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  1. seems to have worked. just ran my 1st "0 error" parity check in months on my server. thank you.
  2. reverting helped and haven't crashed in last 2 weeks. will keep an eye out for a better upgrade.
  3. Server has been up for over 4 days w/o crashing. Hoping it's the latest update. Let me know if you have success on a future update.
  4. I'm hoping that's the case for me. Currently running a parity check with zero errors and that the system has not crashed in the last 36 hours. Fingers crossed.
  5. CPU issue? How to determine what hardware.
  6. Just downgraded to 6.8.3. It unassigned my cache drives oddly enough, but they're back up now. After a bit of snooping, seeing similar kernel errors on 6.9.2. Im running a parity check now and will see how it goes. Let me know if you find an update that works for you.
  7. Think i'm having the same issue. Going to try and revert to 6.8. syslog
  8. Happened again tonight. Had to powercycle the server. This is what I see in syslog before the kernel panic: Jun 8 19:12:30 Nasgard emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdm Jun 8 19:57:31 Nasgard emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdm Jun 8 20:42:32 Nasgard emhttpd: spinning down /dev/sdm Jun 8 20:43:27 Nasgard kernel: rcu: INFO: rcu_sched self-detected stall on CPU Jun 8 20:43:27 Nasgard kernel: rcu: 3-....: (59999 ticks this GP) idle=0fe/1/0x4000000000000000 softirq=1334521/1334530 fqs=14397 Jun 8 20:43:27 Nasgard kernel: (t=60001 jiffies g=3697701 q=125290) Jun 8 20:
  9. Can this be SW related. I updated to 6.9.2 last week. looks like some weird kernel error on my monitor.
  10. ok. does this option write to my usb boot drive? I added an additional usb thumb drive to my server. Local sys log is diabled, remote syslog is blank, mirror syslog to flash is set to yes. Looks ok?
  11. Hi Everyone- Woke up to day to find that my unraid server is unresponsive. I took a pic of what the server was sending to my monitor and attached the diagnostics. Last time this happened 4 days ago, it said that my btrfs 2x cache drives were unmountable and had to be reformatted. I was able to recover my cache data (plex metadata and binhex krusader docker data) and re-integrate it into my server. I ran a parity check that finished yesterday and didn't have any new sync errors. When it occured this morning, i couldn't initiate a clean shutdown bc the key
  12. What are your thoughts on my post about the steps I should take above?
  13. It's weird bc w every non correcting check, I'll get different # of parity errors. Now w both cache drives down, Im thinking it's hardware. So, if I understand this right, my course of action should be: 1. Get ssd back online 2. Run a non correcting check to get a baseline # of errors w/both dimm of ram in (since I never ran a correcting check) 3. Then run a correcting check 4. Make sure the # of errors corrected in step 3 matches up w/the # identified in step 2 5. Run scheduled non correcting checks monthly 6. if more error
  14. Ok. So run memtest w 1 dimm for 24 hrs then run a non correcting check. If I get more than 1 error, repeat with other dimm? If ram not the culprit, where do I look next?
  15. Cache currently set to btrfs, data is xfs. Should I reformat Cache to xfs?