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  1. I got Xteve working but I didn’t like Plex’s gui for IPTV so I got rid of it completely.
  2. I have tried tvheadend with proxy, worked like crap. Xteve never got it working. There is a docker for telly but I can’t seeem to find anything on how to set it up. Do you have a setup that works flawlessly? Could you share the setup you have? Please and thank you
  3. I had a BTRFS error on my cache pool so i hade to format. I backed up my app data with this guide but something went wrong and I was not able to save the docker images. I set up my docker when I installed Unraid a long time ago and managed to set the docker image to rest on a share that i named "Docker". This (at least i think) resulted in the docker programs acting up. Radarr isn't finding any media, can't Unifi Controller loses it's config. Reading the guide for setting up Docker and of course, the recommendation is to set the Docker image directly to the Cache device. Can I move the Docker image to the cache drive with midnight commander or some other way without loosing the docker apps?
  4. Did the scrub and it finished with no errors. Ran the "Check Filesystem Status" and got this error.
  5. Never performed a scrub before. How would I go about doing that? Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  6. Of course. Should have done that first off bighoss-diagnostics-20190114-2032.zip
  7. Don't know if this issue is something that I should panic about but my server has been starting to act strange. CPU is sometimes (rarely) at 100% and the only thing that then works is to take the array offline and restart. Haven't seen this behavior at all before.
  8. I keep forgetting about the console [emoji28] To my defence, I use Safari. And the console doesn’t work with Safari. Or at least it didn’t use to Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  9. For Windows Use “Putty” or Terminal on Mac and SSH to your server. Type mc to open midnight commander and copy the go file to a share and edit in Notepad++ for windows or Atom on Mac. Then copy the file back to the original location. Ezpz Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  10. Just wanted to updatea bit and say that the temperatures has decreased drastically since i did some modifications to my Silverstone DS380. I 3d printed a "cooling duct" that i found from someone who had similar problems. https://blog.briancmoses.com/2017/04/creating-a-cooling-duct-for-the-silverstone-ds380.html I also installed two Noctua NF-F12 Industrial 3000rpm fans. Loud af but as my server is in the basement, thats not an issue. Thanks for all the advice!
  11. Then it’s definitely air Are they worse in quality or something? Or is it just the cooling situation that’s been changed?
  12. Could be the new model. Will check on that when I get home. Thanks
  13. I know that my fan solution could improve overall. It’s just that the temperature varies so much. I have three 120mm fans in my Silverstone DS380 and I have never had temperatures over 35 degrees when idle. Not really concerned about life span at the moment as I am migrating the internals to a rack mount case soon. Then I can shove more fans in there and hopefully thermals will be better overall.
  14. I just upgraded my parity drive from a generic seagate 6tb to a WD red 8tb and the temperature logged is around 15-20 degrees warmer than all the other drives. At the parity write it maxed out at around 55 degrees celsius. Now it is at 51 degrees. Is this really normal?
  15. Got it working! Thanks man! Such an improvement when transcoding. Normally when i transcoded a 1080p file CPU usage was at 20%, now it's down to around 10%