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  1. Latest version of this container is not working for me either, cant load the webpage at all. What is the best method to downgrade in UnRaid? Delete it and add it again from CA? Ensuring I specify a specific release? Will all the repos/data I had in Gitea be restored or have I lost all that now?
  2. Looks like the docker container for this is a disaster, struggling to get anywhere as well. Doesn't look there is a single person who has managed to get it working yet...
  3. Chkdisk appears to have solved the issue, so we've made a backup for next time this happens! Thank you
  4. The Unraid server at my parents house has gone down and is not responsive via WebUI. I can still access it via SSH though, my parents had already tried the "IT 101" methods of powering it off/on. I have attached the Syslog however. Looks like it is just hanging at the following and repeating it indefinitely: Dec 4 22:01:01 Tower kernel: FAT-fs (sda1): Directory bread(block 393910) failed Any advise? I think this means the USB or USB port are stuffed is that correct? The USB is quite old so not totally surprised if that is the case. Is there a guide on how to replace it (with the license key etc.) and just put a new USB back in? Thank you. logs.txt
  5. Anybody have a solve for the following issue: Domain name hosted in Cloudflare and dynamic dns updated automatically by the Cloudflare docker (Cloudflare Proxy = Enabled) CNAME wg points to (Cloudflare Proxy = Enabled) Anything coming in via goes through NGINX Proxy Manager docker and goes to the relevant application there (relevant for other domains) Wireguard doesn't seem to work if I add Cloudflare Proxy = Enabled to the wg CNAME, however if I don't then it exposes the ip of the domain name ( which I'd rather keep proxied. All my other services use a CNAME pointing to and proxied that works fine. But no luck with Wireguard.
  6. Is there any current issue with this? A completely fresh install the Username and Password don't work, just always says they are invalid.
  7. Ohhh right, sorry I totally misunderstood. I'm still confused on how to setup LSIO's LE container with Authentication (and multiple domain names), but regardless I can confirm this solution has worked brilliantly: Thanks @jonathanm - all sorted now
  8. Sorry, I should've clarified that having Authentication in front of the Static Site is a requirement. Which is the reason I went for NPM.
  9. Boom! Okay I can confirm it does prompt for username and password if I remove the advanced config! So for some reason adding this to the advanced config kills the authentication: location / { root /websites/guide; } That is the only way I know how to host a static site with Auth though... Is this expected behavior? Is there another method of hosting a static site on my UnRaid Server with Auth that I am not across?
  10. Just completely removed all the AppData for NPM, set it up again and setup Access List + Proxy just like shown in the video and still no luck. Tried on multiple devices, multiple browsers (including incognito). It always just loads the page instantly with no Auth prompt. No idea what is going wrong, would it have anything to do with the Advanced > Custom Nginx Config value the Proxy has? location / { root /websites/guide; } /website is mapped and inside /guide is the index.html file, which all loads correctly so I believe that is setup fine. Very lost at the moment...
  11. Thanks for the guidance Djoss, unfortunately still not luck. Tried removing and re-assigning, also tried just starting from scratch. I took a recording of what I am doing, it's all relatively simple so not sure what is going on. Create New Access List Create New Proxy, assign Access List Go to Proxy and it loads without any prompt Screen Recording 2020-08-05 at 2.07.50
  12. Hmm still no luck, it never prompts for a login and just loads the page. Should I be updating the Access section in the Access List with anything?
  13. I have a static site that I can access through NPM perfectly, however I believe NPM has Access/Authentication capabilities built in correct? My understanding was I create an Access List, under Authorization I add the User/Pass that I want users to use, then block everything else. Assign that Access List to the Proxy and NPM would prompt for a login before displaying the page. However this doesn't seem to work? Is anyone able to explain how the Access List works? I can't seem to find a guide on it anywhere.
  14. I had this problem and this fixed worked for me as well, thank you!
  15. Hey all, first of all I have gotten Nextcloud installed and working well with MariaDB and NginxProxyManager. My questions is more about how you structure your UnRaid server directory and Nextcloud. I already have my media backed up in their own directories, however it was recommended to create a Nextcloud folder which I did. As such my current folder structure look like so: /x/appData /x/nextcloud /x/images /x/movies In this case, what is the best method of displaying the images from /x/images inside the Photos App of Nextcloud? I don't really want to have to move it all inside the /x/nextcloud/user/files/Photos directory, would rather be able to have it link somehow? Just can't find that ability currently... Thanks for any advice!