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  1. I got this figured out and am able to use the MariaDB inside the container to make this work. No need to run a dedicated MariaDB docker instance. First, make sure the shinobipro docker container is running. Log into the console of the container, either by using the unraid feature or by this command: docker exec -ti shinobipro sh Next, create the database and tables... mysql source sql/framework.sql; source sql/user.sql; exit Now restart the container and it will work.
  2. This should be, PRIVILEGES not PRIVILAGES. GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON shinobi.* TO 'shinobi' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
  3. @Squid > Hearsay isn't usually helpful. Yup. I'm done with you guys. Deleting this account. I can feel your hostility towards us.
  4. @Squid I'm basing that off of my experience along with seeing posts on here and reddit. I'm fully on /mnt/cache now. I haven't had a single problem since. Yes, my bios is old, but as I mentioned before (forums are hard because they aren't threaded), I'm out of town for another few weeks and can't upgrade the bios until I get back.
  5. @ps2sunvalley that happened to me. I had to start from scratch. I lost all my history and manual edits of media metadata. Guys. Find another solution. It appears this company doesn’t care that your data is corrupting judging by their lack of responses. It’s time to move on.
  6. It’s more than a user or two that suffers from corruption on /mnt/diskX. That didn’t work for me. I had to move to the cache drive which doesn’t have parity.
  7. is it being looked at still? This is a serious issue. If it was me I’d create a blog entry or wiki with daily status updates. The forum is nice but there’s lots of noise.
  8. Even if we were, this happens in multiple other software packages using SQLite.
  9. @ps2sunvalley often the UI wont load, or some sections of the UI won't load. You can test SQLite databases with this command... replace it with the real database name... sqlite3 database_name.db "PRAGMA integrity_check"
  10. FYI. The just released version of plex now supports push notifications. It also started monitoring the database for corruption and will send you a push notification if the database becomes corrupted.
  11. I did not have a system crash. And I’m absolutely positive I had corruption on /mnt/disk3 but the rate at which it occurred was slowed. It’s the xfs fs. Here’s my diags. Update: I'm now on 6.7.2. The diagnostics was from 6.7.1
  12. I had the corruption in /mnt/user/appdata/ and /mnt/disk3/appdata in plex, sonarr, and tautulli. Corruption happened most when writing to the sqlite DB as seen through automatic scans when adding new media from sonarr. Or, delete the metadata and scan the media again and it would corrupt. Right now I'm on /mnt/cache/appdata and haven't seen the same corruption. That's been going solid for the last 2 or 3 days. I'm on 6.7.1. If it would help, I can open my server up to you guys to SSH in for testing.
  13. I think you can update your script to run the integrity check first and only back up if the database is ok
  14. @Squid I’m out of town for work for 6 weeks so I can only access my server remotely. I haven’t tried that yet but I can when I get home. FWIW, I never had this issue until I upgraded to 6.7.0. This is my hardware
  15. @saarg but it helps get a better sense of the magnitude of this impact and maybe just maybe see patterns that might help. I was able to dump my database and reimport and get back up and running. The issue on the cache drive was different from /mnt/disk, doing the integrity check complained of a missing index (this was after a fresh install and after half a day of scanning media). I’m up and running again and will report back with any new issues.