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  1. Yeah, I only reserved 3%... Any reason why the actual file is reporting to be bigger than the drive capacity?
  2. Please see screenshots attached. I am on Unraid 6.8.3 having issues starting Windows 10 VM (worked fine till recently). Looks like I ran out of space on disk mounted with Unassigned Devices plugin. Everything is up to date and nothing in the logs. Tried rebooting the host. Any idea what could have happened here and how I can prevent this in the future? I can live with rebuilding a VM, just want to make sure this won't happen again.
  3. Yeah, you are probably right. I went over the logs and didn't see anything out of normal (I looked at the Plex container logs and docker logs in diagnostics). The only thing I noticed was downgrade warning below. dpkg: warning: downgrading plexmediaserver from to At this point I am on the right version and when I restart the container it start in seconds, so it is possible it could have been something stupid like download. I do appreciate your attention on this.
  4. It downloads container within seconds on my server. After I hit play it gets stuck. I don’t have this issue with any other container and if I use the latest version it starts up immediately. I didn’t notice the logs button but will take a look.
  5. Very true...I will look up where docker logs are stored. So I left Plex container alone for about 1 hour while it was "hanged" (0% cpu utilization, only using about 5mb of RAM). Just came back to get my Plex back online with latest version and noticed that it finally booted up and I can get into it. It is reporting 1.19 version in the dashboard. Definitely need to look through logs here. 1 hour to boot up a container is not gonna roll with me.
  6. Sorry I didn't clarify that I pulled that from actually config file. Here is the screenshot of the settings which makes more sense. With this docker starts but hangs. I tried multiple versions including the latest one.
  7. Folks, I hope you can point me in the right direction here. I am trying to downgrade from 1.20 to 1.19 to get my camera upload working again. Version field is there and I read official documentation. Container either pulls the latest image, or just hangs. This is the syntax I am using: VERSION= When I do above for any specific version, container starts but doesn’t work. Every other syntax combination just downloads the latest image.
  8. Hello, I have an odd issue as I stated in the title. Time Machine just stops backing up with a generic error message stating that disk is not available. It can take weeks. Most recently it took only 1 day to break. I can access that share no problem from the MacBook (10.15.6). No funny logs on Unraid. My Time Machine share is not on the array but instead passed through by Unassigned Devices plug-in (external drive connected to USB3 port). Below are the settings I used for SMB. Enhanced MacOS interoperability is enabled. Rather than this, it works well. To get it back a
  9. It was worth the try. It doesn't matter what I do, slot1 is always the primary. I ended up swapping my cards around. Gonna test now and see if there is difference in performance. I believe both slots were already running in x8, so I don't think it should matter a lot.
  10. Hello, I have one GPU in slot 1 on mother board (asrock x370 taichi) that I pass through to the VM. Then, I have a second GPU in slot 2 that I want to use specifically for Unraid. When server boots up, it always uses the first GPU until the certain point where it get's black listed. I get no output on the second GPU. It is showing up under System Devices. I can not change this behavior in BIOS because the option is greyed out. I guess my question here, is there anything I can do in the config file to dedicate second GPU to unraid? I really don't want to
  11. Alright. So I was able to run some benchmarks on bare metal and it appears that I am already getting pretty close to the native performance. It's crazy how much my old 6700k is better for gaming than 1700x. At this point I am pretty positive that CPU is getting bottle necked. Playing around with pinning and isolation is definitely worth it. I have been thoroughly reading the thread below. Completely same behavior on my machine. Thank you for your help! Hopefully 3900x will help me to get more power out of my 2080 ti.
  12. I think I forgot to mention that I didn’t dump gpu bios and it’s not configured in the XML file. I never had any errors passing 2080ti, so I never bothered with that. Can that be the problem? Is it necessary to configure?
  13. Hmm interesting. I was always under impression that 4 cars AWD should be faster than 8 cars of RWD. I guess I was wrong. It sucks that I can't fully isolate odd cores to be used in Win10 VM only. I have them isolated now and definitely see other VMs using them even though they are isolated and other VMs are pinned to even cores.