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  1. Well, that's weird: I typed 'powerdown -r' in the same session I started yesterday (i.e. still logged in, still in a not-root sub-directory), got the "The system is coming down NOW" message, and then... nothing. It's been something like 20 minutes, and the system is still not actually powering down. Does that suggest any other problem? What's the next step? (Since everything is still running except the WebUI, I'm not quite as frustrated or antsy as if nothing were working....)
  2. Big fat "D'oh!" on my part! I didn't recall ever deliberately sharing the Flash, so I never even went looking for it. But sure enough, there it was.... Ah, well: I learned just a little bit more about unRAID/Linux that I hadn't known before, so it wasn't a complete waste of time. I'll do a clean reboot tomorrow morning, as I plan to enjoy the use of the Plex Docker this evening. Thanks for the help!
  3. Slight progress: I was able to cancel the diagnostics thing, and then 'cd /boot' and 'ls' to see that syslog.txt exists. I can 'cd /mnt' to see a bunch of Disk# items, and then I was able to 'cd /Disks/<an Unassigned Disk>. Then I found a thread (https://forums.unraid.net/topic/67-unraid-commands-for-all/) that had some simple commands that I turned into... cp -r /boot/syslog.txt /mnt/disks/<UD> ...and then I was able to see syslog.txt in a share that I could get to from Windows, which is where I'm posting this from now. syslog.txt
  4. I guess the diagnostics are not going to complete, then: I was out building something in the shop for an hour or so, and it hadn't completed by the time I checked on it afterward. Dumb question: How do I escape the failed diagnostics command? I tried Space, Esc, Enter, even Ctrl+Alt+Del... which scared me with a "the system is going to reboot NOW" message, but did nothing.
  5. Hooked up a keyboard and monitor, logged in, then ran the syslog command, above. Seemed to work. Typed "diagnostics," and got "Starting diagnostics collection ...". So far, so good? How long should it diagnostics take, approximately? It's been something like 10 minutes already. Is that crazy slow? Or is this more of a preclearing-length exercise? Once the diagnostics complete, I'll have to figure out how to get them off the server without being able to run Krusader.
  6. Thanks for the first step! I usually run headless, and am not very familiar with the console at all, so this might take me a bit. If I have issues, I'll holler; otherwise I'll be back with diagnostics or a syslog.
  7. Can someone recommend a better forum for finding help with UnRAID? This seems like it's as close to an "official" place to start, but it's pretty frustrating not to get any sort of engagement with a problem after more than 48 hours—especially when there have been many posts started later that have replies already. Is there any place to find paid help, instead of just fruitlessly waiting, hoping that one has written a post that an unpaid volunteer finds intriguing?
  8. Another unRAID problem that I don't know how to fix.... I tried to copy a bunch of data (100+ GB) from an unassigned drive to an unRAID share. Everything copied except for one folder. I went into Main to see what the remaining space was like on the array and on the UD. The array drive data showed there should be space available. The Unassigned Devices section showed nothing: not "no space"; no drives. That seemed weird. I think I then clicked away to the Docker page (maybe?) and that didn't load—I get an nginx error 500—so I clicked back to Main, and that also didn't load (same err
  9. I've also got a 'kde' directory that I don't believe I have deliberately installed for anything. Does Krusader (any Docker version) use that? Would that be a confounding factor?
  10. Default template labeled 'krusader'-with-a-lowercase-'k' is binhex's. Which seems to work as well as it did when I uninstalled it earlier today.
  11. Tried again with user template Krusader, and no change: still not connecting. Will try again with krusader default template....
  12. Default template? Or user? Also: I've got defaults for krusader and Krusader, and neither looks quite exactly like the previous install. (User template for Krusader looks like what I just deleted...)
  13. 14/08/2020 17:25:42 X FBPM extension not supported. Xlib: extension "DPMS" missing on display ":0". 14/08/2020 17:25:42 X display is not capable of DPMS. 14/08/2020 17:25:42 -------------------------------------------------------- 14/08/2020 17:25:42 14/08/2020 17:25:42 Default visual ID: 0x21 14/08/2020 17:25:42 Read initial data from X display into framebuffer. 14/08/2020 17:25:42 initialize_screen: fb_depth/fb_bpp/fb_Bpl 24/32/5120 14/08/2020 17:25:42 14/08/2020 17:25:42 X display :0 is 32bpp depth=24 true color 14/08/2020 17:25:42 14/08/2020 17:25:42 Listening for VNC connections on TCP po