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  1. got the firmware updated. Didn't get greeted w/a ton of udma crc errors (fingers crossed). Currently rebuilding array due to the disabled disk. Hope this works.
  2. Awesome. Will try it out. Thank you.
  3. My unraid server doesn't have a windows vm. The linux version of the file is only but has the same creation date as 20.00.07. How do i install the firmware onto the unraid server?
  4. Thank you. How do I go about upgrading? I'm not running a VM. Can't seem to find the file?
  5. Man, I hope it's something like this. The unraid hardware wiki said this should work ootb but I'm willing to try.
  6. Have been having a rough week with my unraid server. earlier in the week, tried to add a few drives to my server and had a disk controller problem I went through the hardware compatability wiki for pci sata controllers and bought this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/LSI-SAS-9207-8i-SATA-SAS-6Gb-s-PCI-E-3-0-Host-Bus-Adapter-IT-Mode-SAS9207-8i-US/123713611833?hash=item1ccde7e839:g:AC4AAOSwUvFcna9y At first, all drives showed up on bios and when i powered up unraid they were all there. I received a few udma crc errors, but i acknowledged them and ran a parity check. more udma errors occured and one of my 3 data disks became disabled. I switched the cables from both sas ports to make sure it wasn't a cable problem but having same errors. the bios shows that the pci card is actually a 9207-8i. I've attached the diagnostics. Did I get another crap card? What card and buyer would you guys recommend? Could this be a mobo issue? Please help. nasgard-diagnostics-20200118-1711.zip
  7. Alright cool. Put in an order for 9207-8i. Hope that works. I know unraid spins only the drives it needs, but will cooking be an issue with this thing in my fractal r5 case?
  8. it's really strange. I'll reboot the system and different disks become available in unraid. Currently, all of my original disks are visible and 3 other disks are seen in unassigned devices. Here is the current diagnostics with all disks visible. nasgard-diagnostics-20200114-2332.zip
  9. so it's my pci sata adapter? I picked up this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07N39YSZD/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I need an additional 8 sata ports since my mobo only allows for 6. Is there one that you guys recommend?
  10. Here is the diagnostics after all 12 drives are powered and connected. They are all seen in bios, but if i connect them all, my 3x8tb wd drives in the icy dock are not visible/mountable, and only one of the 3x10tb wd drives is listed as mountable and able to be added to the array. nasgard-diagnostics-20200114-1921.zip
  11. Oh sorry. Will attach when I get home tonight.
  12. Hi guys- Just purchased the pro version of unraid after trying it out for a month. Initial Build: Fractal design R5 Ryzen 5 2600 Aorus b450 pro wifi EVGA 750w supernova g+ 16 gb of ram PCI to sata III 8 port sata adapter icy dock that converts my 2x 5.25 inch bays to 3x 3.5 inch bays SSD Samsung evo 860 x 2 (cache drives) 12 tb drives x 2 WD whites for parity 8 tb drives x 3 WD reds for data (all in icy dock, data from pci/sata adapter) With this build, I would be able to supply data from the 6 sata ports on the mobo and 8 sata ports on pci card for total of 14 drives. This setup was working flawlessly for a month so i purchased the pro key 2 weeks ago and yesterday i wanted to move my 3x WD 10tb white drives from my old synology nas over to my build. Initially, it recognized only 1 out of 3 of the new 10 tb white drives in bios and on unraid (see pic). I tried the 3.3v tape on the other 2 drives and those are now seen on bios (see pic) but not in unraid. Also, weirdly enough, I am now not seeing the 3 8tb data drives in the icy dock in unraid when all 10 drives are plugged in (still visible in bios). When I unplug the 3x 10tb white drives from the server, everything reverts back to normal and i can start the array without issue. It is functional, but would like to add more drives in the future (i want to add these 3x 10tb whites, and will have 3 open bays left). I'm hoping there is an easy fix for this. Any and all help is much appreciated.
  13. Is this an issue with the 1000 line from AMD? Debating on getting a ryzen 3 3400g and not seeing folks having issues with that one.
  14. Awesome. I'll try it out this afternoon. Will hold off on disabling c states and try idle control change first.