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  1. So the same thing happened twice within the last week. no errors after 1st parity check. 2nd parity check occuring now. I have an aorus b450 pro wifi-cf mobo. I could upgrade the mobo to version f51 (i'm on f50). i also have an amd ryzen 5 2600 cpu. can't determine what the bios is for that from the main dashboard in unraid. Do i need to update bios for cpu and mobo? Do i need to disable c6 and adjust power supply control?
  2. Thanks for taking a look at it. will review the faq too. hopefully just a freak thing.
  3. Hi guys- My unraid server has been running w/o issues for the last few months. I set a file transfer last night via krusader and when I checked on it this morning. My server was unresponsive and unreachable. I hooked up a monitor to my tower and didn't get any video. Tried to Ctrl-Alt-f1 (all the way through f7) and still nothing so had to do a manual power down. my server is back up and running and i ran a diagnostic. Can someone take a look at my diagnostic and let me know if there is any cause for concern? Hoping this is just a freak thing. nasgard-diagnostics-20200822-1550.zip
  4. Never sorted it out. Just started using smb instead. It bums me out bc I'd prefer nfs. Let me know if you sort it out.
  5. I'm using krusader and now having issues viewing the drive named "transfer" on the webui. I restarted krusader. i remounted the drive, but it's not showing the files on my external. Also, under the "main" tab, it's saying that only 50kb of the external hd is being utilized. when i remove it and try on my laptop, I see all the files on my external hd.
  6. Thanks for the reply. that was the first place i looked and nothing's listed. also, checked physically on my server. correct me if i'm wrong, but I'm assuming that if this has something to do w/external drives, it shouldn't be an issue
  7. That's weird. The only flash drive connected to my server when this log was generated is the boot drive. I had a keyboard plugged into one of the usb ports, but i wouldn't expect that to be listed as a "disk".
  8. Hi guys- In the last 3 days, i've received emails from my server. Not quite sure what to make of it. Email comes from console and webgui login account and the title is "cron for user root /sbin/fstrim -a -v | logger &> /dev/null" the content of the email is: fstrim: /mnt/disks/Transfer: the discard operation is not supported fstrim: /mnt/disks/EFI: the discard operation is not supported I've used an external Hard drive labeled "transfer" for moving files, but don't recall using a disk called EFI No external drives of either of those names are attached to my unraid server currently. Is this something that requires any action? Thanks in advance. nasgard-diagnostics-20200427-1109.zip
  9. Thanks for replying. I'll keep digging. I set my shares to have secured nfs access and I can add the library in Kodi. Still not recognizing all the files on my oppo though which is weird.
  10. Hi guys Using unraid as file storage for my movie collection. I use an Nvidia shield 2019 pro for Kodi on my TV and also use an oppo 203 for Dolby vision content. I've used smb and it works pretty well but every movie locks up randomly during it's runtime. I've read that nfs is more light-weight and faster so wanted to give it a try. I set up my shares to allow nfs access. Export is selected and shares are set to private. I'm able to access nfs through the oppo player but have noticed that new files added to the share aren't being refreshed and there is a 5 file discrepancy between viewing files via nfs vs smb. Also, I'm trying to add nfs shares to Kodi on my shield. When I go to add the video source, I can browse and find my unraid server. When I click on my server, I can see the shares that I've allowed nfs access, but it won't allow me to add individual shares. I suspect that it's due to the fact that my nfs shares are set to private. There's not a spot to enter my user/pass. Should I change NFS share setrings from private to secure? Is there a rule I need to add in unraid that'll allow access to my shares via nfs on my shield? How about to keep my shares refreshed with newer files on my oppo?
  11. Yeah, plan on loosening up the split level. I think by placing the folder files in a different share, i can get away w/ a split level of 1 deep.
  12. Hi guys I'm using unraid primarily as my movie server. I have mostly mkv files, but have quite a few full uhd folder backups that I play on my oppo player. There are multiple folder and subfolder directories that are several levels deep for these backup files. I've run into problems as of late bc my movies share is set to a split level of 2 to accommodate the backup folder files. When I try to transfer files to the share, I run into disk space errors bc disk 1 is almost at capacity despite having 3 tb free for the share. I can only get files into other disks by using krusader to get it on individual disks as opposed to transferring it to the share, which is not ideal. I'm thinking of making a share specific to these backup files since I don't need as many split levels. So instead of movies/folder backups/Gemini man it would just be folder backups/Gemini man/folder/subfolder, with everything under Gemini man being included. I could then get away with setting split level to "1", right? If my understanding of this is flawed, please let me know. Also, since I plan to add 3 more disks soon, I wanted to use "most-free” as my choice as opposed to high water and fill up. I don't just want one disk working all the time since my unraid server is pretty much only for movies. I've read most-free my not be as ideal. Is there a reason why?
  13. If the disk that was rebuilt from the parity drive, wouldn't it be identical to the pre-pci card issue?
  14. Hey Guys- Coming to unraid from the synology ecosystem. Using Unraid as my plex server and housing my movies/tv files which are mostly mkv files. I ran an rsync transfer between my synology nas and unraid to get everything over to my new rig. When trying to add a couple more hard drives, I Had a bit of a run-in w/udma crc errors due to a pci sas/sata card that didn't have updated firmware: In short, I had a bunch of udma errors, then a bunch of sync errors on parity check, and 1 of my 3 data disks was disabled. After updating the firmware of my pci card, I stopped getting the udma errors, re-added the disabled disk, and just finished a parity check w/zero sync errors. Hooray! My question is: Should I run rsync again between the synology nas and my unraid server? If the parity check showed zero sync errors, does that mean my data is not corrupted? Thanks in advance.