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  1. Hello. Thanks for your work on the template. Frigate (FFMPEG) is killing my CPU for motion detection (I have a coral for object recognition). I'm struggling to enable FFmpeg Hardware Acceleration. I'm running unraid on a E3-1270 V2 (no GPU) so I tried this: ffmpeg: hwaccel_args: - -hwaccel - vaapi - -hwaccel_device - /dev/dri/renderD128 - -hwaccel_output_format - yuv420p ..but I get 'Execution Error: Server Error' when I try to start it. If I remove the '/dev/dri/renderD128' parameter from the container config, it will start but then in the logs: [AVHWDeviceContext @ 0x560ea5803e80] No VA display found for device /dev/dri/renderD128. [h264 @ 0x560ea57fd640] No device available for decoder: device type vaapi needed for codec h264. What am I misunderstanding?!
  2. PlayerOne


    I'm guessing that jitsi offer their 4 separate dockers (jicofo, jvb, prosody, web) so that you can scale out a bigger implementation, but we could do with a single docker for a small self-hosted home instance. Please help us @SpaceInvaderOne!
  3. Are you aware that you can use xpenology on unraid but in a vm instead of docker? Maybe not as elegant, but usable.
  5. Oh cool. Please could share your xml for the vm and which files you are using where. It's driving me a bit crazy today! I just thought, did you use a centOS pattern for the vm?
  6. Sadly this seems to have been abandoned.
  7. Has anyone got this working recently? I can get the vm to boot using jun's loader, but it doesn't seem to connect to the network (I've tried e1000 and e1000e as model type).
  8. Hey. Have you made any progress with this? Sorry to nag but I'm really keen to use it!
  9. @Randall8686 Did you make any progress with this?
  10. @segator any chance you can spare some more time for this?
  11. What's the latest on this docker? Is it being updated/maintained? Please say yes!
  12. Is Unraid suposed to automatically run an NTP server (ntpd)? I've searched old posts here and it's mentioned but not clearly explained. I'm on v6.3.5 but can't find any settings to start/stop one? Is there a plugin/docker that can do it? Thanks!
  13. The attached config worked for me. Notice the repository is not as per docker hub, it's: segator/xpenology:6.1.3-15152 Docker offers an upgraded container that doesn't appear to do anything (?) but attempting to upgrade did reset some settings within the xpenology instance. Does this imply that not all config is stored in the single volume (image)? That might need fixing. I added a raid group and then a volume (basic, btrfs) from within storage manager. I don't fully understand this (from the segator/xpenology-docker github Are the 9P drivers already integrated? I need an idiot's guide!
  14. @kabloomy posted this, and it seems to work for me