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  1. Also interested in this feature. Unfortunately not working as of unRaid 6.8.3.
  2. @JorgeB Your guide worked out perfectly for me, thanks a lot. I adjusted your command a little bit in regard to sectorsize to match my existing disks: mkfs.xfs -m crc=1,finobt=1,reflink=0 -l su=4096 -s size=4096 -f /dev/mdX Now the overhead dropped from 78 GB to only 11 GB.
  3. Are there any special arguments, Unraid is using for formatting before adding to the array? A command line for manual XFS format is much appreciated.
  4. Is it possible to format the old way with reflink=0 on Unraid 6.8.3? I use my NVME cache pool with BTRFS for VM and docker. My array is formatted with XFS for media files mostly and there I do not see much benefits from reflink feature.
  5. Thanks for guide. Is there any minimalistic (alpine-based) openvpn-client docker, where I can drop my ovpn file (ofc with the login credentials) and it will just work?
  6. Would it be possible to draw the part of I/O wait different? Work I/O wait 70% ||||||||||| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | I find it useful to know, if my drives are locking the system or the cpu is really doing stuff.
  7. Thanks for the clarification. Good to know, that it would have worked in array via USB, but as you said it´s less reliable. I have copied all the data on Disk4 to various disks with free space, added it to the array, formatted it, moved back everything and now rebuilding the parity. Took me 2 additional days for all the transfers, but hopefully someone else will read it and know in advance.
  8. Thanks johnnie. @dlandon Is my issue posted on Thursday at 10:18 PM a general one for all USB attached drives? Then it would make sense to give a warning at the beginning, when you are talking about "DIsks formated XFS or BTRFS will be partitioned compatible with the array disks and can be installed in the array without a re-format."
  9. Wow, that's a bummer. Is there a command, I could use to verify a difference in the partition layout between formatting over USB or SATA?
  10. Due to limited SATA Ports on my Motherboard, I used a WD MyBook 8 TB via USB and UD-plugin to offload not very important data. Before I have precleared this drive with the appropriate plugin and formatted to XFS with UD-plugin destructive mode. Now I have replaced 2x SATA SSD with 2x NVME SSD and would like to add this WD Whitelabel 8 TB with 5 TB of data to my array. Therefore I followed the advices here in forums to stop array, make new config with keeping the current assignment. Then added the WD Whitelabel 8 TB as Disk 4 and hit start array. However the new Disk 4 comes up with "Unmountable: Unsupported partition layout" and Unraid offers me to format it, which would delete my existing data. The drive can be mounted with UD without problems and all files are accessible, which should rule out any corruption of the XFS partition. From my understanding drives formatted with UD should have compatible partition layout with the array. I have checked the syslog, but could not find anything helpful. I have attached the diagnostics file, so somebody can hopefully point me into the right direction. tower-diagnostics-20190725-2004.zip
  11. Hello @gfjardim When a drive is mounted as unassigned (not even shared), your plugin issues "lsof -- /mnt/disks/tempdrive" command every few seconds. This causes remarkable CPU spikes (30% out of 400%) via process "php" and don´t let that drive ever spin down. Would it be possible not to issue this command when no preclear activity takes place? As workaround I have to uninstall this plugin, when not used. This enhancement is much appreciated.
  12. Yes I have. Edit: After uninstallation the spikes are gone, thanks! Don´t understand, why this plugin issue any command without any activity...
  13. I like this plugin a lot, however one thing bothers me. When a drive is mounted (not even shared), your plugin issues "lsof -- /mnt/disks/tempdrive" command every few seconds. This causes remarkable CPU spikes (30% out of 400%) via process "php" and don´t let that drive ever spin down. Would it be possible to have an option to disable "Open files" info or at least don´t issue this command when the Main dashboard is not actively displayed? This little enhancement is much appreciated.
  14. I have similar issues with 6.7.2. Sometimes I cannot start the KVM service and have to reboot the whole system. I also noticed CPU spikes for PHP in netdata, which were not there before: tower-diagnostics-20190706-1105.zip
  15. Hello Unraid team, it looks like the latest displayed virtio drivers in the GUI have a serious bug: https://github.com/virtio-win/kvm-guest-drivers-windows/issues/244 I installed the graphics drivers from the iso image, without telling the exact path pointing to windows 7. So it probably took the drivers for Windows 8 and now the VM cannot boot from vdisk. I get blue screen: Right now, I reinstall a fresh windows 7 and try to mount the failed vdisk in hope to extract the important data. Edit: Got managed to boot into safe mode and the reinstall the proper windows 7 driver.