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  1. Well, if you use Linux or Mac client to put files with identical names on the share, then try to work with them from Windows client, only the moon spirits can tell what would happen.
  2. Just go to AirVPN's config download page, and download a config for a continent or a country with multiple servers. You can also have multiple countries in a config, but I think it will prefer the one that comes alphabetically first.
  3. Not all the stuff can use proxy, especially HTTP proxy. And also, there are open ports to care about. What if I want to run a nextcloud, using AirVPN's DDNS?
  4. Good day! I want to run several different apps in Docker and through the VPN. Somebody on the forums said that I can reuse VPN connection from binhex-rtorrentvpn in another container by using --net=container:name parameter. But his advice was for vanilla Docker, not unRaid; and I use Deluge, not rtorrent; and I can not make it work. Any advice, please? I want to make several containers share the same AirVPN uplink. And I think I need to use delugevpn as the central one because of VPN port forwarding. Thanks!
  5. Because Windows does not allow files 'vodka' and 'VoDka' in one folder, but Linux does. So, every time a file is sent to NAS, Samba stupidly compares its name to *everything* to make sure there are no collisions. This disables it.
  6. A week ago I added the following extras to SMB configuration [global] case sensitive = true default case = lower preserve case = true short preserve case = true It gave me bigger speed up than installing more RAM, cache disk and replacing slowest drive, all combined. In fact, write speed for small files increased more than 10x times. I keep big collections of < 1Mb files on it. Dixi.
  7. There is a big problem with this plugin's logic. User installs it, enables ssh, tries to login as root and gets banned. The only solution for those who do not want to delve into particulars of SSH is to delete /boot/config/ssh and reboot.
  8. For NFS shares, may I directly edit /etc/exports ? I want to change anonuid/anongid. Will my changes be undone if I reboot the system? Update the system?
  9. My VM-s stopped working with this version. Reverted to the 6.5 and they are working again, no changes in settings.
  10. If so, how did it all work yesterday and for the past year?
  11. Seems to be connected with BIOS: SeaBIOS works, OVMF does not. That's where it hangs now: And logs:
  12. Sure. 2.5Gb, Ubuntu Desktop ISO, no effect. And it's log:
  13. Yeah, I know. But the point is that I see it, while for Linux VM-s I can't see nothing. About hardware: it's old, but up to yesterday it was more than enough for my needs. Ubuntu server with a couple of simple daemons that backup and maintain my shares runs happily with 512 Mb RAM.
  14. UPDATE: I have found Windows7 DVD and tried to create a virtual machine with it: VNC works fine. I don't need Windows VM, so I don't care about ACPI issue, but it seems VNC stopped supporting Linux console on VM for some reason.
  15. From this: It goes to this: And VM settings: And network settings
  16. rc2 worked fine. I suspect that may be it is not the version, but the update process itself? Ubuntu Server (not just ubuntu) 18.04 freshly downloaded, also Debian 9 netinstall, Solus - VNC can not connect. No, I did not set any fancy firewalls either.
  17. To migrate from 4 drive ZFS to Unraid on the same machine do this. If FreeNAS can not write to btrfs partition, use latest Ubuntu Server instead, it can surely do both. Boot FreeNas. Remove 1 parity drive from ZFS. Format it as btrfs. Copy data to it until it is full, starting with the most important. Disconnect your second parity drive, format it as btrfs, copy the remainder of data to it. Power off, and unplug the remaining ZFS drives from power and SATA. Boot Unraid, add your btrfs disks as data disks, no parity. Start the array and do all the checks you want. Now that you are sure unraid works and all your data is in place, power it off, connect back one remaining ZFS drive. Boot Unraid, assign new drive as parity and build parity. Switch off one last time, plug in the last drive, *preclear it* and add to unraid. This way, only half of your data stays unprotected during move, and only for the duration of copying it to another drive. (part 2) Or obtain 1 more drive to be protected whole time and avoid all the juggling.
  18. I have a single VM on unraid, a Ubuntu Server machine with no GUI and no fancy settings, no GPU. It's network is set in bridging mode. After upgrading to rc3, without changing anything in VM, it stopped seeing network, getting IP address. 'ip a' reported network device down. I could only access machine with built-in VNC. My router also reports the virtual machine "offline" After installing rc4, VNC stopped working too. It shows black screen with "Guest has not initialized the display yet". Now I have no access to virtual machine at all. But I am sure it works, judging by CPU consumption. I have tried creating completely new VM with Ubuntu Server install .iso, and have the same result. I tried switching network to virtbr0, but got the same result ( router does not report attempting to do a connection that my VM should do automatically )
  19. I have read your message in the plugin. Unfortunately, it is not possible to set up proxy on the router, because proxy is a per-application setting. VPN would work, but I just got rid of VPN server happily in favor of Shadowsocks. VPN resolved on router is usually slow and not fit for streaming, and applying it only to specific I am researching into a way to force unraid to use proxy. Unfortunately, usual and simple methods do not work, because HTTPS.
  20. Congrats! You are banned in Russia. refuses to open without proxy.
  21. Hello from Russia. Ever since our stupid govs started to mess with Internet, the CA plugin on my server stopped working. May be it is just a coincidence. Anyway, appFeed not working while Legacy mode does, for 4 months already. Updating and other tasks work OK, so general Internet connection works for sure. Can you tell me what IPs it actually tries to access so that I may check manually if they are not blocked? Is there a way to make CA plugin access Internet through a SOCKS5 proxy? Thanks!
  22. Hello and Happy New Year! Just a quick question: I use this app together with PIA VPN. Can I set it up to use the PIA ability to provide an open incoming port for incoming connection?