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  1. I have Unraid running on a machine with dual NICS. What is the best way to configure them? I am thinking have NIC 1 assigning to unraid purely for management and NIC 2 assigned for Dockers and VM's etc? Is this advisbale?
  2. I’ve just installed this but I am getting a DNS error on my clients. ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED The host IP address of the Unraid server is The IP address of the Pihole docker is The router address is I can ping all the above addresses from my clients. Any ideas??
  3. I have tried it on two controllers and the same problem exits. I have n;t checked the BIOS natively but I can see it physically on a different machine.
  4. I have just noticed my parity drive is missing, it isn't physcially showing on the main screen, all my otehr drivers are. I have tied conencting ito to different SATA cables but it still doesn't show. I have removed the drive and conencted it to a Windows machine and I can see the physical disk. How can I get Unraid to see the disk again?
  5. So I have set Cache Pool to YES Minimum Free Space: 3TB Cache Minimum Free Sapce: 50GB (128GB SSD) i still can't move a folder of just under 3TB to the share on the array.
  6. Uploaded
  7. Here we go....... syslog.txt
  8. I have 6 TB of storage across 3 x 2Tb disks. I have tried to copy a folder containing just under 3TB of date to a share I created but i get a message saying there is not enough disk space. I assume that unRaid will spread the folder across the array ot am I thinking wrong?
  9. Slin

    Disk config

    I have created an array with those 4 HDD's. The SSD is now showing as an Unassigned Device. How do I enable/assign this?
  10. Slin

    Disk config

    So do I create a single array with the 4 x 2TB HDD's and set one as parity?
  11. I am wondering what the best configuration is my the drivers in my Unraid box. I have the following drives installed. 1 x 128 GB SSD 4 x 2 TB HDD I think I want one of the 2 TB HDD's as a parity drive as part of a 4 drive array with the other 3 x 2TB HDD's. What could i do with the SSD that is in the server?
  12. Hi everyone. I have 5 disks an HP microserver. 1 x Samsung 830 Pro SSD 4 x Seagate 2 TB I will be using unRaid for backups mainly and file sharing. Thanks.