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  1. I've rebuilt the drive after replacing it with a drive I had precleared and ready. What the best course of action / tools I should use to test the old drive once I've pulled it out. Thanks
  2. New diagnostic tower-diagnostics-20190427-1958.zip
  3. Got an alert disk 2 is disabled and in a error state. This is my first disk issue after running the server for several years so I figured I'd check with the community before I go doing anything rash. Attached below are the diagnostics file and what appears to be a blank SMART report. I have not rebooted the system as of yet. Thanks for the assistance! tower-diagnostics-20190426-1958.zip tower-smart-20190426-1955.zip
  4. I have recently come across goodsync but haven't started to test it yet. What would the benefit of using this via command line in a Docker vs just spinning up a Win10 VM and running the windows ver with GUI?
  5. TY, that fixed it,,, wish I understood what was broken. Was that a 6.2 upgrade related issue or is that something I need to be alert for needing to randomly fix again?
  6. I am getting an error when trying to update a couple of dockers. These are all linuxserver repos, Plex, Teamspeak3 (both the original and new unraid branch) and unify are all throwing the same error. I was able to update PlexPy and Headphones from linuxserver without issue. Error: layers from manifest don't match image configuration Thanks for your help.
  7. What ISO are you running for VM? I had got a MineOS docker running a few months back and now I have having troubles with it. I figured I can wait until I get the new system up, but I am really unsure where to start with VMs. Assuming I run a VM for MineOS, any suggestions for a separate VM that would host other game servers? Thanks for the help!
  8. Doubtful this would be for more than any 2 running at the same time, however would running multiple VMs help get more CPUs working? Minecraft for 2-4 people. Most likely FTB Infinity Evolved ARC 7 Days to Die
  9. I will be building my e5-2679 system later this week and want to start the journey into VMs. I am interested is hosting servers for a few games but am not finding much info here. Does anyone have any guides, suggestions or best practices to get me started? I have read a little about steamCMD but don't see much from an unRaid point of view. Also interested in modded Minecraft servers. Thanks! Andro
  10. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157350&cm_re=EP2C602-4L%2fD16-_-13-157-350-_-Product Very popular with the dual E5-2670 group.
  11. I believe the is one of the more popular dual cpu boards discussed here. Newegg has it back in stock and just dropped the price back under $300. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157350&cm_re=EP2C602-4L%2fD16-_-13-157-350-_-Product Hopefully you animals don't buy them all up before I get a chance to make up my mind. I just recently received a new chassic (supermicro 846) and am really torn between this board and getting a more expensive supermicor X9 board.
  12. Good deal or no? http://www.newegg.com/Special/ShellShocker.aspx?cm_sp=Homepage_SS-_-P2_22-149-627-_-08242016&Index=2
  13. I'm in exactly the same boat, very interested in the answer. Also, can someone explain how the 2 different ram packages would matter for an unraid box? I am never against spending a little more $$, but I'd like to know what my $50 is going to get me. 128Gb (16 x8GB 2RX4 PC3-12800R 128GB (16x8GB) 2Rx4 PC3L-10600R
  14. I'm less concerned having "too much power" (also, is that even a thing? not here in 'merica) and more concerned with not getting the right mobo.
  15. I would never water down my scotch, let alone waste it with coke... lol
  16. I have been watching all the talk about the dual Xeon build and haven't seen this combo so I wanted to run in by the community before I pull the trigger. I currently have 11 drives + Parity + Cache drive for 13 bays currently in use. I am using a Supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 currently. Server will be used for media storage / acquisition / Plex transcoding (3 streams). Once I have the upgrade finished I may look to experiment with some VMs. I am looking at the Natex combo, seems most agree this is a good value. Does the mobo have any glaring shortcoming I am need to know about? http://www.natex.us/product-p/s2600cp-cpu-128gb-12800.htm I have been looking for a supermicro chassis and from what I can find, the R1200B has the SAS2 backplane so I shouldn't have any issues with >2TB drives. http://www.ebay.com/itm/SUPERMICRO-846E16-R1200B-BAREBONE-SERVER-CHASSIS-WITH-24x-TRAYS-INCLUDES-RAILS-/381077493540?hash=item58b9fd1724:g:LnoAAOxyThVTaXxj
  17. Toshiba PH3400U-1I72 4T for $112 Says this is the "old" model... Thoughts on this drive? Seems like a good price. http://www.amazon.com/Model-Toshiba-SATA-7200rpm-128MB/dp/B00OP2PKHW/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1457442056&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=Toshiba+PH3400U-1I72+4TB+3.5+7200RPM+Internal+SATAIII+Hard+Drive
  18. Perhaps I am still have more that just simple Read-Only issues. I have another drive I thought I would get ready and swap out if that ended up being the issue so I attempted to start moving the appdata files off the cache drive that is giving me problems and am finding errors during the transfer. Is there other reisirfs checks / corrections I should be attempting? Thanks again for the support.
  19. Its appears that my drive is in Read-Only. what is the correct way of getting that back to read/write
  20. ok, that got the drive back mounted correctly, now I can't seem to get the docker tab back in the GUI. it is showing enabled in the setting page, and it looks like the files and docker.img are all there. what am i missing?
  21. Just got home from a short vacation and found my teamspeak docker disabled. I check to see if anything was ready for an update and found that my system was ready for unRaid 6.1.8 coming from 6.1.7. I installed the update and followed the request for a reboot. Upon a clean reboot I find that my cache drive is now showing as unmountable. I have attached my syslog, unfortunate I didn't grab on before the reboot as I didn't think I was having any system issues. This drive contains my dockers and nothing more. If there is a way to recover that information or get this drive back to a mountable state that would save me the headache of setting up all of those programs again. This is one of my oldest drive, so I am not sure if I should be checking for hardware failure (advice on how to check that would also be helpful). I have attached a SMART report for this drive if that can be of any help. Thanks for taking the time to check and help me out. tower-diagnostics-20160301-1542.zip tower-smart-20160301-1549.zip
  22. Variable name should be "PASSWORD" Variable Value should be "whateveryouwantforapassword"
  23. its "minecraft" but I seem to recall you have to set that as a variable when installing the docker
  24. Did you swap out the backplane? Mine linking the model number? I believe I already own that expansion card, if that is the supermicro card suggested on the forums.
  25. Only an issue once "fully populated?" Is this just a math problem? 24 x 2 Tb = 48 Tb max storage recognition? So would 10 x 4 Tb = 40Tb work? Sorry, I probably should understand this, it just isn't clicking for me yet. Will be going into the basement far away from people, if they are still an issue I understand upgrading to the 1200w, or just using my current PSU will fix that. I really don't have need for redundancy. Is this only a concern once fully populated? What sort of speed reduction should I been worried about? I don't see filling the 24 drive bays in the very near future, but if/when that day comes can the backplane be upgraded? Cost effective? Once I have the new server build it will mainly be media acquisition and serve 2-4 plex streams. At what point (I'm assuming Plex is the concern) will I be trying to play too many plex 1080 streams that this blackplane becomes the concern? Anything else the machine would be used for (Minecraft VM or Docker, Teamspeak3 Docker, home automation docker, media acquisition dockers) will all run off a cache drive directly connected to the Mobo. This would eliminate any issues with the backplane correct? Thanks for your response!