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  1. Hello and thanks for you're input. I have gotten closer, but i can not get the files to move when they are completed. In preferences in deluge i have it set all the downloads to go too /mnt/user/Downloads. And i have created 3 different labels. Software, series and movies, each label has it's own move to completed path. But nothing is happening. The download share has use cache (yes). I might be mistaken regarding the seeding, but will it not move the torrent before i stop seeding it? I've tried the move storage when right clicking a torrent in deluge and write in the same path as my "move to complete" path. But nothing happens.
  2. Hello and thanks for a fantastic docker. I recently downloaded it, and i really like how user friendly it is. Renaming the MKV and SRT files inside a folder works fantastic. But is it any way to rename the folder to the same name as the MKV?
  3. Regarding HDD discussion, i've only had one drive die on me the last 15 years, and that was an WD green drive. I might have been lucky. But the good thing of living in Norway is that ALL electronics have a 5 year warranty. I'ts actually an law phones, computers, TV's literally everything. Not that a law can rescue you're lost data. But i store every important piece of data on multiple drives and i have at least one cold storage drive. I work as a service technician for a company which fixes Asus, Hp, acer, macbooks etc under warranty. I currently only fix asus at the moment, and they use all kinds of drives. Haven't really seen any pattern of bad drives. I exchange all kinds HGST, WD, seagate, samsung and toshiba. I am pretty happy with the average speed my array had with the 3x8tb iron wolf drives. Around 180.2MB/s. With the archive drive added it dropped to 150.2MB/s. Also thanks for the heads up on the FAQ. I was not having a good day yesterday, especially not after reading the FAQ.
  4. Before i have to open a new forum post i would like to ask the question here. I am just finished with setting up the delugeVPN. Works like a charm. But let's say when i am done with downloading a file, and i would like to move the file from cache to a specific share how do i map that? I currently have set up deluge to have an incomplete and complete folder. But i can't seem to understand how to map the complete folder on cache drive to an share on the array? Also would it be possible for the move function to know which share on the array i would like the file to go. Lets say i have an share for windows image and one for linux image. When i am done downloading the windows image is it any possible to have to separate move buttons, one could move to the windows share and the other to the linux share? I might be asking very dumb now, been a hectic day at work and my had isn''t really thinking clear. New picture of the machine for those who are interested. Not all of the drives are connected, need a few cables from molex to sata power.
  5. Well i guess i can come with an update. I have now installed the new drives as well as unraid. Been looking at some tutorials from spaceinvaderone he has fantastic guides . Some pictures for those who are interested. Made an gamble an bought the license for 12 drives before i have tried it. So far this looks very promising. As suggested from you guys above, one of the iron wolf drives is set to parity. specs on the computer are the following: intel core i7 4770k asus rog maximus vii, socket 1150 16GB of crucial ddr3 1600mhz Cooler master 500w Fractal r5 noctua nh-l12 3x8tb seagate iron wolf drives 256GB kingston ssd for cache 1x8tb seagate archive drive.
  6. Hello, i am also having some weird issues with the unraid usb creator. It stops at 97% each time, with the message saying connection failed. Tried two different sticks, same fault. Any suggestions?
  7. mhm, i will use a iron wolf drive for parity, and the archive drive for storing.
  8. Finally bought some drives. 3x seagate iron wolf 8tb drives. Haven't had the chance to spend any money before now. But i have gotten a new motherboard and cpu as well. ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VII RANGER and a i7 4770k. The cpu i got for free from work and i got the motherboard dirt cheap from a friend. Hopefully the drives will arrive early next week. Can't wait to get started. But as we have discussed before i should put a fast drive as a parity. 1x iron wolf drive as parity, 2x iron wolf drives as storage and the last 1x archive drive for storage as well. I will update this thread next week if i get the server up and running.
  9. That's nice, will save myself 100$ if i keep the motherboard. But i am planning on setting up a 5 disk array. 4 for data and 1 for parity. As well as a 250GB ssd for cache. Redundancy is just a good to have. If i can rebuild my array if a drive dies, if would be nice. But it's not a must.
  10. I will mostly be using the drives for storing movies, tv shows and picture. So read speeds are the only thing i was worrying about. Also my motherboard only have 4 sata 3.0 ports and 2 sata 2.0 ports. I am a bit worried that those two sata 2.0 ports will be bottlenecking. Only one way to find out. Can't wait to get unraid up and going. I am using windows 7 now, and with a uptime of a few weeks the ram usage is pinned at 96%, and i am currently having 16GB. Only thing running is plex, bittorrent and teamviewer...
  11. Well 4 seagate 8tb archive drives were bought. Delivery seems to be in January 2018. Was really cheap so i guess there were sold some units.
  12. Well i guess singles day is good for something. There are some really cheap 8tb seagate archive drives now. 212 dollars, converted from the currency in Norway. For example a iron wolf drive is 338 dollars. My use is just a mass storage of movies, tv shows and pictures. I've read that the drive speed on these archive drives are super slow. But since i only need to write the file one time over to the drive, it shouldn't impact the performance that much i hope. I will be using a 250GB ssd as cache as well. Should i buy 4 drives now, the sale is over tomorrow, and i don't think prices will be much lower that in the future either. As mentioned before i already have a 8tb archive drive in my system from before. So i will be running 5 drives with 1 as parity and the rest as data drives. I did read through the whole thread underneath. A lot of the discussion was a bit above my knowledge. But using the drives for plex mass storage i hope i can't go that wrong. As read speed is the only factor when watching a movie. Also should i wait for a new motherboard with 6 sata 3.0 ports before making an array? or is it just plug and play if i just swap out the motherboard.
  13. Thanks for explenation. I do have data on the disk, but as i am going to buy 4 new drives. I will be setting up an array with 3 fresh 8tb drives first. And then start copying all my files from the existing drive over to the array. Before i wipe it and add the 2 remaining drives. I guess i can just put the old drive as a storage drive, as i need to wipe it anyway, and the parity drive has already been selected when i built the first 3 drives array. Can't wait till i get my tax money from last year. Which i hopefully get in the beginning of june.
  14. okey, but the 8tb drive I have now, is pretty slow with a lot of stuff on it. But when its wiped or half full, it´s peaking at 150mbs. But as its only for mass storage for movies, it doesn't´t really Mather than much about speed. The local network is 1GB, so anything above 125mbs is pretty waste.
  15. one last question before I start shopping hard drives. I do have a 8tb drive from before, so planning to buy 4 new 8tb external drives, since they are cheaper. will open them and remove the HDD. But the one single 8tb drive I have from before is a bit slower than the ones I am planning to buy. Can I set the slowest drive as a parity drive? Or will that impact the whole system? The slowest drive have 100mbs, and the other 4 have around 150mbs.