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  1. My docker networking might be a bit messed up since I've never really cleaned up that part after years of experimenting with stuff. But the docker IP's seem to work.
  2. You have to take the "app" side ip. Something like At least that's how I got everything working again, localhost didn't work for me.
  3. Yes that's the one, I'm using Romania, as it supports port forwarding.
  4. I was having the same issue with the cipher error. Redownloaded the whole package of next gen PIA config files and replaced all three (crt, pem and ovpn) files this time. Deluge started working again.
  5. That could be it, well I have a 4TB WD Red coming in on wednesday. So might just replace the drive.
  6. So a while back one of my drives started having Reported uncorrect errors, offline uncorrected, and pending sector errors. I ran the short and long SMART tests and both came back fine, and replaced the SATA cable and never got the errors again. The reported uncorrected stayed at 32. Today the errors started again, and the reported uncorrected errors went to 62. I am now suspecting it has something to do with the disk being completely filled (that was the same case last time) and that is somehow related to getting the errors. I ran the SMART tests again but they both end in "Completed without error" like last time. The error count of the drive on the main page of Unraid is now up to 484 and am not sure if I should just replace the drive or reformat and see how it goes. I've attached the notifications and smart report. ST3000DM008-2DM166_Z504LFS7-20200519-0028.txt
  7. PIA must be buckling under the load it's getting due to the current situation. Mine started working again this morning.
  8. @Twitchstick: Have the exact same issue with binhex-delugevpn. Started today
  9. This is for the Crashplan Docker What is the preferred backup path everyone is using to be able to restore your array? Right now I'm using /mnt/user/ will that be enough to restore my array to a new empty (with enough space) unraid installation with the crashplan docker installed? Or am I missing some config files needed?
  10. About the Clear an unRAID array data drive script. I started it about a day ago on a 500GB drive via the plugin, and is was half way but my browser crashed. Is there a way to check the progress again?