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  1. Thanks for offering to help! I finally got it going using binhex's SABnzb VPN docker after some trouble shooting. I think it was prob the lan network setting, once I did it right on SABnzb it started to work. I'm sure that was my issue here.
  2. Had something happen with my DelugeVPN and a Torrent I was downloading last night. Just stopped working all together so I updated the docker and that seemed to get that going again. But then my NZBGet docker wouldn't load at all. Tried setting it up completely again (deleting the docker app, then the app folder) but for some reason it wouldn't connect mapping to the docker. Tried a couple NZBGet VPN dockers but couldn't get them to connect for whatever reason (competing docker ports, local lan address). Then tried binhex's SABnzbd VPN docker and after a while of trouble shooting finally got that going with the VPN running. So hopefully this will do the job and won't have any conflicts haha.
  3. Trying to set this up for the first time, but can't seem to get it going with the VPN enabled. I have your DelugeVPN one running just fine now with it (knocks on wood), but can't get this one going. I copied the openvpn files over from the Deluge folder that's working fine there. Anything I should check? I'm still def a novice user with Unraid haha. Update: Switched around the STRICT_PORT_FORWARD, ENABLE_PRIVOXY yes/no settings but don't think that did it. What did was changing my LAN_NETWORK setting to match my router, that seemed to do the trick. Now to set it up and hopefully get it going with Sonarr/Radarr. Wish me luck!
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! Definitely way past my head haha.
  5. Hi, I can't seem to get my PIA VPN going with this docker. I copied over the Deluge openvpn files that's working over there (and just updated recently). Not sure where to go from here. If I disable it, it does load. Any tips you guys can give me to hopefully get it going?
  6. @LintHart When I tried those on my 2 categories (one for tv-sonarr, one for radarr) it wouldn't import. I'm about to give up there haha. Hopefully it'll start working again one day. @Rick_Sanchez Able to fully set up everything for usenet! Got NZBGet's network path going through my Deluge VPN setup so that's awesome (minus losing the webui llink). Found a few indexers (def costly, but worth it in my opinion). Download speeds are nice! Now need to find an indexer for some older shows (a couple form '07). Weird one of them did have the 1st 2 seasons for that, but not the last 2. But NZBGet does seem to auto delete and move everything properly. Still wondering what's going on with Delgue.
  7. @LintHart Thanks! I adjusted those and I'll see how it works. Testing a file now. @Rick_Sanchez Almost got it all setup. Now just need to find a few good NZB Indexers. Got any you'd recommend/invites?
  8. @LintHart Glad it's working from you now. What setting is it and where? Just tested a file again and still won't auto delete the torrent (in Deluge) and original file. I might sign up for an account with NewsHosting, and use this setup to dive into the world of NZBs. Just a bit weary it'll solve my issue since I'm having it here.
  9. I'm open to that, but was always scared to set it up properly haha. Which service/setup do you use?
  10. Yup, they match and seem to be working between sonarr and deluge. It's just when it finishes, it doesn't delete (in sonarr and the original downloaded file after it imports). Deluge: Sonarr: Had to look up what a socks5 proxy was, so def not using that (just straight OpenVPN with Deluge and PIA). Now my memory usage is up to 99%. Kinda freaking me out haha. UPDATE: Memory spiked and then Overall Load completely spiked and everything crashed. Rebooted and Memory usage seems to be back at a normal state around 22%. No idea what caused that. Tested downloading a new torrent and same thing though.
  11. I now seem to have a memory issue I haven't had before. It's up to 94-95% and I shouldn't be up that high, no VM's running or anything like that. Can you guys take a look at my logs to see if you spot anything? tower-syslog-20210218-0330.zip
  12. Okay thanks @Rick_Sanchez. Appreciate all the help. Think I'm about ready to give up haha. Sounds like @LintHart is experiencing the same issue with Radarr. Since it used to work before, guessing something's going on somewhere I can't figure out where to go from here.
  13. Okay, tried it again with your settings again and now it's importing! No idea why it wasn't before and now it is. Perhaps it was after running the Docker Safe New Permissions? But still not auto deleting in Deluge and the original file as well. Tried the user/owners Terminal lookup, and able to do that I think. Here's a screenshot of that for you. Anything else you want me to try?
  14. Tried it with those settings and they didn't import! Freaked me out a bit when I switched it back and at first they didn't either. But after a second time they did after I switched back. Then tried switching it from my cache drive to one of my array shares and that didn't do it either. Turned off the permissions settings also. The Downloads Folders paths are always working right. It's just when the torrent finishes in Deluge it won't delete the torrent there, nor delete the original file on the Cache Downloads share drive. Should also mention I did replace the Disk 1 HDD, that failed. Best part of Unraid not losing any data haha. Any other things/screenshots you want me to try/take? Really appreciate the help!
  15. Thanks for the help, def appreciate it. I don't think it's PIA anymore (I didn't have it setup right before). Once I set it up correctly, it's working great again. Files downloads properly. It's just Deluge won't delete the torrent file, and original files in the Downloads folder. If I download a higher quality version, Sonarr will delete the lower quality version. In the Sonarr Activity section, that will no longer be there. 2. Wasn't quite sure what to check there. Was able to ssh in using Terminal, but couldn't figure out where to go from there. 3. I switched the Downloads path's around in Deluge and that all seems to be working right. It's just after it's done in Deluge and moved from Sonarr the torrent isn't deleted in Deluge and file/folder removed from the Downloads folder. 4. Yup it is, see screenshots below. Is my Share Ratio set up correctly? I enabled the Set Permissions in Sonarr.