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  1. Glad you got it, hopefully it can update, cause the drive(s) that I think is the problem drive(s) are the ones that arent being found lol!
  2. Not that I am aware of. 14 SATA connectors on the Motherboard is all I have. I think its split up in 10 and then 4
  3. I went from 79%, found this thread, Did a few commands to see the sizes of my container folders refreshed, 83%, Refreshed 89%. Wow. Where do I start? du -h -d 1 /var/lib/docker/ 7.4G /var/lib/docker/containers 69G /var/lib/docker/btrfs 35M /var/lib/docker/image 52K /var/lib/docker/volumes 0 /var/lib/docker/trust 108K /var/lib/docker/network 0 /var/lib/docker/swarm 2.5M /var/lib/docker/unraid 0 /var/lib/docker/plugins 16K /var/lib/docker/builder 0 /var/lib/docker/tmp 76G /var/l
  4. Installed this is what I have. and this is what is "found" even after re-scans. Missing a few drives there. (3 total) 1 3tb WD 1 2TB WD 1 5TB Seagate any advice?
  5. Mounted plexdrive with my gdrive inside. I can go to my plex drive mount, which has my "secure" folder in it from my rclone mount. since this is obscured, will this cause a problem for Plex? if so, how can I go about it, so this ISNT hidden filenames? EDIT: Tried to follow the above guide, created a new rclone mount as the plex drive location with same KEYs/passwords, not my plexdrive mount is empty wont even show my gdrive information. Now I have a plex drive mount with the secure folder with NOTHING inside... I then have a decrypt
  6. Thanks for the quick reply, i was hoping it was more due to 1) than 2)..... any way to kind of install it anyways to test? I really just want to see how the front-end handles 40-50k torrent files.
  7. I realized I had made a request for the Flood Docker to be made, and when I looked over your repository, it shows that it is in process but not released to the public. Is this due to 1) Flood not quite being in a released state or 2) that the docker is not working correctly yet?
  8. This is a request to have the new Flood torrent (based on rtorrent) with a different front end, that is actually proving to be better than rutorrent. https://github.com/jfurrow/flood Can anyone get this done?
  9. EDIT: added tower-diagnostics-20180118-1124.zip Trying now Aprox. How long should I wait for this to collect before I tag it into the "unreasonably" slow category? ~8 mins still here Also tried to shut down array, download diagnostic from webgui, and shutdown the system, all would not run. Next option is hard power at the actual hardware. These are at the end of the "log" file in Tools--->SysLog Jan 18 08:45:10 Tower login[100967]: ROOT LOGIN on '/dev/pts/1' Jan 18 08:52:20 Tower root: Fix Com
  10. Hopefully that topic covers the jist of everything. About 3-5 days ago, maybe less, these issues started. No hardware change. No power failures, my system had been up for 40+ days at that point. Prior to this, there was ONE folder that would sometimes take 10-30 seconds to load, and that was because it has 30-40k FILES/FOLDERS in its main directory. Other than this, never really had trouble unless I was trying to do like 30-40 things to the server at one point. Issue now: Lately when I try and open ANY folder on the server, it takes 40-50 se
  11. I know DMZ for unraid is bad, which is why i just tested it. I have transmission installed as a docker. Installed from LS application. I have tested a different port 51414 in transmission and it says "blocked" so I tried the port that it is mapped to 51413 and says "open". But it feels like the connection to others is just---poorer---compared to my home PC. Let me run/post a diagnostic... EDIT: So the bottom one Is me adding a "new" TCP port into the config file. I Think this might be the solution. Will
  12. Okay, I am not sure where to place this as I am having difficulty with this, and not sure where I would get the most help. (HOME PC and UNRAID are on the same home router) I am trying to have Transmission on my unraid server setup. While the "general" setup is good and working, the problem I am running into is the following Transmission on Unraid connects and downloads majority of the time, sometimes when there are less seeders it may not connect. I then load the same torrent on my home PC, and it will download no problems. But still will not connect to the
  13. @Stark Yup. thanks for that. It was clearly my misunderstanding at how the mapping worked! Thanks for everyones' explination
  14. I guess its just my miss understanding of mapping a location. If i map "download" to "/a/b/c/d/e/f/g/" and inside g/ i have folders 1 2 3 and 4. And I want my files to go to the main directory of /g/ when the program asks for download location id EXPECT to put / for /g/ since "download" was mapped there. but in order for it to go to /g/ i have to put /download/ as the location. Why? I mapped /g/ to download already? should download location imply /download/ folder? or for location can i put the FULL path and it still work? like /mnt/usr/a/b/c/d/e
  15. Maybe I confused you two. But thanks for the fast replies. the host is CORRECT, it sees the FILES. The Local folder says CANNOT WRITE TO. I even tried local with just / So it should write to the / folder right? It does not, says it does NOT have write permission @Stark EDIT:: Fixed. Local directory NEEDS '/download' in the path. I think this was "given" when setup So even though i mapped '/mnt/usr/Seedbox/' to '/download' in the settings. My local download path NEEDS
  16. I am having "permission" issues downloaded/writing to folder. The folder i believe is open to be written to, but it will not write to it. "Error was: Unable to write to local directory. " I tried this without filters. and With filters. I "think" i have the directory right. So when I download something "Seedbox" directory will be my main local path \ So if I have a folder on my computer as "Seedbox\filestodownload\etc\stupid" Then my download path would be "\filestodownload\etc\stupid" if I want them in th
  17. So I wanted a little more flexibility with this and maybe scaling the sites more, and I came across "Tile Tab" for firefox. does what this does, and MORE!, Should check it out.
  18. This works AMAZINGLY perfect!!!! TY!
  19. So I read through about 15 pages of these threads and didn't see this asked before, maybe I am stoopid. I want to be able to do two things, if possible. Access rtorrent through command line (as I can run more torrents than the WEBUI can handle) and 2) be able to run multiple instances (possible off of one docker if possible).... Have about 20-30k torrents that need to be seeded. Right now I am using 5-6 instances of utorrent on windows with about 4-5k each. can these two be done with this docket image? thanks in advance
  20. Does medusa or sickrage allow you to use a different "Season" naming scheme? I noticed that sonarr uses TheTVDB is it? and sometimes the season is named by the year, while sick rage uses the standard seasons that the TV shows itself say. This causes a lot of conflicts when trying to find the correct episode, as sometimes TheTVDB will say its season 11 episode 2 but sick rage will say its season 10 episode 22 or whatever. Then they will change it up and say season 2017, season 2016, and the searches through the nzb links and such do not find these episodes so you have to manually go
  21. You'all are, correct. Added to array, 1-2 mins formatted and added. Thought UD worked with the plugin, I followed the reports though. Makes sense, thanks!
  22. RESOLVED = Unassigned Devices does not always show information from the "preclear" script. Followed the actual logs information from the script which all showed pass. Shut down array, Assigned the drives, and they immediately formatted within a few mins and were added. Thank you Did a preclear on 5 drives. Only one is having "issues" As seen by the screen shot, they all have logs, they all have the "preclear" format, except one, When I click on the "eye" icon, i get this #######################################################