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  1. I am sorry... this is probably pretty simple, and, I have searched and can't find an answer: I am trying to add a my Google Drive (set as shareable in system prefs>sharing) folder via my Mac as an SMB share to UD: I click add: set host: smb://xx.xx.xx.xxx (Mac ip) enter credentials enter folder name click add it populates to SMB shares but is not mountable. What am I missing? Thank you!
  2. My suggestion... go with the biggest drive you can afford for your parity. If you can afford a 12TB or 14TB than do it, it will allow you to do upgrade your data disks in the future without having to replace with a bigger parity drive. Thats what I did. Prime day had a solid deal on 12TB reds, but not great. So I got 1 and now I can upgrade by 10 TBs in the future when the price/GB ratio is a little more palatable. Good luck!
  3. To better understand the risks of time saving vs fault tolerance. I appreciate your response, thank you! Edit: also, since I am on 6.7.2 I am noticing a degrade in array performance when experiencing large writes (as noted by @johnnie.black in bug thread). Again, thanks! I am going rebuild one disk at a time.
  4. Sorry for thread necropsy... But I am migrating 4 x 4tb data disks to 4 x 10tb data disks. Parity is almost done rebuilding on new 12tb disk. I was planning on just copying Disk 1 to new disk 1 10tb and so on for each disk. swap the drives. enter new config and begin parity sync... This is a major no-no?
  5. I just had a 12TB wed fail on second cycle of preclear and had to RMA the drive. I had 4 x 10TB pass 3 cycles with no issue. Truly up to you and your fault tolerance.
  6. The same dock I used for preclearing: mounts the disk individually as /dev/sd#; /dev/sd% etc... so all good there In CP we will trust The New config should recognize|respect all shares, disk settings, etc... correct? Thank you! EDIT: So began reading about write bottlenecking that @johnnie.black documented, which of course lead me down the SQLite thread as well. While I have noticed degraded performance since the upgrade to 6.7.2 (especially HDR streams) I assumed it was a configuration derp that I introduced. Considering the downgrade now. Just to be sure: cp /mnt/disk1 /mnt/disks/sdW /mnt/disk2 /mnt/disks/sdX /mnt/disk3 /mnt/disks/sdY /mnt/disk4 /mnt/disks/sdZ New config Assign w to 1, x to 2, y to 3, z to 4 Starty array and begin parity sync If this is the case, I will stop parity sync - take parity off line and proceed with the copies.
  7. Tremendous answer. I already have the parity rebuild underway... and will be away for most of the day, I will let that finish just to have array protection. However after that (all sata ports are full), would the following be appropriate? 1) Mount new disk 1 and new disk 2 (using UD) and either use screens (cp not dd, correct?) or Krusader to clone old disk 1 and old disk 2 to new drives ... (I have 2 bay vertical dock usb 3.1). 2) Do the same for new disk 3 and new disk 4 3) shut down server 4) swap all disks 5) create new config 6) assign disks properly (disk 1-1 disk 2-2 ...) 7) start array and begin parity sync
  8. Replacing 5 x 4 TB disk with 4 x 10 TB + 1 x 12 TB (parity). All disks passed 3 preclear runs with clean SMART Currently Syncing Parity on 12TB Q1: Is it best practices to run a parity check after swapping each of the four data disks (or does the data-rebuild operation preserve|rely on parity)? Q2: Is it best to keep dockers | vms offline during sync | build operations (no writes, just reads for dockers + VMs run off of either cache-pool or dedicated nvme)? I have done reading on how parity works and preserves (spreads) data - but I think I am fuzzy on the concept when it comes to disk access during build operations Thank you.
  9. This is what I did, since I could not get a Mojave machine to boot... worked a charm Will do... Cheers mate! EDIT 2: NO dice - multibeast did not help. Still just showing sound flower for audio output. Such a bummer. EDIT: sorry for the party foul (double post).
  10. If you don't normally use macOS... experiment! I was a life long windows user (win 3.1 and up) and found macOS to be a very interesting and well thought out platform.
  11. Got it, thanks! Only my second WD (of many) to fail prematurely. Bummer. At least I have original parity disk... and, replacement is already in post.
  12. Heard. VMs shutdown. Only Dockers active are: Plexpy | Plex | CrashPlan | Netdata | CAadvisor New disk is already on way and will be waiting for me. Heard, thank you. What do you mean by monitoring list?
  13. Heard Final question: I am traveling through Friday - should I take array offline? While away it is only going to be serving media. I can continue preclearing with array off-line.