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  1. I back up my flash manually every Sunday (while searching to make sure this wasn't posted I came across @Cpt. Chaz script - and will be trying in the future). For the last 60+ weeks the zip has consistently been ~570mb. I have made no material changes to the server (boot, plugins, config) and yet on my most recent backup the size was ~450mb. The size has been consistent across OS ver (6.7.x - 6.9.1), so I am curious as to why it has shrunk 120mb. Should I be concerned? Thanks! Edit: Link to @Cpt. Chaz backup script here
  2. Did you get this sorted. I am trying to get log access. I found a 0byte file /mnt/user/disk/appdata/homebridge/log.txt but nothing obviously written to it?
  3. Just an FYI, I too am having one of my GPUs "falling offline" (2070 super). It does not affect performance (to the best of my knowledge), when I use in VM for gaming... or in Plex transcoding - just spams the log when idling. The other GPU is an rx570 used for acceleration in a hackintosh. Cheers. EDIT: on 6.8.3
  4. YES! I had to pass through the vBIOS - (check techpowerup for your card)... So this is where we slam the disclaimer: the vBIOS that worked for me was NOT the actual one for my card, but a similar one. I tried a few before I could get it to boot [Sapphire.RX580.4096.17115]
  5. I am getting the same log spamming, on multiple operations.
  6. I tried. Something is borked on the client side for sure. XPlay plays the same content on client in HDR (though playback is choppy - something is definitely going on with how stream is rendered on this TV)
  7. Unfortunately that did not help. I removed the container, reinstalled 6.8.3, reinstalled the container and configured fresh (my setting did not carry over - but I had them exported) and the problem still persists. HOWEVER I have the same model TV upstairs and it does not have this issue. Further, no other clients accessing the server have playback issues. It seems like it isolated to this particular client. I reinstalled the plex webOS app... but still no joy. Really odd.
  8. Has anyone else noticed that on latest update *.2740 their HDR content is no longer playing? I have an LG C7p and have been streaming HDR without issue. No, the movies start - but do not trigger HDR. Oddly, I have the unRAID library mirrored on a Mac mini, and the PMS serves the HDR content just fine to the C7p/
  9. I am perplexed Everytime I restart the container, the same 17 (out of 310) torrents are force rechecked, and, then set to complete rather than actively seeding. I assume the FastResume data is corrupted. Is there anything I can do so that these torrents just begin seeding upon container restart?
  10. J.Nerdy

    Squid is 50!

    Well wishing is supposed to last longer once it is ultra-pasteurized. Happy Birthday (belated) @Squid & @saarg
  11. Load leveling does not determine the amount of CPU usage, but rather instruction frequency. The two percentages adjust load cycle (70% = 2.8s work, 1.2s rest wash rinse repeat), and core allocation (70% = 7 of 10 threads utilized). At least from how I understood the manager instructions