraid is connected to the same router with a cat 6 cable. But still kind of weird that the plugin cant go above 100Mbps for some reason.
  8. Ah okay, I thought unraid wasn't getting my full speed so I thought maybe it had to do with my network settings. But if I can trust the VM thn it's all good.
  9. When I do an automatic speedtest it shows my upload as only 20mb/s but when I choose a server manual it only goes up to 100mb/s but when I do the speedtest on a vm it goes up to 450mb/s. So something is capping it in the plugin, however the download speed does show up fine.
  10. I'm also getting stuck at [iOBluetoothFamily][start] -- completed I tried stuff like: -x dart=0 nv_disable=1 but nothing seems to work I also can't delete the graphic kexts from the iso (it keeps saying no space when trying from single mode) I also tried pc-q35-2.2, that didn't work either. Also I can't figure out how to extract the OSK key so I used one from the internet but I think it would be better if I got it from my macbook instead (mid 2012, will that work?) or I can use the iMac from work. Also am I supposed to get the osk1 or osk0 key? I did manage to dual boot this pc with windows and mac os yosemite a few months ago and I got everything to work so it should work in a vm aswell right?
  11. Hello all, So I got a few questions: First question: So i'm using a Windows 10 VM in unraid. And I pass through a keyboard and mouse with lighting on it. But when I close the VM the Light stays turned on, how can I automatically disable mouse and keyboard when the VM is shutdown and turn back on when the VM is? Second question: I made a little array and i'm also using a disk as cache (all disks are the same brand). The VM is installed on the cache disk. 1 Parity disk (1TB HDD) 1 Data disk (1TB HDD) 1 Cache disk (1TB HDD) The weird thing is that when I run a disk benchmarker (crystaldiskmark) it shows me results like: 2500MB/s read and write. Now i'm wondering if the vm uses ram as a cache pool (it writes to ram first and thn hdd) however the speed also seems slow for ddr3 ram. Or is it just a bug with the software? If it is does someone know a software that gives accurate results? Third question: I got a Sandisk ultra fit (just noticed I ordered the wrong one lol), and it doesn't seem to work well in usb 3 ports (most of the time it will not get detected but the light does turn on). It does work in usb 2.0 ports 100% of the time. However it used to work 100% of the time in usb 3 ports aswell before I installed unraid on it. Just a freaky coincidence or did unraid do that for better compatibility? Should I keep it or RMA it or just order the cruzer fit instead (or maybe another usb instead since this is my second sandisk usb I have problems with)? Fourth question: How can I access unraid webgui from outside of my network, for example at my workplace? Or is this not possible even with plugins?
  12. All right thank you for your help! I got a different question now tho: Do you have to install a VM on a cache pool or can I install it on a dedicated (for example a SSD) drive? Cause I have 3 different SSD's now: 1 PCIE SSD 240GB (800/200 MB R/W) 1 SATA Crucial mx100 240GB (500/300) 1 SATA Samsung 850 EVO 500GB (550/500) If I install it on a cache pool of those 3 drives will the performance just be of the slowest drive? (500/200 essentially) Sorry for all these questions but i'm new to this and I don't have all my parts yet (no delivery on new year and stuff) so I can't really test it fully yet EDIT: Also will a VM take the space it has or the space you assigned?
  13. Is there something I can do to make it look like 1 drive? If not is it safe to use the 4 x 60GB in my cache?
  14. It is seen as one 240gb disk in the bios and there are no partitions