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  1. It didn’t work but this did: docker exec -it nextcloud sudo -u abc cd /config/www/nextcloud php occ files:scan <user>
  2. Thanks! Sorry for the late reply! I’ll try it
  3. Hi! I’m trying to regularly update my nextcloud database since I’m using an inbox folder there to import files to Paperless-ng. Previously this script has worked in User Scripts: #!/bin/bash docker exec nextcloud sudo -u abc php /config/www/nextcloud occ files:scan -all The script has stopped working though. Can anyone see/tell me what is wrong with it? If I do the steps of the command separately it works, i.e. docker exec -it nextcloud /bin/bash then cd to nextcloud and then the sudo command. //M
  4. There was nothing wrong with SWAG. I messed up my cloudflare settings which caused the error.
  5. If you have the same redis connection refused message as @Geow, it doesn’t look like your connection to redis works. Have you checked that?
  6. Hi! I rebooted my containers yesterday and after that my SWAG container won’t listed to the ports I’ve chosen. It worked flawlessly the days before that. I use 80/443 and they are portforwarded in my pfsense. I thought I mucked something up in pfsense so I’ve wiped it and started over, but no success. When I tried Nginx Proxy Manager, the port is suddenly open, even on the same LAN IP. As soon as I stop Nginx and start swag, the port is suddenly closed. I have other port forwards in pfsense set up and they work too. Swag is in br0. Does anyone have a clue what hap
  7. ## Version 2020/12/09 # REMOVE THIS LINE BEFORE SUBMITTING: The structure of the file (all of the existing lines) should be kept as close as possible to this template. # REMOVE THIS LINE BEFORE SUBMITTING: Look through this file for <tags> and replace them. Review other sample files to see how things are done. # REMOVE THIS LINE BEFORE SUBMITTING: The comment lines at the top of the file (below this line) should explain any prerequisites for using the proxy such as DNS or app settings. # make sure that your dns has a cname set for <container_name> and that your <container_name&g
  8. I’ll share when I’m back home again in a few hours!
  9. Did you reboot the swag container?
  10. Sorry, i forgot to quote the other post. The one fron Lumpy
  11. Hi! i have it working but had to define the IP address in upstream_app. Muppie
  12. Thanks! I must’ve misunderstood something.
  13. Hi! Maybe this is a question for the actual developer, but it might not be. I’m having trouble with using environment variables in the unraid template to ensure that the dates are in the local way (DMY) instead of the US way (MDY), but I can’t seem to make it work. I’m attaching the way I have set it up, can someone confirm that it’s correct and it’s wrong somewhere else? All the ”dates created” on the added files in paperless-ng is wrong and based on MDY. Many thanks in advance //Muppie