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  1. So, maybe Im loosing my mind as I just got to this docker plug.. but I cant even change the password. Ideas?
  2. Ive been using this for awhile now and very happy with it.. clearly Im going to have to look into themes now as the theme hawihoney has is really catchy
  3. So, running 6.4.1 and the AppleDouble and DS_Store scripts run but the files are still there (even after a reboot) is there something about the scripts and spaces in the directory names (ie. - Media)? My bad.. I just added a script for dot_clean files.. Didnt work though just used ._* for the "name" variable
  4. Yes, new guy.. So setting this up and migrating several 'small' NAS boxes data to the new array *happy dance*.. I did a search (not an exhaustive search) and was wondering if there were any plugins or functionality that could mirror the bandwidth monitoring similar to what I had in my old router using Tomato firmware but.. I'd like to know what IP is pulling the data.. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tomato_(firmware)#/media/File:Tomato_Firmware_-_Bandwidth_Real_Time.PNG
  5. The fact that you selected what appears to be 52 files and selected 'get info' across the board frightens me..
  6. I got the dark theme loaded now to poke around and figure out how to get the side menubar LOL
  7. Nice.. Clearly I still have alot to learn about capabilities.. Nice themplate!
  8. Stupid question.. How can I have active streams display on the dashboard?
  9. Hello! Long time listener.. first time caller.. Have a WD cloud and a freenas server for over a year and decided to unify everything. So, I saw a case on eBay which pitched UnRAID and jumped on it (was @200 shipped). Normally my others would 'crap out' during the night streaming but after migrating a few 'T' for testing and banging on it had no issues at all! While Im aware it was most definitely a hardware issue I loved the redundancy and expandability offered with UnRAID which is why I didnt simply roll over to FreeNAS again.. Look forward to a long relationship and thank you for
  10. First of all, HI! Long time listener, first time caller... I've used FreeNAS for years using older equipment but I always run out of space so I've kind of gone overboard.. 1st, got a 30u case (threaded hole) with a KVM, 2 power regulators, 5 shelves, exhaust fans, KVM console (minus rails.. got to fix that) and a 16 port GB unmanaged switch. I paid 160 for the whole thing.. He was getting married and lost all sense. I felt bad for taking advantage but I've been married for 12 yrs so I understand the initial insanity. 2nd, got ahold of a SuperMicro 933t (15 bays) 3 redundant suplies &a
  11. If youd be willing to quote a price to ship this I'd be interested... IF its still available (I know its an old post) Updated: Got a unit from eBay for 170 without drives..