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  1. Anyone visiting this thread, and unable to access the WebUi, I had the same problem. It seems that when the install of the docker, it doesn't specify i port. Edit the docker, click add Port and use 5666, click apply, and then restart. This solved it for me.
  2. Copy as in leave them in a folder seeding and then copy to the proper folders? The reason I would prefer not to do this is space. 100-200gb files, having to be copied instead of moved will quickly eat up my storage space.
  3. Thank you for the response. Ive opened and set the proper paths using MC in terminal. Everything works smoothly. Is there any way to setup categories so I don't have all types of media put into the completed file? If that isn't possible, how can I manually move the files to the correct folders and then point rutorrent to there for seeding?
  4. Hello, I just installed rutorrent and am loving the speeds. I've set up the folders and its my understanding that none of the settings of the web gui will work? Is this still the case? Is thereby way to set up categories and have them complete to different folders? I also read that turning off auto move is wise, does this still apply? Im wondering if i have to choose between deluge (slow but steady) or this (fast but hands on and not automated). Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
  5. I'm having an issue snatching with my torrent provider and the recommended fix is to change a line in "\couchpotato\core\media\_base\providers\torrent\". I can't seem to find these files while browsing with MC. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks
  6. OK in the config file of transmission I've set a rpc username,password, and enable authentication . When I save and exit, I come back the password is a hash? I suppose that is correct? Searching in terminal using docker inspect couchpotato, in the network setting it shows an ip of, I'm not sure what this is but adding it to the whitest in Transmission file doesn't allow Couchpotato to connect. Any ideas? Edit: The default whitelist ip is 192.168.x.x which is the ip for my unraid setup. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the info. I made a mistake, I didn't properly have the folders set in transmission. I just had /Complete instead of /data/Complete. Still learning. Thanks for the app. Edit: Also, any info on how to get Couchpotato to connect to Transmission? I know deluge has an auth file with username and password. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. I am getting permission denied error when adding files. I have the /data file mapped to /mnt/user/Movies and have the folder set as my destination folder. I have reinstalled but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. So after fussing with the settings and checking my config for the past day. I think the issue lies in either my mapping or my permissions. I feel that my mapping of folder is correct and this had more to do with permissions. The files will start downloading, but the progress bar never leaves 0%, to me that means that the file isn't being written anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  10. So it appears that the GitHub page for couchpotato has vanished. I have just installed it, have it configured properly, can connect to deluge but can't snatch from iptorrents. Should I switch to the Couchpotato Git version by binhex? and does anyone have a solution for the iptorrents issue? I have added other public trackers and it still doesn't snatch, nothing in logs either. I read a post about switch something in a config file but it was from a while ago and i thought it may have been updated. Thanks
  11. Hello, like others in this thread, Im new to Unraid and docker. Its been a frustrating couple of days, but I seem to have most things working. With Deluge, I am able to access web and verify that I am connected to Vpn. However when I add files, the download begins very slowly and then fades completely to 0. I read here about disabling flood protection, but i do not have that enabled in my router. I have also changed from udp to tcp but that didn't work either. I have tried switching PIA hosts. Any idea why I am getting such slow or none existent speeds? Thanks