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  1. Hi, and thanks a lot for this great tool. I am using it to move data off a disk that I want to remove from the array. I made a mistake when moving data off the disk I want emptied (I didn't specify that I want the remaining disks to have roughly 5 % remaining space, so they all filled up with the default ~500mb remaining space). Now I am manually moving some content from each of the full disks into disks with more space (I have 2 disks with 3 TB of emtpy space). Is there any smarter way to do this, other than to run unBalance for each disk I want to have ~5 % remaining space on? I.e. queue up a job for each disk to leave over night, or a default Unraid setting/function that will take care of this automatically? Or am I stuck starting each unBalance job manually for each of the full disks I want to clear some space on?
  2. I like Unraid's ease of use. In 2020 I'd like to see the option for a second storage pool.
  3. Thank you, I will take a look at the topic you linked. In the meanwhile I tried to copy a file onto my drive by using terminal commands instead, and I got the following error: 2019/11/27 13:45:29 ERROR : : error reading source directory: directory not found 2019/11/27 13:45:29 ERROR : Attempt 1/3 failed with 1 errors and: directory not found 2019/11/27 13:45:29 ERROR : : error reading source directory: directory not found 2019/11/27 13:45:29 ERROR : Attempt 2/3 failed with 1 errors and: directory not found 2019/11/27 13:45:30 ERROR : : error reading source directory: directory not found 2019/11/27 13:45:30 ERROR : Attempt 3/3 failed with 1 errors and: directory not found 2019/11/27 13:45:30 Failed to copy: directory not found Any idea how I can start troubleshooting this error?
  4. Hey, I've been following each step in this video and thought I had everything working properly. But when I try to copy files into the mounted google folder (in Krusader) the file doesn't show up in the google drive. The command for showing contents in the drive folder does work ("rclone lsd google:") for files and folders created and uploaded in the web interface for google drive (in a browser). But files/folders I copy-paste into the google folder in Krusader does not show up. So it seems to be able to fetch information FROM the drive, but is not able to write TO the drive. Any help? I see that the Rclone plugins has a lot more options now than it had in 2017, but I left everyting at default when it was not mentioned in the video. Is there any logs I can check, and if so, where do I find them?
  5. Hi. My DelugeVPN decided to stop working, presumably after updating to Unraid 6.6.6. The issue is that the WebUI won't load, possibly because it won't connect to my VPN provider (Newshosting). I can't seem to find any answers in the FAQ or answer to anyone elses issues, so I hope you can spare some time and take a look at my supervisord.log file (attached, username and password removed). Edit: Nevermind, I updated the docker to the latest version and its working again! :-)
  6. Thanks for lightning fast response! Can you elaborate what you mean by fixed in rc3? Do I need to do anything other than the XFS_repair command I did earlier to avoid something like this happening again?
  7. Hi, I got another warning regarding call traces today. I suspect it is related to the file system error on disk 4 that I had to fix using XFS_repair -L, but can someone check the attached diagnostics just in case?
  8. Thank you! Yes, I had the array offline and disconnected/re-connected a few disks to identify the parity disk (upgrading to 8TB).
  9. Hi, the fix common problems plugin told me to ask for help in the forums. I would really appreciate it if someone looked at my attached diagnostics and told me if there's anything I should be worried about.
  10. Thank you, using /downloads/ instead worked great!
  11. Hi, I am having problems with Sonarr and moving them to my TV folder after SABnzbd finishes the download. My setup works 100 % for CouchPotato, but Sonarr refuses to move the finished downloads. I get the following error message in Sonarr when it tries to move the download SABnzbd has finished: "No files found are eligible for import in /sonarr/(Series name)" I have attached a screenshot of my unRAID volume mappings for SABnzbd, Sonarr and CouchPotato (I included the CouchPotato setup because it works). I have also attached a screenshot of my settings within SABnzbd, Sonarr and CouchPotato. Does anyone have any idea why Sonarr fails at importing the finished downloads? Edit: Is there any point in using separate folders for Sonarr and CouchPotato, or should I just keep it simple and use a Downloads/Complete folder for both? The reason I set it up this way is because of my old setup on my Windows server, which followed this guide: - If you have any default or standard setup you would rather recommend that I use, feel free to enlighten me :-)
  12. Thanks binhex, I tried your suggestion (remove remote setting, delete the files in the openvpn-folder and replace with new ones directly from Newshosting). Same error (AUTH_FAILED), even though I am 110 % sure that the password and username is correct. See attached image of my new settings (with remote removed) and attached log with the AUTH_FAILED error. No idea what I am doing wrong. Note: I have also tested DelugeVPN with VPN_ENABLED=no, just to check if I am able to access the webUI without the VPN. That works perfectly, so it seems like the problem is my VPN settings... EDIT: I solved the problem, I had to add "@newshosting" to my username to successfully log in. Easy solution. Thanks for quick replies to help me out! Now I'll just have to test and see what kind of speed I can get with the Newshosting VPN... EDIT2: Thanks again for helping me, the setup (and speeds) is working exactly like it did on my old Windows-based server :-) DelugeVPN_log1.txt
  13. No, it has the .ovpn extension, I just had to add .txt when uploading it as an attachment (forum doesn't allow .ovpn extension). Here's the openvpn-folder in delugevpn (attached as image). Edit: I have read post #2 and thought I had setup DelugeVPN accordingly, but I might have missed something obvious (in which case, what?).
  14. I have attached the ovpn-file I have put in the config folder (there were ~70 ovpn-files, I just picked the one closest to my location for (probably) best speeds. Do I need to put my username and password in the ovpn-file? In that case, where in the file do I put it? sto-a01.ovpn.txt