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  1. UPDATE: The failing disk uses btrfs file system. There is a native recovery tool built into btrfs-prog for Linux called "restore" that was able to recover all of the files on the disk. Fortunately for me, this disk was non-critical data. My final question is a simple one, can I just install the new drive and click the "new config" button in the tools menu to rebuild the array? I know that the contents of disk 2 will not be in the new build but everything else should be fine correct?
  2. Well it looks like I really screwed myself. I found some articles and some information about recovering the data from a btrfs drive. I will have to pull that drive and recover the data separately. Thanks to everyone who replied. I just set up notifications for the future to avoid this.
  3. I'm pretty sure disk 3 is useless. It was an SSD for VMs that was moved to disk 6. Is there a way I can look at the contents of what was there to be sure it's useless? If I go back to the state with the top screen, after clicking start, the array will be in a constant state of "starting array" but will say that disk 2 has an unmountable file system. There is currently no way I can actually start the array successfully. I am okay with double checking disk 3 and ensuring that data was useless and then removing it permanently.
  4. It used to exist but the drive failed years ago. Is that why I am having this issue? Should I delete disk 3 permanently? This is why it's not allowing me to start things properly right? It wants two parity drives as well as both failed drives? Or maybe I should get another disk to replace disk 3 and disk 2 at the same time?
  5. Disk 3 does not exist. That disk slot was just skipped over in the assignment period a few years ago. Should have elaborated earlier. Disk 2 is the one that is definitely failing.
  6. Can anyone please help me with this? I've lost 500GB of data before and I'd like to avoid losing 5TB more. I'm really not sure how to replace this drive safely.
  7. Hello, I'm pulling my hair out trying to recover my data. I had a drive fail (disk 2), and I was trying to follow this wiki to replace the drive, but I can't complete it the way it is described. The first screenshot shows what my array currently looks like. Keep in mind, that the Disk 2 is actually a failing disk, it refuses to mount due to bad sectors. When I reboot the server and connect the new 1 TB drive to disk 2, I get a warning about my configuration being invalid due to a missing disk 2. See second screenshot for missing disk 2. See third screenshot for disk 2 replacement. I cannot start the array with the new disk. What am I doing wrong? I am unable to attach both of the disks to the system at the same time due to sata port limitations. Do I need to buy a raid card to attach both disks to the system at the same time? I attached my diagnostics for the old drive (grabbed during first screenshot).
  8. Hello everyone. I have been scratching my head for hours trying to get my array back online. Disk 2 of my array is starting to have some bad sectors, so I bought a new drive to replace it. During the process of replacing the drive, my tower actually recognizes the disk as "good" again. I will still be replacing this drive out of fear of data loss, but I cannot start the array with the old drive, or the new replacement drive. unRAID keeps telling me that my configuration is valid, but it will not allow me to start the array. Here are my diagnostics and screenshots. These were taken while the old failing drive is still installed. Please help me, I'm going crazy over here!
  9. I agree. This would be a good feature to add.
  10. Exactly. Do no expose unRAID to the internet. You can however, run a VM on unRAID and then expose JUST that VM to the internet without risking exposing unRAID.
  11. I just got an old Dell Poweredge 6800 for free last week and I want to run a second unraid server on it. I have it booted and I can view the webpage for configuring, but I cannot see my hard drives anywhere here. The server uses SCSI drives and they all connect to the stock backplane. Here is a link to the product PDF on The controller is listed as: SCSI storage controller: LSI Logic / Symbios Logic 53c1030 PCI-X Fusion-MPT Dual Ultra320 SCSI (rev 08) Is there something I need to do in order to see the hard drives?
  12. I re-installed the plugin but now the options for my array are still missing. I cannot start my array and I need to! Can I start from SSH? How can I fix my Dynamix plugin?
  13. I understand. Another reason to dislike Windows. Thank you for your help!
  14. Some of my users are having issues with saving to their unraid shares from Excel's 'Save As' feature. File Explorer will prompt them for their password and then not accept the correct password. I have found that they can just click cancel on the login credential window and still save to their shares, but I would prefer this problem be fixed to avoid future complication or inconveniences.