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  1. Well, if you use Linux or Mac client to put files with identical names on the share, then try to work with them from Windows client, only the moon spirits can tell what would happen.
  2. Just go to AirVPN's config download page, and download a config for a continent or a country with multiple servers. You can also have multiple countries in a config, but I think it will prefer the one that comes alphabetically first.
  3. Not all the stuff can use proxy, especially HTTP proxy. And also, there are open ports to care about. What if I want to run a nextcloud, using AirVPN's DDNS?
  4. Good day! I want to run several different apps in Docker and through the VPN. Somebody on the forums said that I can reuse VPN connection from binhex-rtorrentvpn in another container by using --net=container:name parameter. But his advice was for vanilla Docker, not unRaid; and I use Deluge, not rtorrent; and I can not make it work. Any advice, please? I want to make several containers share the same AirVPN uplink. And I think I need to use delugevpn as the central one because of VPN port forwarding. Thanks!
  5. Because Windows does not allow files 'vodka' and 'VoDka' in one folder, but Linux does. So, every time a file is sent to NAS, Samba stupidly compares its name to *everything* to make sure there are no collisions. This disables it.
  6. A week ago I added the following extras to SMB configuration [global] case sensitive = true default case = lower preserve case = true short preserve case = true It gave me bigger speed up than installing more RAM, cache disk and replacing slowest drive, all combined. In fact, write speed for small files increased more than 10x times. I keep big collections of < 1Mb files on it. Dixi.
  7. There is a big problem with this plugin's logic. User installs it, enables ssh, tries to login as root and gets banned. The only solution for those who do not want to delve into particulars of SSH is to delete /boot/config/ssh and reboot.
  8. For NFS shares, may I directly edit /etc/exports ? I want to change anonuid/anongid. Will my changes be undone if I reboot the system? Update the system?
  9. My VM-s stopped working with this version. Reverted to the 6.5 and they are working again, no changes in settings.
  10. If so, how did it all work yesterday and for the past year?
  11. Seems to be connected with BIOS: SeaBIOS works, OVMF does not. That's where it hangs now: And logs:
  12. Sure. 2.5Gb, Ubuntu Desktop ISO, no effect. And it's log:
  13. Yeah, I know. But the point is that I see it, while for Linux VM-s I can't see nothing. About hardware: it's old, but up to yesterday it was more than enough for my needs. Ubuntu server with a couple of simple daemons that backup and maintain my shares runs happily with 512 Mb RAM.