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  1. Windows is still running check disk on my new drive. I've got the old drive plugged in to a USB 2.0 port and ran several short SMART tests in unraid (this would cause UD to hang before) without issues and currently running my backup. Must be a USB 3.0 thing. Anyways thanks again!
  2. This and the last one were external USB disks. Last one was from Seagate and this one is from WD. I'm beginning to think maybe it's not the disks or cables (using different cables this time too). What are the chances it could be the USB ports? I was going to try one of my front USB ports on my server when I have some time later.
  3. well isn't that some luck! probably explains why the Windows check disk I ran over night was stuck on 6% this morning. Thanks!
  4. Well Unassigned Devices seems to have hung again. We previously thought that my external drive that is my local backup of the server was causing it to hang because of disk errors. Tonight I attached a new disk that passed a smart test and it looks like the whole thing is about to hang again. One core is maxing out and it's moving around until everything is locked up. tower-diagnostics-20200311-1750.zip
  5. Well now the saga continues. I unmounted the disk and remembered it was plugged in with a USB extension. Got rid of that and plugged it directly in to the server. Tried both USB3.0 ports (and a USB 2.0 after downloading the attached diagnostics) and am unable to mount and it throws warnings in the log. I'm going to plug it in to my windows machine and see what happens. tower-diagnostics-20191215-0350.zip
  6. Thanks for making the clarification. Potentially there could be some issues with the drive enclosure and not the drive itself, previously there were smart errors. So now I’m confused. @dlandonand @Squid is there anything else I can do to help troubleshoot this? I’m considering tuning another full smart scan on this drive again and try to get diagnostics via terminal.
  7. I managed to get UD to hang, tried downloading diagnostics before I rebooted but it would never download the zip file. Previously errors were found on my seagate external drive that seemed to be the culprit and I am just hoping we can confirm that the drive is indeed bad and I need to get rid of it. I started to do a full smart scan of that drive yesterday and let it run. This morning UD was hung up. So I think that's probably the issue but wanted to be sure. tower-diagnostics-20191213-1658.zip
  8. Good catch, thanks....better brush up on my smart report skills. Would it matter if I pulled the diagnostics after I had rebooted and uninstalled -UD? I'm going to see if it'll hang again and get diagnostics downloaded before it becomes completely unresponsive. Thanks again!
  9. Thought I attached it to my original response. tower-diagnostics-20191127-2342.zip
  10. @mustava Did you ever find out what was the issue? I was running 6.5.3 for a long time and every time I tried to upgrade this would happen. I started with a new USB device to see if that was the issue and this started again but I was able to catch some signs that it was UD. I didn't see any replies or solutions to this. I have since uninstalled UD.
  11. I am fighting with this issue again, hoping now that some time has passed that someone else may be experience weird permissions problems as I have described.
  12. @SlrG Apologies for the lack of response. So far I have not seen this error lately. But it might being mask by some ACPI errors in the log that the Gen8 MicroServer is prone to, so that is my current project. But I'll be coming back to this soon. I'll give those a shot when I come back around to this.