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  1. Hi there, I'm having an issue with hooking Lidarr up to NZBHydra. Not entirely sure why but it just seems to be timing out? This is all I get from the logs; [Info] RssSyncService: Starting RSS Sync [Warn] FetchAndParseRssService: No available indexers. check your configuration. [Info] DownloadDecisionMaker: No results found [Info] RssSyncService: RSS Sync Completed. Reports found: 0, Reports grabbed: 0 [Warn] Newznab: Unable to connect to indexer [v0.4.0.540] System.Net.WebException: The operation has timed out.: ',3010,3020,3030,3040&extended=1&apikey=<MYAPIKEY>&offset=0&limit=100' ---> System.Net.WebException: The operation has timed out. at System.Net.HttpWebRequest+<RunWithTimeoutWorker>d__244`1[T].MoveNext () [0x000c5] in <b3d41b23de534128a4f18a6e1312f79c>:0 --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse () [0x00016] in <b3d41b23de534128a4f18a6e1312f79c>:0 at NzbDrone.Common.Http.Dispatchers.ManagedHttpDispatcher.GetResponse (NzbDrone.Common.Http.HttpRequest request, System.Net.CookieContainer cookies) [0x000f6] in C:\projects\lidarr\src\NzbDrone.Common\Http\Dispatchers\ManagedHttpDispatcher.cs:64 --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at NzbDrone.Common.Http.Dispatchers.ManagedHttpDispatcher.GetResponse (NzbDrone.Common.Http.HttpRequest request, System.Net.CookieContainer cookies) [0x001a3] in C:\projects\lidarr\src\NzbDrone.Common\Http\Dispatchers\ManagedHttpDispatcher.cs:92 at NzbDrone.Common.Http.Dispatchers.FallbackHttpDispatcher.GetResponse (NzbDrone.Common.Http.HttpRequest request, System.Net.CookieContainer cookies) [0x000b5] in C:\projects\lidarr\src\NzbDrone.Common\Http\Dispatchers\FallbackHttpDispatcher.cs:53 at NzbDrone.Common.Http.HttpClient.ExecuteRequest (NzbDrone.Common.Http.HttpRequest request, System.Net.CookieContainer cookieContainer) [0x0007e] in C:\projects\lidarr\src\NzbDrone.Common\Http\HttpClient.cs:121 at NzbDrone.Common.Http.HttpClient.Execute (NzbDrone.Common.Http.HttpRequest request) [0x00008] in C:\projects\lidarr\src\NzbDrone.Common\Http\HttpClient.cs:57 at NzbDrone.Core.Indexers.HttpIndexerBase`1[TSettings].FetchIndexerResponse (NzbDrone.Core.Indexers.IndexerRequest request) [0x0004b] in C:\projects\lidarr\src\NzbDrone.Core\Indexers\HttpIndexerBase.cs:282 at NzbDrone.Core.Indexers.HttpIndexerBase`1[TSettings].FetchPage (NzbDrone.Core.Indexers.IndexerRequest request, NzbDrone.Core.Indexers.IParseIndexerResponse parser) [0x00000] in C:\projects\lidarr\src\NzbDrone.Core\Indexers\HttpIndexerBase.cs:259 at NzbDrone.Core.Indexers.HttpIndexerBase`1[TSettings].TestConnection () [0x0000e] in C:\projects\lidarr\src\NzbDrone.Core\Indexers\HttpIndexerBase.cs:296 [Warn] LidarrErrorPipeline: Invalid request Validation failed: -- Unable to connect to indexer, check the log for more details Any help would be appreciated! I've installed ping onto the container, and can confirm that I can ping the ip Thanks,
  2. Been having with domain name resolution, and it not connecting to anything. Not sure if anyone else has been having this issue, however the /etc/resolv.conf had a dns ip of, if you vi into it, you can change it. Hopefully this helps someone!
