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  1. mmm, seems all it needed was a reboot. Thanks to anybody that took the time anyways. If there's any other glaring issues in my Diags I'd be happy for the pointers
  2. Hey folks, hope you can help me out on this one. My PfSense VM hung so I hit restart and get hit with the following error message..... unable to open /mnt/user/vDisks/PfSense/vdisk1.img: Read-only file system My log is also full of BTRFS errors (Although no errors showing next to cache drives in the GUI). Is this a disk failure? or something else? I thought the idea behind a pool was for HA, i.e. if a disk goes corrupt, everything keeps running? Anyhoo, any ideas? Ideally one that keeps my vdisk entact. Luckily I have a hardware PfSense backup box, but it ca
  3. So you ARE playing it over a Network then? So Jellyfin is the server? And you are also using Jellyfin as a player? Either way, if it's over the network, it shouldn't need transcoding. Just set it to direct play.
  4. Been using this container for a few weeks successfully. I have a couple of small questions though... 1. In the Search History list, all my searches show as "Update query". Is there any way to get this to actually show what was searched for? Kinda defeats the point of having history and stats if you can't see the actual items searched for. 2. I have set up a Torrent Blackhole for manual searches but the torrents are saved as .magnet files which my torrent client doesn't automatically load. Is there any way to get it to save .torrent files in here? And if not what's the solution? *EDIT
  5. You have confused me now. You mentioned your network which made me assume that you were talking about watching media over a network? I wasn't aware that Jellyfin was also a player (I've never used it). In that case your network has got nothing to do with it, and there definitely shouldn't be any transcoding happening. What makes you think that there is transcoding happening?
  6. The powerline may be 400Mbps but is the rest of the network 100Mbps or Gig? Even taking that in to account, powerline connections are not the most reliable. Either way, there should be no need for transcoding over a local network. Get yourself a player capable of 4k playback.
  7. I have nearly all my dockers bridged. The main reason was so that I could selectively route some of them, based on IP address, via a VPN using my PfSense box. I ended up bridging most of the rest because the ones that were originally bridged couldn't communicate with the ones that weren't.
  8. Ok, i've tried to install the VRS docker using this but having no joy. Any chance of some idiot proof instructions to getting a VRS docker running in UnRaid? Failing that, I might just spin up a small VM.
  9. Awesome job dude. Would love mine done when you get the time. Case is a Lian Li PC-D600 with 3 IcyDock HDD cages... Thanks
  10. Agreed, Lian Li PC-D600 please Anybody know where the icons are located?
  11. You need to change the container path in Sonarr from /downloads to /data. Or alternatively change the container path in Deluge from /data to /downloads. Either way, they need to be the same.
  12. Hey folks, I have an issue with Symlinks within NGINX. I have a couple of TV Shows in my Media share which are updated and served via the usual Sonarr/Plex setup. I have a user who wishes to also download these shows so that they have a copy stored locally. Initially, I manually copied them over to a folder in my WWW folder and sent the user the link. But then I thought I could automate it and save myself some cache space by just creating a Symlink from the TV Show folder to the WWW folder. This appears to work in principle and the folder shows up in the right place wi
  13. Think this might be related to my issue too tbh as it shows transcoder errors. Rolling back to worked for me.
  14. Nope, definitely an audio file. I'll check out the Plex forums, ta.