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  1. So, for the last 3 or 4 parity checks (even ones that I initiate manually) I constantly get 2-8 errors. I haven’t been able to figure out what is causing it. I have my server on a UPC and haven’t had any power outages. So, it isn’t likely an unclean shutdown. Attached diagnostics and sever logs. Last parity check information and time below. Thank you for your assistance. Unraid Parity check: 10-06-2020 13:41 Notice [TOWER] - Parity check finished (2 errors) Duration: 18 hours, 23 seconds. Average speed: 123.4 MB/s tower-syslog-20200614-1810.zip
  2. It isn’t possible to play with with the Switch or Xbox One remotely to a custom server nativity. There is a beta Docker (I forget the name) to trick an Xbox to do This. Not sure if it will work for a switch.
  3. Questions: 1. How can I make sure that I completely remove everything from a docker that I have installed? I installed Marina DB and want to uninstall, delete everything, including databases and start over. 2. Is there a simple (one step or two step) way to remove all old containers, templates and data for dockers that I no longer use?
  4. I have screwed up my database while messing around and deleted mysql.db. Not a big deal because I am trying to learn about databases. Question, can someone walk me through the steps of completely deleting everything and starting over please!
  5. Goal: Connect to networks so that an Xbox at another location can see (as if it was on the same LAN) my unraid Minecraft server. Issue: The Xbox One version of Minecraft can only seen servers run by individuals on the same LAN. Not via entering a remote server address. Our extended family member only has the Xbox version of Minecraft Current Setup: Both locations have there own unraid server with wireguard setup so that I can initiate wireguard from a phone or a PC on both. However, I can't seem to figure out how to set-it up so that: 1. the two unraid
  6. Thank you everyone. I have successfully added a Texture Pack. Question: Is it possible to add skin packs?
  7. I am currently having difficulty passing through a Fresco Logic FL1100 USB 3.0 Host Controller (rev 10). Tried a number of methods pass it through including the VIFO plugin. Originally, posted detailed info in the VM (KVM) forum but haven't received a response in a week. Realize that it might be in the wrong place. Suggestions are be apricated!
  8. I have a working VM that functions just fine with VNC and GPU passthrough. However, I added a fresco Logic USB 3.0 controller by following SpaceInvader One's instructions. After selecting the fresco logic and starting the VM it reports 'No bootable device'. I remove the controller and all is good again. Below are my settings and things that I have tried. Flash drive: tried both pci-stub.ids=1b73:1100 and vfio-pic.ids=1b73:1100 Also tried the VFIO plugin blow are my settings i am trying to pass through IOMMU group 21. Could this because the even though the groups are se
  9. Thank you all. For this discussion regarding moding worlds and textures. If anyone has any suggestions for where to find some bedrock worlds and packs for 1.14.60 that would be great. the peegs mod sounds cool.
  10. Thank you. The instructions above worked perfectly! Skin Packs: Is it possible to add skin packs to the server using the same instructions to add textures? Or, do skin packs have to be installed by each individual separately?
  11. Ahh... I somehow missed your post about the floppy! I read it and also found the following which was the key. I followed the instructions and blam! Thank you so much for your suggestion. It was key.
  12. Did you ever figure this issue out? I am stuck at this spot as well.
  13. For some reason I am not able to find a way to open an load the drivers in XP setup. Pressing F6 should work as shown in the image above. However, no options exist to load drivers when I press S. I wonder if I need to add a virtual floppy drive.
  14. Ohhh... I have always started with the spaceinvader one's videos. Good suggestion on the docs! Reading now.
  15. Q35 didn't solve the problem However, pressing F6 while loading brought up the following screen (see image). It seems that it can't find a mass storage device to save to. At least that is how I read it. Pressing S resulted in no additional drivers found. I wasn't able to see a way to load the drivers. This seems like progress. Suggestions?
  16. I can try Q35. Yes, there is an opportunity to load drivers. I am just not sure what to load. I will see if I can show a screen shot of the options. Thanks
  17. Thank you for the suggestion. Just tried reducing to a single core and experienced the same issue. Any other ideas?
  18. Made some progress based on assistance from rachid596 and also gareth_iowc. The XP VM now appears to boot the ISO and begin installing. However, I now get a blue screen right when it says "starting windows," see the image below. After the blue screen I need to force quit the VM. Then it WILL NOT boot/install again. In that see is "booting from HDD" with no action. I can destroy the VM and setup new and end up in the same loop. Screen shots and config file below. I wonder if my XP SP3 ISO is somehow corrupted or the HDD doesn't function. <?xml vers
  19. Setting up a second minecraft server? Thank you so much for this wonderful docker. It has made my family and friends time at home during the shut down much more enjoyable! I would like to setup a second server on the same unraid box to try to explore texture pack /add-ins. Looking for guidance on how to setup a second server and without creating conflicts.
  20. I have some old windows XP based music software and files that I created a long time ago. They won't run on windows 7. So, I am trying to get an XP VM based on a Windows XP SP3 to run but am struggling. I have tried a number of virtIO drivers and but every time it halts at "Booting from hard drive" and pegs a single cpu at 100% until force shut down. Suggestions and help is appreciated. Logs and Images below:
  21. I deleted my domains share a few years ago because I wasn't using VM. I am now interested in exploring a VM. Can i just create a share called domains? Or, do I need to do something else? What settings should I use? For example, should domains be on the cache drive?
  22. Thank you for thIs discussion about addon and instruction. Suggestions for add-ons to try on the latest bedrock is appreciated.
  23. I have noticed what I believe is a bug. I started out with compression selected. However, I have decided that I would rather have uncompress backups. Switching to “no” for compression and saving the setting hasn’t changed anything with new daily backups still compressed. Suggestions?