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  1. Thank you so much! The rm -r command worked. Everything so clean again! Very happy. Saved a screenshot of this for the future.
  2. Deleted that post by accident. So I'm trying to remove some directories in my /mnt/disk1/ folder. I tried this but it gave me this response: root@Tower:~# sudo rm /mnt/disk1/TV rm: cannot remove '/mnt/disk1/TV': Is a directory Am I doing anything wrong there? These were folders that were created by the Channels DVR docker that I switched directories to.
  3. Found out what it was! My "Permit Root Login" setting was set to no. That'd do it. I'm now in after resetting it. Wonder why it was set that, was able to before. Must have happened in an update. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!
  4. Thanks for the help so far. Well that explains it about trying my other user haha to log in. I'm definitely new at ssh! So now trying the root user, I changed my password on the user to make sure it wasn't that in the system. It kicked me out there, made me log back in so I know it shouldn't be the password right? But now when I try to ssh using the root I get "Permission denied, please try again". Tried looking at my System Log, but didn't see anything obvious. Anything I should look for? Attaching another screen shot just for you guys to look at to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong. Hopefully I can get it going.
  5. Hi, so I'm having trouble ssh'ing into my server. At first I was getting a Host key verification failed. error message, but then deleted my ssh/known_hosts file and got further along but still not fully in. Now when I try to ssh in 2 different things happen when I use both user IDs I created (root and my own) and I still can't get in. For the root user, it looks like my terminal window on my MacBook connects but then kicks me right back out. For my user zach I created, it says the keyboard is unresponsive and it seems like i can't type in my password. Attached a screen shot of it. Any idea's what's going on?
  6. Just wanted to double check, the version in the settings for this should be set to "docker" right to get the latest?
  7. Is there a way to create a torrent ourselves to use to share files with other people with this client? Can't seem to find a way, but I'm probably missing something knowing me haha.
  8. There we go! It was Firefox. Prob should have tried that haha, just never thought of it. Much thanks!
  9. So think my problem is different from what I was describing before. So If I type in "deluge" into the webui password field it just flashes and brings it up again. If I type in a wrong password, it then gives me Login Failed notice. So something else is going on there right? Anything I should try?
  10. Where should that be? Not seeing a config folder in the binhex-delugevpn folder there. Sorry, pretty new to unRaid still.
  11. Still can't log into the webui with any password I try (including "deluge"). What should I do?
  12. Hi, so trying to reset this up again after a new install (from an upgrade gone bad) and having trouble logging into the webui. It won't accept the default password "deluge", and can't get it to open. Am I missing something? Really wish this wouldn't have a webui password (or an option to turn it off).
  13. Got this setup, but deluge isn't working for me for the default password to the webui. Is it something else now? I'm on 1.3.14.
  14. Ended up getting a new key from LT. That was great! Got it going, then ran a parity. Like you guys said, everything was still there (thankfully). Ran parity and almost 17 hours later it was done. Now I'm in the process of resetting everything back up. So luckily I had that screenshot from a text to know what drives went where. What would have happened if I switched the drives (parity and data) around by mistake?
  15. Great thanks, that's what I was hoping for. That makes me feel a whole lot better. No way for me to recover my key since that boot was corrupted or something right? I also upgraded to v6, bought my key on v5.