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  1. If the webgui is corrupted (have an open thread) is there a way to manual start the array that does not invoke the GUI?
  2. I can not use the GUI (accessible, and tabs will navigate, but no selection ability) after a CA update. This error code appears on every page Warning: parse_ini_file(): Filename cannot be empty! in /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/include/DefaultPageLayout.php(357) : eval()'d code on line 9 Any thoughts? Edit: unable to start array: even from SSH session. Though everything appears healthy. Edit2: I have no familiarity with PHP, but it appears the warning is referencing this block of code: // Build page menus echo "<div id='menu'><div id='nav-block'><div id='nav-left'>"; foreach ($tasks as $button) { $page = $button['name']; echo "<div id='nav-item'"; echo $task==$page ? " class='active'>" : ">"; echo "<a href='/$page' onclick='initab()'>$page</a></div>"; } unset($tasks); if ($display['usage']) my_usage(); echo "</div>"; echo "<div id='nav-right'>"; foreach ($buttons as $button) { eval("?>{$button['text']}"); if (empty($button['Link'])) { $icon = $button['Icon']; if (substr($icon,-4)=='.png') { $icon = "<img src='/{$button['root']}/icons/$icon' class='system'>"; } elseif (substr($icon,0,5)=='icon-') { $icon = "<i class='$icon system'></i>"; } else { if (substr($icon,0,3)!='fa-') $icon = "fa-$icon"; $icon = "<i class='fa $icon system'></i>"; } $title = $themes2 ? "" : " title='{$button['Title']}'"; echo "<div id='nav-item' class='{$button['name']} util'><a href='".($button['Href'] ?? '#')."' onclick='{$button['name']}();re turn false;'{$title}>$icon<span>{$button['Title']}</span></a></div>"; } else echo "<div id='{$button['Link']}'></div>"; } unset($buttons,$button); if ($notify['display']) { echo "<span id='nav-tub1' class='tub'><i id='box-tub1' class='fa fa-square grey-text'></i><span id='txt-tub1' class='score one'> 0</span></span>"; echo "<span id='nav-tub2' class='tub'><i id='box-tub2' class='fa fa-square grey-text'></i><span id='txt-tub2' class='score one'> 0</span></span>"; echo "<span id='nav-tub3' class='tub'><i id='box-tub3' class='fa fa-square grey-text'></i><span id='txt-tub3' class='score one'> 0</span></span>"; } echo "</div></div></div>"; Line 357 is eval("?>[$button['text']}"); EDIT 3: Changed "start array" to yes in /boot/config/disk.cfg ;rebooted and from command line and still can not get array started (GUI still states Autostart disabled). EDIT 4: WEIRD! I was having some problems with a separate array (ThunderBAY attached to Mac mini and had to rebuild directories - have a failed disk that is being replaced). Completed that operation. On a whim, I rebooted server again... and everything came back as normal? They should not be linked (though the array is a network resource for unRAID). Odd.
  3. That's a fair point: a secondary tag of "accepted" and then "closed" (when appropriate) would alleviate a lot of anxiety.
  4. Do we think that intermittent latency problems with a VM could be traced back to this as well? The VM is not on the array (nor cache) but booted from a dedicated nvme drive passed through. It is incredibly frustrating to try and chase down intermittent problems...
  5. Removed the erroneous schedule. Don't know how I missed that in logs. Thank you.
  6. thank you! That was spamming HTOP... should have known. Hard reset... but system did not detect unclean shutdown... that seems odd. I did try to manually stop array.
  7. I was able to get to server and do a hard reboot... neither command above worked. GUI is back up... will fix CA turbo. It was definitely something with Docker service... since HTOP was getting riddled with processes regarding trying to stop Running a parity check. I assumed that a parity check would start automatically... it seems an unclean shutdown was not detected? Should I run a check?
  8. same result just hangs the console I top'd and it looks like docker daemon is hanging ... when I thought I had rebooted previously it did not take... it just hung... as uptime is uninterrupted. Is there a way to kill docker service from command line? I found /etc/rc.d/rc.docker stop .... but this hung the console too. I tried stopping array with wget -qO /dev/null http://localhost:$(lsof -nPc emhttp | grep -Po 'TCP[^\d]*\K\d+')/update.htm?cmdStop=Stop The command takes in console... but the array is still up since I can browse shares.
  9. I will ASAP. any idea of how to gracefully shutdown server? Or get get back to GUI? thanks.
  10. I am having some troubles with server After completing a move with Unbalance, I went to start VM and GUI hung. Went to terminal and used 'reboot' to gracefully restart server. Server came back online, but without a GUI. I can ssh into server and browse directories. However, now when I issue reboot | power down commands from terminal, console just hangs with no change to server state. I can kill the session and reconnect via ssh, but can not kill/reboot server. Any advice appreciated (accessing remotely right now). nerdyraid-diagnostics-20190823-1947.zip
  11. Anecdotal evidence here ( I have been watching this thread carefully ), but when I was doing some large copies (TBs moves using unBALANCE) I found that all of a sudden my winVM was experiencing significant latency issues. This had not been an issue previously. I just found it odd that it surfaced... and the thread had recency on my mind. Maybe just Baader-Meinhof. Probably unrelated (the VM exists on a dedicated nvme that sits in UD unmounted when not in use), but thought it worth noting. I am going to try and something more objective (large copies while streaming UHD from Plex - which has never stuttered) Cheers. EDIT: Hmmmm - slight performance degradation, but still not stalling and constant buffering that others noted. (on side note: Thor Ragnarock, great fun). EDIT2: Intersting. I am again moving a large data set. I went to start a VM and the page just hung. VM manager is no longer accessible via the GUI as well. Again, don't know if related, but odd. Will see if I can access once move completes.
  12. I am sorry... this is probably pretty simple, and, I have searched and can't find an answer: I am trying to add a my Google Drive (set as shareable in system prefs>sharing) folder via my Mac as an SMB share to UD: I click add: set host: smb://xx.xx.xx.xxx (Mac ip) enter credentials enter folder name click add it populates to SMB shares but is not mountable. What am I missing? Thank you!
  13. My suggestion... go with the biggest drive you can afford for your parity. If you can afford a 12TB or 14TB than do it, it will allow you to do upgrade your data disks in the future without having to replace with a bigger parity drive. Thats what I did. Prime day had a solid deal on 12TB reds, but not great. So I got 1 and now I can upgrade by 10 TBs in the future when the price/GB ratio is a little more palatable. Good luck!
  14. To better understand the risks of time saving vs fault tolerance. I appreciate your response, thank you! Edit: also, since I am on 6.7.2 I am noticing a degrade in array performance when experiencing large writes (as noted by @johnnie.black in bug thread). Again, thanks! I am going rebuild one disk at a time.