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  1. ok I changed the option in the Radarr settings for "Certificate Validation" from enabled to disabled for local addresses and it seems to now connect
  2. just to add it seems using the https port number it says it cant connect to the server IP even though both Sonarr and Lidarr are working fine
  3. @binhex Have you tested connecting to SABNzb using V3? I can connect using the HTTP port but trying to use the HTTPs port gives me the following error Test was aborted due to an error: Unable to connect to SABnzbd, An error occurred while sending the request. The response ended prematurely.: 'http://XXX.XXX.XXX.X:XXXX/api?mode=get_config&apikey=3XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&output=json' I have X'ed out my IP address and API key for obvious reasons. The exact same settings in Sonarr which is still on version 2 connect just fin
  4. I just turned on the flag for strict port forwarding and seems to be working ok now and populating the fields.
  5. Thank you binhex. So why do I get connection failed when refreshing that page? dose the docker keep the VPN connection open or does it only establish when a DL is initiated? whenever i click the wrench icon it seems random as to whether it brings back my public IP address or whether its says failed connection
  6. ok do we know what happens if the VPN in this container falls over? So was testing this last night with PIA + the wiregaurd option and getting consistent speeds of around 55 MB/s which I can deal with (first world problem I know) But today I noticed when clicking the wrench icon it keeps coming up saying Public IPv4 address and DNS name lookup failed (this was not present last night) then if I refresh it will show the public IPV4 address and then another refresh says connection failed although this does not seem to affect downloads. The reason I ask is I se
  7. although I must say there is definitely something up with unraid and pass through speed. Im on BT 1gig fibre and through my windows PC and running firefox in a docker I can max out the line easy.. trying to use download something with SAB without a VPN at all and i can only max the line to 60%
  8. Funny I have been experiencing the same over the last few days. With Sab running through my VPN with PIA i was getting 12MB/s where usually i would get around 60. was racking my brain as what it could be but maybe its just PIA as when i turn the VPN off it shoots back up
  9. enigma27


    I give up.. this is far too complex to get working correctly. easier to just go to the jitsi website and start a room
  10. enigma27


    ok so this seems to be an issue ongoing with setting things up and running a server but I don't know how to fix. Basically if you have more than 2 people and its a mixture of internal to lan and external lan clients the internal and external people cant see eachother. Seem multiple fixes but no idea how to fix it as its way above my head. https://github.com/jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet/issues/403 https://github.com/jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet/issues/398
  11. enigma27


    ok thought i had sorted out my issues but something else has come up now. Before i had only tried connecting with 2 people one on local network and one on cellular which seemed to work ok. just tried to setup a meeting for my daughter and her friends and soon as more than 2 connect everyone seems to loose video... any Ideas?
  12. enigma27


    ok so just tested forwarding port 4443 and that indeed does need to be forwarded to be able to allow access for external clients. is there a way you would not have to forward this port? it was not in spaceinvaders video unless I missed that part. p.s any guide on how to update the containers?
  13. enigma27


    Hi Spaceinvader So to confirm with this new config do you have to port forward both 10000 and 4443 ports? because I just tested with My PC hosting a meeting and then using my mobile to connect as a client... Phone on Wifi can connect with video Phone on cellular can connect but no video is show for either person in the meeting (Each can see themselves)
  14. enigma27


    No not for me. only port I had to forward (for external people to connect) was port 10000 on UDP
  15. enigma27


    just tried chrome (although I don't use it) and it asked straight away to allow camera and mic and worked fine.