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  1. Which makes it a bigger concern since it's inconsistent.
  2. Pull the latest version (dev tag). There was a bug in Rclone. It should work fine now.
  3. I'm using it just fine. What do you mean? The config is in /config/.rclone.conf
  4. That's exactly what i have done. I have not experienced alignment issues with an XFS formatted Samsung Evo drive.
  5. Yes it's possible. See this: https://community.home-assistant.io/t/rpi-as-z-wave-zigbee-over-ip-server-for-hass/23006/1 and this: https://community.openhab.org/t/share-z-wave-dongle-over-ip-usb-over-ip-using-ser2net-socat-guide/34895
  6. @deusxanime no it has not been fixed, and I don't think it's on the roadmap either. There have been no input from limetech guys in this post, and it doesn't seem like there is a workaround. I'd stick with XFS if you have Samsung Evo discs.
  7. But then you don't have the possiblity to do Raid1 or Raid0 ?
  8. Good findings @dnoyeb this has been bugging me for a year now. Hoping for a fix to this issue
  9. Anyway to set this manually? I too suffer from the poor performance problems with BTRFS @ Samsung 850 SSDS
  10. Bummer :-( Wonder if this issue caught the attention of Limetech. It really breaks the ability to run a BTRFS cache array. Are you running raid 0 or 1 @defiant ?
  11. @johnnie.black can you provide a status after running for a few months?
  12. Thanks for this release and in particular the encryption feature. Can't wait to encrypt all my disks. Upgraded from 6.4.0-rc6. All went fine and everything works on first boot. Keep up the great work .
  13. Can you please post both your docker run command for Sonarr and Rclone-mount ? (Remember Rclone-mount must be started before Sonarr)
  14. Have you read the op and FAQ? Specifically this point "I cannot see my mounted volume/files outside of the container" ?
  15. I'll use appdata backup plugin for the appdata share (which is on the cache array). For VM data and docker.img, not sure yet. Crossing my fingers my disk won't die
  16. I'm myself converting down to a single cache drive. Multiple drives is just too unstable for me (and for many other it seems). Even when balancing each day (!!). Is it possible to run raid1 cache with XFS on unraid? Or does it even make any sense?
  17. Same here. Seems most of us have problem with raid 1. @johnnie.black is using raid 0 and he doesn't seem to have this problem. For now raid 1 is pretty useless on a BTRFS cache array it seems.
  18. Hi there, You can actually just pass this environment variable to the container: "RCLONE_VERSION="<version>" (default is "current") and it will download the specified version for you. I've kickstarted a build aswell though. See Docker file: https://github.com/tynor88/docker-rclone/blob/dev/Dockerfile