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  1. This build has appeared to clear up my issues, thanks!
  2. Does this plugin's CLI commands still work? I'm on 6.8.3 and a parity.check pause does not seem to be working.
  3. Just updated and it's all up and running. Thanks so much!
  4. This appears to be the same issue that I mentioned here: Looks like the OOT driver for these NICs might not have made it into this build of Nvidia Unraid.
  5. Is it possible there was a regression for the RTL8125 driver in the Unraid Nvidia 6.8.1 build? I am running into the identical issue I had on the 8.8.0-rc5 build. Reverting to Unraid Nvidia 6.8.0 has my NIC working correctly again. Thanks again for all the work put into this project.
  6. I love how easy it has been to convert friends and co-workers to unraid. SSD array support would be nice.
  7. I can confirm the RTL8125 driver is working now. Thanks!
  8. Awesome to hear. Looking forward to the release.
  9. The Realtek RTL8125 (driver added in 6.8.0-rc2) does not work on Nvidia Unraid 6.8.0-rc5. I have a full break down of tests and diagnostics over on this thread. Any insight here would be appreciated as I really would like to be able to continue using the Nvidia builds. The summary is that the RTL8125 works on both stock Unraid 6.8.0-rc5 and rc7 but it fails to work on Nvidia Unraid 6.8.0-rc5.
  10. So after a bunch of tshooting this morning with Unraid versions here is what I've found. The onboard RTL8125 NIC works in both stock Unraid on rc5 and rc7. The USB NIC I was testing with (ASIX Electronics Corp. AX88772) does not work on rc5 or rc7. The exact opposite is true for the Nvidia Unraid build. When testing on rc5 the RTL8125 does not work while the AX88772 does. All of this was using the same cable on the same switch port. Looks like I'll need to reach out on the Nvidia Unraid plugin thread about this issue. Odd that the USB NIC wouldn't work with stock Unraid though.
  11. I know the RTL8125 driver was added in 6.8.0-rc2 but it appears to not be working correctly on rc5 (currently using Unraid Nvidia build). Problem: - Network connectivity fails to establish - Device connected to Unraid machine auto negotiates to 100 Mbps - Unraid auto negotiates to 10 Mbps - No network traffic appears to correctly pass. (For example DHCP process does not complete) Troubleshooting: - Connected Unraid machine to a router, a switch, and directly to my desktop PC NIC. All devices connected to the Unraid machine show a 100 Mbps connection while running 'ethtool eth0 | grep -i speed' directly from Unraid shows 10Mb/s. - Using a USB NIC I had lying around (100Mbps) everything works as expected at Diagnostics were retrieved by running 'diagnostics' directly on the machine and grabbing the resulting file. Please let me know if there is other information I can gather. Edit: Also note they before switching motherboards I was using a 1 gig NIC without issue. So it's shouldn't be a hardware side issue (that's part of the reason I also tested connecting directly to a PC). supremacy-diagnostics-20191125-2014.zip
  12. Fix Common Problems is recommending I post my diagnostics on this particular issue. For context the USB stick had died which was then replaced and a parity check was run. I woke up to the warning. Any insight is greatly appreciated. tower-diagnostics-20191120-1414.zip
  13. Unraid was the best thing to happen to my server! Looking forward to future features.
  14. That's too bad, I'll trial out the traditional troubleshooting as requested. Thanks!