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  1. Anyone willing to walk me through how to get this going properly? Took me a minute to figure out that this had some pre-reqs, but wasn't mentioned on the template until you install. Any particular postgres or redis installations recommended? Just want to get up and running quickly.
  2. [FIXED] When I try to connect to Deluge from Sonnar, I receive the following error: "Unknown exception: The operation has timed out.: '' I can login to deluge fine using the IP address ( However the json file does not seem to exist. This has been working for a while and I've used bin hex projects for a majority of my Unraid media server. I'm unsure if this is something I've broken, but I've not made a change on my system in months. Turning off the VPN component of this container does allow other containers to connect, but that doesn't provide me what I need for reasons. Any suggestions or advice? [FIXED] ------ After a lot of goole foo, found another thread on reddit that described this issue and it was a firewall issue on a Synology nas. Seemed my Mikrotik router considered looking up Json an invalid connection. I excluded my local lan subnet and all is well now. Not sure why this is... but I'll leave this here incase someone else runs across it.
  3. Would you be willing to provide a link/instructions on how to switch to next-gen?
  4. I was away for the weekend and come home and Deluge wasn't gui wasn't loading, showed it was trying to connect over and over. Logs show now "Incoming port site '' failed to web scrape, marking as failed"
  5. Anyone have a recommended solution? I've had to restart my container 5 times today and it finally connected with berlin. I'm not married to PIA, but do need a VPN where I can torrent without worry. I do need deluge as it fits my needs for automations. (Can't find another container that can unrar/move files upon download)
  6. k, I removed the config and kept the image and re-added the container and now its there. Now it makes sense. I must have had the container from ages ago right before you added it in. go figure.
  7. hmmm... I don't have that. Can I add it manually?
  8. Thank you for the link.... However the FAQ (and when I searched for the question in this thread) says to set the value for TRANS_DIR but does not say how to set this value. Is this just a custom variable (key/value) in the container configuration in Unraid? I'm not trying to be difficult, just want some clarification as it's not described anywhere in the thread or the FAQ.
  9. Yea, tried it both ways (/tmp and /tmp/transcode) and both create a folder on my SSD (where my /config is located).
  10. I'm having an odd problem. I noticed my transcoding to ram stopped working. I checked the docker log and I see this. However, I DO have the TRANS_DIR set via the volume mapping. name: tmp container path: /transcode host path: /tmp/transcode Am I doing something wrong?
  11. figured it out... I used... / changepassword (user)
  12. also, anyone have a chance to test this in a reverse proxy setup?
  13. Anyone know how to reset the master password?
  14. Remove everything in that field and only place the text "document_consumer" there (w/o quotes)
  15. "Fine people" and "on facebook" do not compute :P