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  1. Just bought one of these to shuck and was pleasantly surprised to get a Seagate IronWolf Pro NAS 10TB disk with the model # ST10000NE0008 https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/seagate-backup-plus-10tb-desktop-external-hard-drive-stel10000400-black/12315363?irclickid=wan3apysDxyOWFH0MdV3iVCmUkiyObSZW06ow00&ref=affiliate&utm_content=341376&utm_source=IR&acmp=RedFlagDeals&utm_term=644465&irgwc=1
  2. Just finished pre-clearing 2 disks and go this error on the final output cat: /tmp/.preclear/sdq/smart_error: No such file or directory found It shows me the first graphic of the successful run with the steps 1-5 but then the area it supposed to show the change in smart data shows that Edit: Just realized these were SAS disks not SATA not sure if that would affect the outcome, i noticed SAS disks seem to have different smart data than SATA disks
  3. Okay just ordere some dell h310s that should sort it out
  4. Hardware: Supermicro H8DM8-2 (link) 3 x AoC-SAT2-MV8 (link) New HGST 4TB sas HDD (link) 4u 24 bay supermicro case w/ SAS846TQ Backplane (link) From what i understand this backplane just does pass-through and has no issues with drives over 2.2TB in size as is has no expander onbaord. Issue: This week I had a 2tb SATA HDD fail on me, quick search on ebay lead me to some refurb 4tb sas drives for 80$ shipped so i bought 1 to replace the failing drive. When i replaced the 2tb sata hgst drive with a 4tb hgst sas drive unraid will boot up to the point of "starting Rsyslogd daemon" and will hang there, if i pull the new drive while the system is hung there the boot process will continue and boot into unraid as expected. I can also boot straight into unraid just fine with the disk completely removed. I am assuming there is some kind of hardware incompatibility somewhere that i am not aware off and help troubleshooting this issue would be greatly appreciated !
  5. Yeah thats what i'm trying to do basically right now i use openVPN, i like this solution better because it does not use a central server and peers can connect directly to each other.
  6. Pretty sure Ford is right i just need to add a static route on my lan router pointing back to the zerotier network. This github issue might give you a better idea https://github.com/zerotier/ZeroTierOne/issues/805
  7. Quick question regarding an issue i have run into and wondering if anyone has a similar setup that is working. I'm trying to access my Home network LAN from other computers in the ZT network. From what i have read online i just create a managed route in zero tier for via which i have done and make sure sysctl ip_forwarding is enabled on unRaid which it is. Home Network = Away Network = awayPC = awayPCzt = unRAID = unRAIDzt = on my awayPC i can see this route in "Route Print" for via i can ping from awayPC ----> to both unRAID ( and unRAIDZT ( But i cannot ping anything else from awayPC to anything else on only unRAID address ( Any ideas?
  8. Getting a lot of errors from what looks to me is from the sata controller. Apparently this can be caused by a bad/loose cable... would this generally cause a hard lockup as these are just CRC errors correct? Is there anyway to tell what exactly what drive it is or do i have to test 1 by 1 tower-diagnostics-20190508-0857.zip
  9. Yeah I'm on latest ...not much to go on nothing in the docker logs indicate any issues.....installed the BitTorrent docker with vpn and just disabled the vpn and it works fine.... weird
  10. Tried to install this but the webui does not work right after install
  11. turns out my usb3 HD was negotiating at USB2....unraid working fine. w tower-diagnostics-20181214-1909.zip
  12. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/HGST-Ultrastar-7K4000-HUS724030ALE641-0F17731-3TB-64MB-Cache-7200-RPM-SATA-III/201694919367?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 I just ordered 3 SMART results all great 2 years 2 months power on time 0 pending sectors 0 reallocated sectors 39 Power Cycle count
  13. AND i found a workaround for this by just plugging the disks directly into the 6 sata boards on the motherboard.... thanks for the input and help troubleshooting!