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  1. Hi, so it seems like my docker is set to a "log on state". If I restart/stop the docker it will always come back to a state where I last had it once. I did connect it to one of my other computers and that's one of the panels it always connects back to. I've tried disconnecting from it (when I could haha), then navigating to my local folder and restarting/stopping it. But it always comes back to this state. Anything I can do so it doesn't try to connect to this computer and always leaves off where I last had it at?
  2. Any of you guys have Remote Access stop working for you earlier today? It was working fine and then all of the sudden can't access the port. Have a friend who on his Plex server (not this docker though) said the same thing happened to him. EDIT: Should mention Plex does seem to connect to Remote Access at first, then disconnects a short time after. EDIT #2: Looked and I'm on Plex Version No. Also see other people are having this issue. Took off port forwarding off Plex, reconnected and seems I'm back for now (*knocks on wood). Don't get it.
  3. Switching the show that wasn't pulling to the Movie Database worked. Thanks, at least it wasn't just me and it's not the docker. Would be nice if the TVDB could get their act together and stop breaking things. It'd be even nicer if Plex had their own platform that pulled the metadata so it wasn't relying on 3rd party systems that breaks every so often.
  4. Looks like we're having that metadata issue again (or at least me). Wasn't it before on the TVBD's side? Def annoying when it happens. Hope they fix it soon.
  5. Think it must of been that, and I forgot about it. Sorry for the confusion. So I tested out ripping another blu-ray with MakeMKV and setting the watch directory and preset in the container. That went through fine, but didn't have the right compression output I wanted so I decided I'll still do it manually. I change everything back and update the docker, then this time I get an server disconnected (code: 1006) and can't get the gui going again (it's just a blank page). I've tried deleting the docker, deleting the docker apps folder, stopping/started docker, stopping/starting array, restarting docker, changing ports and nothing's helped. Any idea's what to do here? I can post my logs if you'd like to see those. Update #1: Think I got it. Checked in another browser, it loaded there. Deleted all my cache/cookies for unRaid and finally got it going. Update #2: So while --device=/dev/sg1 did work for MakeMKV, I did notice it had an output in the docker for the optical drive of /sr0. So I tried that on Handbrake, and sure enough using --device=/dev/sr0 worked! Read the same disc it wasn't earlier. Don't know why the output is different, but at least it's working.
  6. Yup, I know that. It worked exactly like you said ripping the blu-ray disc using MakeMKV, then using this docker to compress it. But why does Handbrake on my iMac load the same disc and not here?
  7. Did test the same DVD movie on my iMac using a external drive and Handbrake, that loaded there fine there. Is the encryption on this docker stronger or something? I did manage to rip the blu-ray version of this movie using MakeMKV and used this docker to compress it and that worked great.
  8. Hi, so testing this docker out on unRaid Version: 6.8.0 and can't seem to get my optical drive going. I was able to get it going with the MakeMKV-RDP docker using the --device=/dev/sg1 code. I do see it in dev, but when I select it trying to open a source (first tried a blu-ray, then a DVD) and kept getting back title not found. Anything I should try?
  9. Hi, I'm on Unraid Version: 6.8.0-rc8. Yesterday I added a new cache drive, moved everything over to it and needed to re-add the dockers. In doing so I haven't been able to get my VPN torrent going. I first tried to add flexget's version and couldn't get that up. So then I turned back to this. Using Spaceinvader One updated video I followed the instructions to a T and still can't get the VPN running. If I disable it, it does run. I placed the PIA credentials in the appdata folder where I was supposed to and the credentials file was created. Not sure what else do to. Any thoughts?
  10. Okay thanks, it was Master. I'll try Dev when I get home.
  11. Hi, so yesterday I added a cache drive and moved everything over. Had to reset up the docker apps since they weren't there and a notice saying I needed to do it since I updated from v6 or something like that. Thought I did everything right in just pointing to the app folder and everything else but for some reason got an Error on a torrent I'd try to download. So I deleted that docker and image and tried resetting it up again. Now I can't get it to load using PIA. If I disable the VPN, it will load. Anything I should try to get it going again?
  12. Looks like it's fixed! Mine's pulling now.
  13. Also just tried connecting to the Plex app on my LG OLED55C6 TV. Looking over on the Plex forums looks like a lot of 2017 models are experiencing it, but I'm one of the first 2016 model to. A user there suggested I downgrade a few previous server versions. Can we do that using this docker app? Looking at the different docker settings didn't see anything. Also, still experiencing the metadata issue. Added a new show and it's not showing the metadata.
  14. So a few days it seems ago when ever I add in a new episode it's stopped pulling the metadata for it. I've checked my library setup and for some reason the folder structure was gone, but was still pulling in new episodes that I add. I've since re-added the folder structure, then checked the db agent and re-ran "Refresh Metadata" and that didn't do anything. File names are exactly the same as before, and it adds in the episode just not the metadata. Any one else encountering this issue? Anything else I should try?
  15. Pretty sure that's what it was. I deleted those there too (on the 720p/1080p one), which would make sense. I'll report back later. Thanks for pointing out the obvious (I'm an idiot) haha.