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  1. Was wondering if you could add a Norco RPC-2106? I run this unit stacked on top of a Norco-4224... Possible to draw this double stacked configuration? Many thanks Bmoney
  2. Great app....I have been using it for sometime, but wanted to know if one could add the option of specifying a Ultra HD-DVD and/or BluRay drive(s)? As shown below, I run a 4224 Norco with a 2106 stacked on top...the two drives on the far right of the 2106 are a Bluray and HD-DVD drive. Would be great to be able to add the optical drives and also adjust the schematic to match the picture? Thanks! Bmoney
  3. I have a noob question regarding NFS exports: I have exported an UnRAID folder share using *(ro,all_squash,insecure) and have set all folders/files in the path using chmod 777 * -R. I have verified the w/r/x; however, I can mount and view the directories using XBMC v11 (win 7) but cannot open/read the files. I believe the issues is on the UnRAID side. I am missing something here? I have searched the forums, but are there known bugs w/NFS in v4.7? Thanks.
  4. Any luck with 3TB drives with the SIL3132 card installed on the Biostar A760G+ MB? Many thanks for the help!
  5. Hi, I currently have all my PCIe x1 & x4 slots filled w/controller cards and wanted to add external SATA drives for backup etc... Is there any issue adding a standard PCI 2-port card to my system just for SNAP? Downsides: I assume the cheap-o 2 or 4-port cards here will not handle >2TB drives? It is my understanding that the speed would be limited to ~1.5Gbps but these drives would not be used for parity check etc... Likewise, when do unRaid users add drives to their array? After the current array of drives are 70% / 80% /90% full ? thanks.
  6. Another noobie questions regarding unMenu 1.4r223 running on unRaid 4.7 I am having issues accessing unMenu on a consistant basis; I have it on the default 8080 port and get "cannot display webpage" ~60% of the time. I have tried changing the port but it has not worked.... below is my syslog Jul 26 18:37:39 192 unmenu[10057]: awk: ./unmenu.awk:306: fatal: can't open two way socket `/inet/tcp/8080/0/0' for input/output (No such file or directory) Jul 26 18:37:39 192 unmenu-status: Exiting unmenu web-server, exit status code = 2 Any thoughts? I wanted to add sick, couch, etc
  7. Will this card support current/future 3+ TB drives? There is a thread on the AVS forums that says "no"; has anyone confirmed?
  8. Hi, I am running preclear 1.9 w/unraid pro 4.7, just finished preclearing a WD20EARS drive (unjumpered w/4k Alignment) after ~40 hours. Very slow inital drive rates ~14MB/sec, but seemed to pickup near the end... Results are below: ========================================================================1.9 == invoked as: ./ /dev/sde == WDC WD20EARS-00MVWB0 WD-WMAZA0976314 == Disk /dev/sde has been successfully precleared == with a starting sector of 64 == Ran 1 cycle == == Using :Read block size = 8225280 Bytes == Last Cycle's Pre Read Time
  9. Many thanks for the help. After ~22 hours I am on step #2 of the preclear with ~110 MB/sec with the WD20EARS. As per your suggestion, I will have a look at the preclear report and re-run to ensure the drive is okay. Again, thanks. -B
  10. I am a noobie and just build my first 14 bay NAS...apologies to the mods if this should be in another section. I have run into an issue trying to add a new WD20EARS (non-jumpered). I am just purchased unraid pro v4.7 and tried to preclear the 20EARS with the 4k alignment active. The preclear hdd speed was ~14 MB/s and 50% complete on step 1 after ~11hours. I have stopped the preclear checked the drive speeds and swapped drive position. The issue follow the drive NOT the bay/sata; my other three drives (x1 750 GB, x2 -2 TB Hitachi) precleared and work fine. Likewise, the hdpar