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  1. Update: -replaced problematic sata cables -checked emulated drive, looked good -extended smart test yielded no issues -rebuilt on top of original drive (stop array, unassigned the "bad" disk, started array, stopped again, re-assigned the same drive, start in maint mode, rebuild sync) -added another wd red plus for second parity tl;dr - it was bad sata cables - drive did not fail.
  2. Thank you for all the quick replies! I've decided to purchase individual cables for now. The drives are in a 5-disk hotswap bay (Silverstone CS351) so for now, I'm gonna say it's not the sata power cables.
  3. Copy that! Shutting down the box, order new cables and update the post when those are done and I've rebuilt. Thank you for the help! PS: the cables I was using was this (CABLEDECONN High Speed 6Gbps 6pcs/Set Sata Cable SAS Cable for Server 0.5m) Is it bad practice to use these type of cables?
  4. So I got this error notification that one of the drives is disabled. Here's some info on the box. -Fix Common Problems doesn't give any information why and I don't know where to go from here. -The drives are not even a year old and still under warranty. Bought Apr 2022. -This Unraid-Box sits in my office and does Windows backup daily, raw photo dump occasionally -My local backup for tons of raw photography files in their respective formats (.nef, .cr2, .raf plus some gopro videos in raw/compressed) (The compressed versions are backed up online but not the raws) -Also holds media for Plex (scheduled maints at 2am-5am daily) -The drives are set to spin down after 1 hour of inactivity -Version 6.12.0-rc2 (Uptime 5 days 9 hours 8 minutes) Currently running an extended smart test (short self test passed without errors) Any help is appreciated! Thank you in advance! xfs_repair -nv: terra-diagnostics-20230327-0958.zip
  5. thank you. just mounting does allow me to see it in krusader along with the partitions. i don't know why i was passing through before.
  6. i was using krusader to transfer the files on those unassigned drives to /mnt/user/ Edit: seems even when its unmounted then passedthrough, i don't see it in krusader. nothing in /mnt/disks/ or remotes Edit2: maybe the drive is being passed but i dont see the partition
  7. i was migrating some of my files over to my main unraid server last night, this morning's update borked the plugin and i can't passthrough the drive after mounting. then it wouldn't let me unmount the drive until i rebooted the server. unfortunately the issue remained, i can passthrough if its not mounted but the moment i mount, the option to passthrough disappears. any idea what's going on?
  8. I've figured it out, it was doing the whole loopback when you're inside the same network, the moment i rerouted my pc to a completely different network, it just worked. still weird that my KF2 Server pops up on the server list when i'm on the same network again, thank you for the amazing work!
  9. Are you using the default (27015) for query port on your own vrising server? Since I'm using the default of 9877 of your docker, it doesn't seem to publish my server to the master list but your Killing Floor 2 docker that I'm running shows up on there instead... it's baffling LOL. My KF2 server: ~ #Unstreamable's Private KF2 Server ~ My V Rising server: #Unstreamable VTuber Rising
  10. Just a head's up ich777, when you set validate to true, it overwrites all the settings to the default docker files, so whatever changes you've made on the adminlist.txt/banlist.txt and the two json files are deleted. I saw the server patch that I decided I should validate after restarting the server and I lost all the custom game settings I had. Edit: I'm talking about the files in {unraidservername}\appdata\vrising\VRisingServer_Data\StreamingAssets\Settings
  11. Amazing, I guess I'm sending a six pack your way hahahah!
  12. I also did not get invited but it comes out tomorrow on early access for $19.99, I didn't get a solid answer from official channels (website/discord) about a linux version i hope we find out more tomorrow
  13. First off, @ich777, thank you for all the amazing work! It sounds like V-Rising is going to be the next fun survival game similar to Valheim, is there any chance you'll create a V-Rising Dedicated Server docker? And thank you in advance if you are planning on creating one!
  14. gonna go sleep then hope it shows up on the list tomorrow. thanks, mate! keep up the amazing work!