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  1. Is it possible to get python compiled with `--enable-unicode=ucs2`? Most builds of pillow I can find are compiled with ucs2, but the current python is compiled with ucs4.
  2. Any chance of rebasing this to Alpine? It would be nice to get the last vestiges of Phusion off of my server... (also, any chance of a dokuwiki docker? sparkly's is a bit out of date and also uses phusion)
  3. I for one would also like to see this, as I use numerous links in my configuration. It seems to me that the dockerMan's XML template system is just re-implementing what docker-compose does better, and perhaps can be phased out (or made to generate docker-compose files?)... Hopefully with compose we could abandon the practice of bundling together many services and instead use discreet containers.
  4. This was the result of a longstanding bug in the kernel, which has just had a patch submitted to the stable queue. The next set of stable releases should include the fix: https://www.spinics.net/lists/netdev/msg393441.html The original Docker issue may also be of interest: https://github.com/docker/docker/issues/5618
  5. Any chance of getting Postgres support added to the Docker? I'm running MariaDB just for this container, while everything else can use Postgres. Pretty sure all you need is the php5-pgsql package (Postgres will show up in the setup wizard once the extension is properly enabled).
  6. Could you update lftp to 4.7? Some useful features were added (mostly Remove-source-dirs/Move)... http://lftp.yar.ru/news.html#4.7.0
  7. Containers for all Madsonic versions (Stable/5.x, Beta/6.0, Alpha/6.1) would be great. Maybe allow a version string like LinuxServer's Plex container, or special strings such as 'old', 'stable', 'beta', and 'alpha'?
  8. Mind rebuilding the Subsonic beta image now that 6.0beta2 is out? Thanks!
  9. Version 1.7.3 was released... It appears that the version is locked in the Dockerfile, could you please update it? It fixes a rather critical bug with TV shows. Also, I don't see this docker on GitHub... Has it not been released as open source?
  10. If you're still interested, I'm local and could help out.
  11. i'm not seeing it mentioned anywhere on their site.
  12. Installing lxml with pip in this docker would be great, as Hydra can use it for faster results parsing.