docker compose?

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Could this be part of nerd tools?


It could but it should be tied into the core docker-engine version from LT so that incompatibilities can be checked for prior any forthcoming releases. As we all know, Docker like to break APIs for fun


There's nothing stop people curl'ing the binary in their go file for now though.

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I for one would also like to see this, as I use numerous links in my configuration. It seems to me that the dockerMan's XML template system is just re-implementing what docker-compose does better, and perhaps can be phased out (or made to generate docker-compose files?)... Hopefully with compose we could abandon the practice of bundling together many services and instead use discreet containers.

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+1 docker compose


This would better support linking of containers, means I dont have to learn another syntax, is transferable to other systems, has more features ... is fully documented. I have been using docker for some time on Ubuntu system and just transitioning to unraid. I have a number of containers using docker compose that I now need to rewrite or find and test unraid community equivalents. I like to build my docker images with minimal dependencies but that doesnt seem possible with unraid system?


I also havnt been able to find a definitive guide on writing docker templates for unraid, please advise if there is one that I might have missed. Ideally, documention would be something like that provided for docker compose itself at So again, why not just support/use docker-compose rather than reinvent ... or am I overlook some key benefit?


Please dont take this the wrong way ... intended as constructive feedback. Docker compose is relatively new and maybe wasnt a viable option previously?

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You basically just need to create a dockerfile


There is really nothing specific per se on unRaid's implementation of docker vs other platforms


The unRaid templates are just a xml document that has all of the options for the docker run command


But, yeah docker compose support would be a big bonus...

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Ok, that makes sense. I suppose the xml makes it easier to provide the web interface. I suppose I can just add an unraid xml version to my existing projects ... should be easy enough.


Maybe a conversion tool/script from compose to unraid xml?

I don't know the feasibility of a yaml to dockerfile conversion


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SSH into Tower, 

you can use the usual commands to install or upgrade Compose:

curl -L`uname -s`-`uname -m` > /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

FTP into Tower, upload your docker-compose.yml file.--> I uploaded to:  /mnt/user/appdata (see my docker-compose.yml for and example, also here

SSH into Tower, and change directory to your docker-compose.yml file. 

 cd /mnt/user/appdata

then docker-compose up

docker-compose up



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