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  1. Does anyone happen to know hot to get networking with 10Gb nics. I have tried both <model type='e1000-82545em'/> and <model type='vmxnet3'/> br0 and virbr0 Can't get openfiler to see any NIC.
  2. did you ever get this resolved?
  3. Make sure you boot unraid in legacy mode not uefi
  4. So were you also able to pass through USB controllers in other PCI-E slots. How many GPUs could you pass through? I currently have 3 passed through on my intel system
  5. first time build. Do yourself a favor and just go intel. Unless you love to solve problem after problem and you more interest in fixing your computer and issues rather than using it. Ryzen support has got better I'm told but Intel just works. Out of the box. Like you would expect.
  6. Hi, I'm considering building a new server. Thinking of going Intel again because AMD is a headache that I can't be bothered dealing with atm as I have 2 kids and a busy life. I can't find any solid information online. Does anyone know if hardware passthrough works on EPYC, like you would expect it to for a server platform or is it like threadripper. I wouldn't mind building a EPYC system but not if it going to be 6 months of tinkering and never getting to use it. Like my ryzen system that got thrown in the shed for 3 months. Has anyone Got a EPYC system up and running yet?
  7. I'm just wondering if there's going to be a way to change from the 5.7.2 unstable branch back to the stable branch once 5.7.x is released to stable.
  8. So are you saying you can passthrough GTX geforce cards through on ESXi? I have always read that was not possible. When did that change?
  9. i only stress test in bare metal windows. There's no way i would do it in unraid.
  10. I had to switch to Seabios because OVMF stopped booting. I have Always found Seabios better for windows anyway
  11. 4.8Ghz is all i can get out of my system and keep them temps under 90c during extended stress testing. volts are set to 1.28 but looking at monitoring software its closer to 1.3v. i don't have g-force experience installed it that's what game stream is part of. i have used steam game streaming no problems though. We should find a few benchmarks that have scores. ie 3d mark, tomb raider, LOTR mordor, company of heroes 2, valley, heaven or whatever and compare scores. no driver optimizations and no overclock on the gpu's, 100% power limit, to get a base line of VM performance. if you could get your cpu stable at 4.8Ghz that would be ideal as returning to stock would be a hassle for me. I will hopefully get a chance over the weekend to do this and post them back in this tread. Let me know what games your interested in comparing. My VM will consist of: 4-Core/8-Thread 16GB RAM GTX 1080ti USB Controller Passthrough Installed on Samsung 850 Pro SSD
  12. I have two 1080tis. No third GPU just booting off a rom. I haven't had any issues with the graphics card drivers. Also overclocked the cpu to 4.8 on all cores. so far so good. played PUBG for a few hours last night. 3440x1440 on new map i get around 80 to 99fps. FPS are capped @ 99 on my machine. Old map sits around 60fps. all settings maxed out. gpu power set to 90% no overclock. just what i mine at so left it. Both 1080tis are watercooled.
  13. Woops i have had all my Unraid gaming rigs overclocked. Just not my unraid nas box. Had my 6950x running at 4.4Ghz for ages and never had any issues. 5960x before that. I got 2 gaming VM's running with 4 cores each. HT on. Let me know what game you want to bench and if I have it I will be happy to bench it and put the results up here. So far the performance compared to my 6950x overclocked it better. not sure if being on 6.4 might have made a difference though. Also, the GPUs perform a little better as well.
  14. Also my 7900x is the same performance stock as my 6950x was overclocked to 4.3Ghz on all cores. Can't wait to see how it performs overclocked. Gpu performance also seems to be slightly improved on 6.4 as well