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  1. you need to cd to the correct directory in order to run the script. cd config/www/nextcloud/ then run the script with user abc
  2. Have a read here. Basically you run an occ command from console. I ran it with user "abc" instead of "www" as the documentation suggests.
  3. Have you tried to disable chunking completely? That made a huge change for me.
  4. I don't get this. I tried plenty of settings and tweaks without trying to nag in this forum but now i am at a loss for ideas. The performance of uploading files through the webgui is soooooo slow. Around 30MB/s which i deem slow on a gigabit LAN and WAN. I totally understand that NC isn't perfect ootb in the sense that i needs some tweaking to get the best performance, but i tried a enough of the solutions without significant results that i am close to surrender my attempts. Share is cache enabled and according to "Diskspeed" i have no issues with read/write. Similar share settings for my "Downloads" share and speeds in nzbget is around 100MB/s. Has anyone managed to make any changes or tweaks that performs better than 30MB/s or have any suggestions as to what i should focus on? It's not as if i can't live with 30MB/s via the gui, but if higher speeds are possible i would really like to know. What i've tried. Using Postgresql instead of MariaDB. (Marginally improved CPU load when heavy use) Enable OPcache (No measurable difference) Tuned php-fpm (No measurable difference) What i haven't tried Redis backend NC Documentation links Link 1 Link 2 Linuxbots Link 1
  5. I have also followed Spaceinvader One's guide and having sort of the same issue and i can't understand why. Copy within the docker console works as expected, 5gb file copies in 8-10 seconds. I am getting slow uploads only (10MB/s), downloads are fine (90-120MB/s). There are som topics concering this issue over at Nextclouds forum but I am not getting anywhere with the solutions suggested over there. I can't remember this being an issue looking back on using Nextcloud for almost 2 years. I had some trouble uploading large files and had to make some edits to the .conf file for swag to fix that. Other from that, nothing has changed.
  6. I have this same issue. Where did you find the .env file though?
  7. Has anyone had problems uploading logos? I can not see my uploaded logos after i saved them.
  8. I can not for the life of me get the Mattermost docker working with remote proxy. The documentation on Mattermost's site has an example of the config file for a subdomain but it is not working with SWAG (letsencrypt) and NGINX. Does anyone have this up and running and could share their configuration file?
  9. Do you have it up and running? Tried to use the documentation but never managed to get it working properly.
  10. Okay. Do you know why it starts every night at midnight? I read in this thread that loop2 refers to the docker image. It made me think that there could be an error with just the docker image.
  11. I have been having an issue where my log fills up with BTRFS error codes. It starts every night at midnight and then fills the log at around 7.30 in the morning causing execution errors for my docker container. I have tried my best at finding a solution by myself but i can't seem to fix it. Things i've tried: Disable docker and delete the image. Increased the log partition but it fills up eventually anyways. The only thing that helps to get rid of the execution errors is a reboot of the server.
  12. Did you get this working? Same issue here
  13. I got Xteve working but I didn’t like Plex’s gui for IPTV so I got rid of it completely.
  14. I have tried tvheadend with proxy, worked like crap. Xteve never got it working. There is a docker for telly but I can’t seeem to find anything on how to set it up. Do you have a setup that works flawlessly? Could you share the setup you have? Please and thank you
  15. I had a BTRFS error on my cache pool so i hade to format. I backed up my app data with this guide but something went wrong and I was not able to save the docker images. I set up my docker when I installed Unraid a long time ago and managed to set the docker image to rest on a share that i named "Docker". This (at least i think) resulted in the docker programs acting up. Radarr isn't finding any media, can't Unifi Controller loses it's config. Reading the guide for setting up Docker and of course, the recommendation is to set the Docker image directly to the Cache device. Can I move the Docker image to the cache drive with midnight commander or some other way without loosing the docker apps?
  16. Did the scrub and it finished with no errors. Ran the "Check Filesystem Status" and got this error.
  17. Never performed a scrub before. How would I go about doing that? Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  18. Of course. Should have done that first off
  19. Don't know if this issue is something that I should panic about but my server has been starting to act strange. CPU is sometimes (rarely) at 100% and the only thing that then works is to take the array offline and restart. Haven't seen this behavior at all before.
  20. I keep forgetting about the console [emoji28] To my defence, I use Safari. And the console doesn’t work with Safari. Or at least it didn’t use to Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  21. For Windows Use “Putty” or Terminal on Mac and SSH to your server. Type mc to open midnight commander and copy the go file to a share and edit in Notepad++ for windows or Atom on Mac. Then copy the file back to the original location. Ezpz Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  22. Just wanted to updatea bit and say that the temperatures has decreased drastically since i did some modifications to my Silverstone DS380. I 3d printed a "cooling duct" that i found from someone who had similar problems. I also installed two Noctua NF-F12 Industrial 3000rpm fans. Loud af but as my server is in the basement, thats not an issue. Thanks for all the advice!
  23. Then it’s definitely air Are they worse in quality or something? Or is it just the cooling situation that’s been changed?