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  1. Hi all, any one having issues shutting down VM's? They simply hang and never complete. The only way to shut them down is to force stop. I had to roll back to 6.5.3 unfortunately...
  2. No custom changes at all. bog standard xml created from the unraid VM manager page.
  3. Might be worth posting your diags Johnny? If your windows VM's shutdown without issue, it may give the good people at unraid some comparisons to work with? it could be a motherboard type or manufacturer issue with the new kernel etc... My windows VMs simply wont shutdown and lock up the server as per my post on page one...
  4. Lol Aerowinder, funny. Apart from changing your bed sheets simply roll back to V14, they will sort it at some point, I guess this is the ups and downs of RC and BETA software
  5. Just roll back to 14 until its resolved. I had the same problem on two separate unraid servers. seems to be a problem with windows VM's only. see my post at the end of page one..
  6. Same problem on my windows 8 VM on my unraid server at home. One of my Fedora VM's however shuts down fine. Diags from my home server are attached just after I shutdown the Windows 8 VM and it locked up. top displays the following three lines. I then shutdown libvirtd root@Core:~# /etc/rc.d/rc.libvirt stop error: Failed to shutdown domain ead56b3f-37b3-c60a-b4a9-9a0848262c3b error: Timed out during operation: cannot acquire state change lock (held by remoteDispatchDomainShutdown) Waiting on VMs to shutdown.......................................
  7. Hi Guy's, I managed to find a bug in version 6.4.0-rc15e. I have a couple of servers, one at home and one at work. The one at work is ruining on a dell T110 ii server and after upgrading from 6.4.0-rc14 to 15e the windows 7 VM I have on the server will not shutdown without locking up the Qemu process and marking the process, initially with an S then after I attempt to force stop the VM with a Z. The only way I can shutdown the server to clear the error state is if I manually stop libvirtd via cli and issue a reboot. I tested this multiple times on version 15e and could recreate the
  8. I actually like the new theme but agree it needs work! I will stick with it in the hopes that they introduce some slider bars so we can adjust the colours to our liking. Hint Hint! I would also love to see a mobile friendly web theme or even a mobile app for managing unraid! here's hoping
  9. I just ran a few test's with the following results. All from my ubuntu workstation that now has name to IP entry for my local Unraid server. ------------------------ http://(internal ip)/dashboard [click vm link fails] http://(dns name)/dashboard [click vm link works] ------------------------ ------------------------ https://(internal ip)/dashboard [click vm link works] https://(dns name)/dashboard [click vm link fails] ----------------------- Hopefully there will be a fix at some point so that the webvnc works in all scenarios.
  10. Just added a host name to IP address on my ubuntu box for my unraid server and it does indeed now work using the dns name! However, I have a lot of machines on my internal home network and no internal dns server as I simply do not need internal dns at home. For me personally I would 100% prefer it work with IP address first and foremost with internal dns as a nice to have but certainly not necessary to use web vnc functionality, Thanks for your reply and info Tuft
  11. Got a small feature addition request to community apps if I may be so bold. Being that I am incessantly impatient I have set "Hover Time delay (miliseconds):" property to zero. this works great when I hover over an app but when I move the mouse off, the item still takes a long time to disappear. can you make this function apply to hover on and move off timings as well? or add another property for hover off time to remain in milliseconds? Many thanks.
  12. Doesn't seem to work for me at all, any recommendations/advice. screen shot added...
  13. I constantly access my unraid box using the IP Address and never use the server name. still wont work for me .