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  1. Thanks! Thanks to the above discussion thread, I was able to resolve this by simply deleting the windows credentials for //server_name via control panel.
  2. Hello folks I have been accessing my unraid server shares via mapped network locations on my windows10 PC (add network locations) and today I lost my access suddenly. Prior to this I was experimenting adding a new share to my unraid box (via webgui) making it private and trying to give access to that share to a newly created user. I then deleted both the user and that empty share. After this experiment my windows10 PC no longer seem to be able to access my existing server shares as network locations anymore. (It says Windows cannot access \\server_name\share). What could have gone wrong here? p.s: It seems I can only access the shares as \\ip_address\share now.
  3. No I haven't.. I also tried downloading and installing embyserver on my windows PC and pointed that to the above unraid library. Strangely that windows version scans my library correctly and I don't see the above mentioned issue. It only happens with the embyserver installed on the docker. I was hoping the docker app would work correctly so that I don't have to have my windows PC running ...
  4. Hi guys my unraid server share is setup as follows: \\myserver\Movies\movie1\BDMV\ \\myserver\Movies\movie2\movie2.mkv etc. I tried installing and running the Embyserver docker on this and when I add my movies folder to the library, emby scanner seem to add each .m2ts file inside the BDMV/STREAM folder as a separate movie. How can I avoid that and make it only add the top movie folder path?
  5. So glad I found this thread by accident! Solved my issue with DELL H310 & Asus MB I was going to move into.. I almost gave up when I accidently came across this via a google search. Thanks to all!
  6. Before attempting to move my unraid HDDs into the older PC motherboard/CPU/memory setup, I first tried to move my DELL controller from the dead unraid box motherboard into the Asus motherboard on older PC. Installed the controller card (no disks attached) and tried booting that system up (win7 64b) as is to see if there are any issues. During boot up that system power cycled twice but on 3rd power cycle attempt it came up and recognized the storage card in win7. However I noticed now under windows (and also on BIOS) system shows less installed memory DDR3 when the card is installed. (12G installed but shows up as 8G when the controller card is on the MB. Card removed it shows full 12G). Could this be a MB issue? or should I directly try to boot this motherboard/card with unraid and not worry about the issues I see in windows?
  7. No I have disabled array auto-start and have single parity.
  8. Thanks! Do you think I should hook all 10 HDs and try to bring everything together? When it powers up I should be able to inspect the syslog first and make sure all HDDs are detected OK before starting the array right? I was thinking that way if one of them don't come up for some reason I should shut down again and look for connection issues .. thoughts?
  9. Hello my unraid friends, My unraid server built in circa 2013 using an "MSI 880GMA-E53" MB and a cheap "AMD Sampron 140" has served me well over the years primarily running as a media server and doing not much else. It was supporting 10 HDDs also using a flashed "dell-perc-h310" controller. It was running the latest unraid OS and recently developed an annoying fan noise. I shut the system down and cleaned all dust etc. and after making sure all connections and cables are intact tried to re-start unsuccessfully. It appears the MB is not getting any power (MB led light not on). I verified the power supply itself is OK by disconnecting all power cables and testing it standalone. (shorting the green & black MB power cable pins makes the PS fan comes alive). Also tried replacing the MB CMOS battery with no luck. So I'm coming to the realization that my MB/CPU may need replacement now. My initial thinking at this stage is to re-purpose another PC HW I have at home sitting around. It has: Asus Asus_P6X58-E_Pro MB, Intel i7 CPU and 12G RAM along with a GTX570 Graphics card currently running windows 7. What would be the safest way to swap the MB/CPU/RAM and re-use the dell controller to get the old system back up? Don't want to take any risks fearing potential data loss..
  10. This thread is more than a year old.. but I'm in a similar situation right now an am wondering about what you ended up doing and how things are working out for you today with your build?
  11. Ended up removing all data on the external drive using "rm -rf *" because I couldn't find the "format".
  12. Thanks! Yes I did format Disk1 to xfs before copying data back. Looks like I'm going to simply format the external disk and move to the next array drive then. Thank you!
  13. Hi guys, I have several disks (reiserfs) on my array that I was long planning to convert to "xfs" and was able to successfully convert the first disk (disk1) as follows using an external USB drive (14TB) which I pre-cleared successfully beforehand: 1. Mounted the external USB disk as an "Unassigned Device" and formatted it to xfs. 2. Copied all data from disk1 into the Unassigned Disk using "rsync -avPX /mnt/disk1/ /mnt/disks/WD_easystore../". 3. Stopped the array. Change the disk1 format to "xfs" and start the array. 4. Copy data from the unassigned USB device back to disk1 using reverse command "rsync -avPX /mnt/disks/WD_easystore../ /mnt/disk1/" so that disk1 is now in "xfs" format. This seems to have worked well and my question is do I need to pre-clear the external unassigned device again before attempting to repeat the above process for the next disk in array?
  14. Good news at last! Array re-build with the replacement for Disk1 has finished successfully with no issues reported. Parity says valid with 0 errors. At first glance it appears I have not lost any data, which is a pleasant surprise to me considering the situation. I'll take a closer look to confirm no data loss later.. but first want to give a big thank to johnnie.black for guiding me through to safety. 👏👏 Cheers!! 🥂
  15. Thanks. So far everything seems to have gone as expected. Parity sync completed with no errors. Replaced Disk1 and all disks have mounted ok this time. Array is re-building now. that's another 20hrs or so... will post update later..