  3. Derp. I should really learn to read before asking questions.... Apologies for wasting your time again! Thanks for the help again. Pretty sure that was my last issue! (I hope!) Thanks again, -Keanu
  4. Have it so Internal machines are allowed to talk to eachother on pfsense, and set under advanced settings on headphones. Yep, Musicbrainz has completed, all booted, even sorted the CSS. Thanks, -Keanu
  5. Hi Again CHBMB, Apologies! Didn't think! Both the Headphones container and Musicbrainz container are located on the same server, however headphones is using it's own IP rather than bridging (For routing through VPN on PFSense) - Guide found here: So Headphones uses, musicbrainz uses Headphones currently uses the site, but want to swap it over to local for speed. Hopefully that covers everything, let me know if there's any other info you might need and i'll get it to ya! Thanks, -Keanu
  6. Hi there, Having an issue with Musicbrainz and Headphones - I've set the musicbrainz settings under "Advanced Settings" in headphones, but whenever I search, I get this error: Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, -Keanu
  7. Annnnnnnnnnnnnd i'm an idiot. Thanks for your help. Issue was that the shares on the other server were set on NFS to "Secure". Problem was, apparantly it didn't ask me for a username and password for them, but it did the other day? So could potentially be an issue with Unassigned Devices or something. Not sure. But yeah, thank you for your quick replies and helping me find a solution, greatly appreciate it!
  8. just changed it back to Read/Write, but still the same output "touch: cannot touch '/tv/testfile': Read-only file system" I'm not entirely sure why though! Bit of an update though, i've just tried that on another container, same issue, so it isn't localised to Sonarr, however other containers aren't showing any errors.. So, that's odd! I've got a few more ideas now though, thank you for your help! I'll update here once I know what the issue is, incase anyone out there is potentially having the same issue as me. Thanks, -Keanu
  9. touch: cannot touch '/tv/testfile': Read-only file system Just as a quick side note, I have got the "Access Mode" on the Host Path set to "RW/Slave" (Read somewhere to do that!)
  10. Hi CHBMB, Thanks for the quick replies! Output below; Thanks, -Keanu
  11. Hi CHBMB, I know, bit of an odd setup, i'm building an army of HP Microservers because it's based in a small cupboard! So yeah, essentially, my setup is going to be, or is like this. App Server <-> Storage Server Sonarr <-> Deluge Sonarr <-> Files (I've kept Deluge on the old storage server because else it'll just be pinning the network to it constantly transferring files, etc!) Hopefully that helps clear things up! As said above, i've checked the PID / GID, theres a top level folder called TV, then sub folders called Series, etc, then inside of the series folder, is the shows. Permissions are as below; Top level - TV - 777 Series - 777 TV Show - 775 (That might be it.. Going to check that!) - just checked, not the issue! show.mkv - 775 Not entirely sure what else to check! Thanks, -Keanu
  12. Hi there! I'm having a bit of an odd issue, i've just moved all of my docker containers over to another unraid server, and i've got my original (that used to run Sonarr) sitting just as data storage now. I've hooked up the Media drive using Unassigned devices "NFS" share option, that's all worked fine. Now, when I go into Sonarr and try to "Import Existing Series On Disk", i'm getting the error: "Folder is not writable by user abc" I've checked all the PUID / GUID's (Standard 99 / 100) of the directories of the files, the permissions, etc, but no luck! It should be using exactly the same setup as before, as i'm using the same docker container? I'm at a bit of a loss as to what exactly is stopping it, all it says in the log file is "[Warn] NzbDroneErrorPipeline: Invalid request Validation failed:-- Folder is not writable by user abc" nothing else. What's even odder is the fact that other containers don't seem to have this problem? Any suggestions to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, -Keanu
  13. Thanks for clearing that up! Will look into the other alternative of porting it through a vpn. Thanks,
  14. Hi there, I'm currently stuck on STATEMENT: ALTER TABLE dbmirror_pendingdata DROP CONSTRAINT "dbmirror_pendingdata_SeqId" CASCADE WARNING: SET TRANSACTION can only be used in transaction blocks WARNING: SET CONSTRAINTS can only be used in transaction blocks I saw above that you said it was getting updates, but I wanted to check whether or not it'd be okay to reboot the server during this time? Or if I should just leave it be? Thanks, Keanu
  15. Thanks for the reply. I've seen online that you can do it using a reverse proxy? I couldn't find anything relating to either Apache or nginx though. I'm not entirely clued up about all of this though. My other alternative is that i've got a tomato router, with a VPN on it and to route that port through.. But.. Stumped on that too! Kind Regards, -Keanu