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  1. So i had this long post about things not working. And I got it working. However, need a bit of help on this last one. Trying to get my unifi controller accessible. When I am local and i type http://localip:port to access the login, it lets me log in, then gives me an error on the certificate, etc. When I type in http://unifi.domain it asks to log in like normal, but then does not log in giving me an error. is this a setting I am missing, do i need to customize my commands for this one? So far I think everything else is working. (crosses fingers)
  2. so if i just buy a domain name from <insert provider> I just create subdomains there and nameserver it to my static ip? or sonarr.mydomain.com points to 111.222.333.444:1234 ? or should i still use this to hide the ports? so then its sonarr.mydomain points to sonarr.mypublicip
  3. have static ip....but then need to remember my IP for each "subdomain"? sonarr.##.##.##.## etc?
  4. do i still need like duck dns to give it a name or something?
  5. I think you might...i mean...probably...i mean..lets test that...right 😃 Had a docker still looking for those folders, so was probably just "creating" them to not error out. Will report back!
  6. im on 5.9.29 or the 5.9.x release, and the docker image is showing an update. is this correct?
  7. I have emptied out the share folders. On the share page, it states "folder is empty" so i click the checkbox, then DELETE. the folder is then "removed" and not showing up in the shares anymore. Not sure how much time to wait, but the share(s) will ALWAYS come back empty again. Any way to FIX this and be able to delete the shared folders, permanently? This happened on version 6.6.6 6.6.7 and now 6.7 rc5? or latest that I am on.
  8. So even if put to ONE drive, technically the parity will be running a lot? Any chance to separate part of a disk to make it NOT part of parity? Only asking cause right now I have 14 sata ports, and all 14 are taken up with drives in the array. I guess I could always just use a USB drive for NOW, until I get a another JBOD DAS connected.
  9. What is wrong with letting blue iris write to the array? rather what are the problems with it? (what if I set a specific drive to write to rather than the whole array?)
  10. Having issues like many others. Installed following the video. Changed to br0, custom IP different than unraid ip. matched server ip to custom ip tried interface as eth0 and br0 both failed. have --dns or whatever it is in the custom are, including --dns and Issue: Blocklist = 0 and I cannot get gravity to update, nor access pi.hole/admin. so i know something is going wrong here. Pi-hole blocking is enabled Neutrino emissions detected... [✗] Pulling blocklist
  11. Got this running without much of a problem, and for some reason, just decided to check my logs. Wondering, what this is..... [22;36m:0 webRtcId 9 connected in 0.229 seconds! This is STUN from ->[22;37m [01;33m:0 TURN channel binding 0x4003 failed[22;37m [01;33m:0 TURN channel binding 0x4000 failed[22;37m [01;33m:0 TURN channel binding 0x4004 failed[22;37m [01;33m:0 TURN channel binding 0x4001 failed[22;37m [01;33m:0 TURN channel binding 0x4002 failed[22;37m [01;33m:0 STUN timed out: ST
  12. Not sure what happened, I think cause I have apps on auto-update. Had access to webui for a while. Have done updates in the past no issues. Now when I go to access the webui, it either loops back to the login as if it didn't login, or logs in with "Error: Unknown" The log only shows ******** Information ******** To control qBittorrent, access the Web UI at http://localhost:8080 The Web UI administrator user name is: admin Tried stopped and restarting the docker. Same issue. Tried different browsers and computer
  13. and if i don't have a domain but just an IP? lol
  14. Two questions here: 1) I have a VFS mounted Gdrive with Rclone on my Unraid. When I transfer from this mount I get about 100-150mbit/sec download (10-15MB/sec). This does not matter if it is to the array, or using my win10 PC (on the same network accessing the shared mount). Tested drag and drop of the two folders, tested with a simple rclone --progress in CLI on the UNRAID and also with Teracopy on the windows machine. I had figured this was just the speed I get with GDrive. After talking with others on rclone forums, they get up to 1000mbit (1Gbit) downloads) (950MB/
  15. I removed the plugin since it was giving me an error, and never encountered this before, and when I go to install it again i get plugin: installing: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Waseh/rclone-unraid/beta/plugin/rclone.plgplugin: downloading https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Waseh/rclone-unraid/beta/plugin/rclone.plgplugin: downloading: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Waseh/rclone-unraid/beta/plugin/rclone.plg ... doneplugin: downloading: http://beta.rclone.org/rclone-beta-latest-linux-amd64.zip ... failed (Network failure)plugin: wget: http://beta.rclone.org/rclone-beta-lates
  16. Yup. Hopefully. As the beta.rclone.org is DOWN, so therefor the rclone plugin is DOWN after a reboot.
  17. Had rclone installed for a while. Survived many reboots. Today it failed to survive a reboot. In the plugins directory I get /boot/config/plugins-error/rclone.plg ERROR With no other information, I tried viewing the log, nothing. do I just reinstall it? what? found out rclone.org is down, so after a reboot, rclone plugin will NOT reinstall....
  18. it is mounted in /mnt/disks/<folder> as the guide here explained. I think it is cause I am using a CACHE drive is where the issues came up. when using PLEXDRIVE i have no problems. however, when I mounted the "old" mount, I mounted the un-cached, un-plexdrive version and API banned myself in about 10 minutes, so I am unable to try/test any further for another 24 hours =( i think it was the CACHE drive mount as the log errors went away (during quick tests) and the stream was playing without those memory leaks. EDIT: I don't know why rclone was writing to that dire
  19. i uninstalled that a few months ago as it caused excessive hd read. will reinstall. installed. where is diagnoatic mode? Okay I had the log window opened the WHOLE time, and it crashed. Under docker window it says Array must be started to view Docker containers. and at the bottom Array undefined So It crashed. This was happening a lot so I have a feeling this MIGHT be related May 27 21:48:15 Tower rcloneorig[6062]: 99us4spc7d99eqg2sci12nig08/2nj2gs9jhdca741rc8k7en4ieu348vqaf16hqajeac1g
  20. how can i get the logs right before it crashes. when i reboot logs are empty. it was running fine all day today. tried to sign into ombi. errored out and array went off line again. but it was running fine all day.
  21. This started from my recollection just a few days ago, and I can only think of a few things that changed, though do not see how this affects anything. The issue: Start server, array works. Go to LOG from the main server page. Just get a LOT of csrf_wrong token or whatever. Tons of them. After a while, haven't determined how long. the array just goes offline, disks are unmounted. and the WEBUI has sql errors (nothing specific that I can think of). If I click LOG, it loads empty. Cannot click REBOOT on the WEB GUI, so i click TERMI
  22. Errr, its part of my motherboard, not a separate controller lol! Intel Corporation - S2600CP