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  1. I am having a noVNC error myself since i upgraded to v6.8.0 and i posted it here.
  2. noVNC encountered an error: SyntaxError: import not found: supportsImageMetadata https://ServerName/plugins/dynamix.vm.manager/novnc/core/display.js:11:9 VNC driver: QXL Accessed WebGUI with Firefox v71.0 x64, Java 8 Update 231 x64 and Windows 10 1909 x64 (fully patched). Upgraded 3 servers from v6.7.2 to v6.8.0 without issue. One of the 3 servers displays this error when trying to VNC to any virtual machine through the WebGUI. Rebooting the server fixed it for the first connection, but then displayed the error again on additional attempts. I don't see any complaints about this in the system log, and I have not tried this from another machine yet. Is dynamix.vm.manager included in unRaid? Because the only plugins installed in December 2019 are Enhanced Log Viewer & Unassigned Devices. Off topic... Logs\libvirt.txt in the diagnostics log shows all of my VM's as "tainted". I found a thread here with a fix for it, but i already have the correct path to libvirt.img. Another thread says it's normal. No issues with the VM's. Edit: This is working fine from another machine. It might just be an issue with Java. Weird that it works fine on one server but not the other.
  3. Thank you for posting this update. I believe my PXE boot server has been broken since about Jan 2019 after an unRaid version update. "I used the following files from syslinux zip file in my tftpboot folder: chain.c32, ldlinux.c32, libutil.c32, mboot.c32, memdisk, menu.c32, pxelinux.0, vmlinuz" Does this mean here? Or in tftp\pxelinux.cfg\roms? I copied them to both locations until i can reboot the server and test. "chain.c32, ldlinux.c32, libutil.c32, mboot.c32, memdisk, menu.c32, pxelinux.0, vmlinuz" From which directory did you copy these from? I guess it depends on if you are booting with UEFI or not? syslinux-6.03\bios syslinux-6.03\efi32 syslinux-6.03\efi64 I have a mixed environment of machines and extracted the files from the bios directory to test with.
  4. Running "ls -al" at /mnt/user/Share showed that .Recycle.Bin created a symbolic link to itself. I ended up running "rm -rf .Recycle.Bin" and recreated the directory .Recycle.Bin. The duplicate directories did not return after i tested deleting a file.
  5. Renamed \\ServerName\flash\config\network.cfg to network.cfg.old, updated from v6.7.0 to v6.7.2 and rebooted. After 4 days it appears this has fixed the issue. If the issue returns i will report back. THANK YOU!
  6. I noticed that the default setting for this plugin is "Enable Recycle Bin for Deleted Files? = No", which defeats the whole purpose of having it installed. After 2 days of it set to "No", the directory replication is still there. Even after reboots. This is not a big deal and might sort itself out in future releases of the plugin or unRaid. Thanks for help everyone.
  7. Settings changed to default and server rebooted. I will wait 5 days and see what happens. Thanks.
  8. I tried that too. On both X:\.Recycle.Bin and X:\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin. So i removed the plugin and rebooted. But the directory is still there. This does not happen on unRaid v6.7.0 I am left with the directory 41 times --> X:\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin\.Recycle.Bin I then reinstalled the plugin and rebooted again. But the issue remains. It's not a big deal, it's just a bug somewhere.
  9. I emptied the recycle bin which had about 15gb and 71K+ files in it, rebooted the server, but it's still there.
  10. My version: 2019.04.08 I am also having this issue. I have seen this in the past and a reboot usually fixes the problem. I never brought it up as it happened rarely. As far as i can tell this happened after i upgraded unRaid to v6.7.2 from v6.7.1. I also use robocopy to sync data from 1 server to another, but i have always excluded the .Recycle.Bin directory. I wanted to ask if anyone knows a fix before i uninstall and reinstall the plugin. Thanks.
  11. Thanks. I will try that after i re-run the upgrade and report back the results.
  12. After 6 days the server is still stable on v6.7.0. Something that i can't track down in v6.7.1 or v6.7.2, network related, broke for me.
  13. Created a new v6.7.0, copied my config onto the USB, but all issues remain. The only plug-in that was upgraded since June 18th, 2019 was Community Applications and i doubt that's the issue. There must be a hardware issue with the machine. remove host keys from C:\\Users\\Administrator/.ssh/known_hosts and now i can connect to the web GUI and ssh to the machine again. I will report back next week if everything is still working.
  14. On July 8th at 1:51pm i could no longer ssh (password not accepted) to the server or log in at the physical machine. I still could not connect to the web GUI and was starting to notice weird routing issues. I power cycled all switches and the router but it did not help. I rebooted the server into GUI mode successfully, but could not connect in any way remotely. At this point i reverted back to v6.7.1. At first i was able to connect to the web GUI but it stopped working after a few mins. I can't ssh (password not accepted) either. I was able to log in at the web GUI on the physical machine. The VM's are pingable, but i can't RDP to the Windows VM. I can ssh to the Linux VM. v6.7.0 was rock solid for me. It was up for 42+ days before i upgraded. I will try downgrading to v6.7.0 as this may be a bug in an upgraded LAN driver.
  15. Upgraded 2 machines from v6.7.0 to v6.7.1, then v6.7.2. One machine is fine but the other will not allow connections to the web GUI unless i reboot. This started happening in either v6.7.1 or v6.72. The first time was on June 28th, 2019 observed about 12:45pm. The second happened July 8th, 2019, 6 days after last reboot, observed around 8:39am. The first time this happened (June 28th) i could not log into the server at all. Not through the web GUI, ssh or at the physical machine. Yet all dockers, VM's and other services, such as samba, continued to work. After the reboot i grabbed diagnostic and enhanced syslogs from the tools menu in the GUI. The second time (July 8th) i could log in via ssh, or at the physical machine, but the web GUI will not load. Again, all dockers, VM's and other services are working. Before i reboot this machine, i wanted to know what service i should be looking for. Any commands that i know to check running services come back as "command not found".