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  1. Thanks, I guess I will have to create a VM.
  2. Is it possible to configure a Docker container to use DHCP to get an IPV6 address? I need NzbGet to connect to an ipv6 server.
  3. It's harmless and will be squashed in the next release. Thanks, did not seem to cause any issues, but wanted to let you know.
  4. Preclear Beta 2016.03.24a on Unraid 6.2 beta 21 basename missing operand error. I removed each plugin one by one and rebooted until this message went away. So I know it is tied to this plugin. I did a diagnostics, but when I searched for basename nothing came up. Let me know if more information is needed to track down this issue.
  5. .NET on linux is Mono.
  6. I have almost the same setup. I think you will like it.
  7. I do not know enough about SAMBA to say, but I read where mounting iso and creating virtual disks were problems across the network so I am interested in this issue.
  8. I tried this test, but I used total commander and terra copy to copy to a share. I had a separate explorer window opened. The Explorer windows did not refresh automatically. If I copied from and explorer window to another explorer window (not the one I am viewing to see if refresh happens) then the window refreshes.
  9. Same Here. Dual Parity System. Diagnostics attached. Thanks for the log. There is a bug that is causing this because you have a static IP address. Will fix in next release. Edit: a workaround would be to put this line in your 'go' file before 'emhttp' is invoked: sleep 5 (But don't forget to remove it once this bug gets fixed) Finally got this to work. sleep 5, 10, and 15 did not work. Changed to sleep 60 (also 30) and it finally worked. Gonna test other values now.
  10. same here Same Here. Dual Parity System. Diagnostics attached.