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  1. Looks like it's fixed! Mine's pulling now.
  2. Also just tried connecting to the Plex app on my LG OLED55C6 TV. Looking over on the Plex forums looks like a lot of 2017 models are experiencing it, but I'm one of the first 2016 model to. A user there suggested I downgrade a few previous server versions. Can we do that using this docker app? Looking at the different docker settings didn't see anything. Also, still experiencing the metadata issue. Added a new show and it's not showing the metadata.
  3. So a few days it seems ago when ever I add in a new episode it's stopped pulling the metadata for it. I've checked my library setup and for some reason the folder structure was gone, but was still pulling in new episodes that I add. I've since re-added the folder structure, then checked the db agent and re-ran "Refresh Metadata" and that didn't do anything. File names are exactly the same as before, and it adds in the episode just not the metadata. Any one else encountering this issue? Anything else I should try?
  4. Pretty sure that's what it was. I deleted those there too (on the 720p/1080p one), which would make sense. I'll report back later. Thanks for pointing out the obvious (I'm an idiot) haha.
  5. So ran into a issue with what it looks like a "release rejected", "... is not wanted in profile" error. A little bit ago I deleted "WEBDL-720p" and "WEBDL-1080p" from those respective profiles. I then decided I wanted them back, so I checked and saved again. For certain shows that only have WEBDL releases, I now get that error. I tried deleting the whole profile and adding it again but that didn't help. I've attached screenshots of what's happening. The second one is the new profile I added after deleting the original one. Everything else still working great. If I manually search the ep and add it in that way it downloads. Any ideas?
  6. Looks like we're starting to get some deals on SSD's. Better to go for a 1TB or 500GB will be suffice?
  7. Okay, deleted the supervisord.log in my /config folder but didn't see it "finish installing" as described there. I restarted the docker and that didn't seem to do anything, and don't see the new supervisord.log file in the /config folder. What should I try next? Did enable debugging in the docker if that helps now. EDIT: Just tried another docker, seemed to get that going *knocks on wood*. Anyone know what that Error I was getting when this issue first came up?
  8. Updated to Version: 6.8.0-rc5 this morning, and now all of the sudden when I try to download a torrent it starts, then gives me an Error notice. Anything I should be looking for here? Re-copied the open-vpn files back in. Was working fine prior to updating. EDIT: So removed the docker, started again and after a few tries looks like it's going now. Well I spoke too soon, looks like I had it going with the VPN disabled. If I enable it, I can't get it to connect. If I disable it, it loads. Anything I should try that I'm missing?
  9. Good to know! When I built it I had an extra SSD lying around and just threw it in there not knowing what I'd do with it. Never did haha. Definitely going to look for a bigger SSD (500GB+) to put in there in the future. Thanks guys for the help.
  10. Okay thanks guys. A couple times when re-building it, I pointed to the old app directory in hopes it'd copy everything over into it but that didn't work both times. So I'm guessing it was the Plex DB corruption issue like you said. Don't have my stuff on my cache drive yet, but asked a couple questions here. I ended up updating to 6.8.0-rc5, so hopefully that'll solve this issue in the meantime before setting up my cache drive. Thanks for the help, much appreciated!
  11. Hi, so after hopefully solving my Plex crashing bug (see here) I had going on with version 6.7.2 by updating to 6.8.0-rc5. Before never knowing really how the best way to use it I've stored all the app data in the default directories. Since @Hoopster's response to my question about 6.7.2 having a known bug, I've decided it's probably time to move my Plex data apps to my cached drive. I have a 64GB SSD setup as a cache drive, but like I said before don't really have anything running off it. So my first question is, is there a proper way to move the data over besides trying to copy it in Krusader? Anything else I need to know before going ahead and doing it? I believe (I'll double check later) the app data files are on my first disk drive and not spread across my other couple ones as they have nothing on them right now. Still a novice at this stuff, so any thoughts would be appreciated.
  12. Okay, just switched to another Docker and setting it up again. I'll update tomorrow (fingers crossed), hopefully everything will go smooth there. So is this a known problem with 6.7.2?
  13. So since updating to Version 6.7.2 I've had issues with different plex dockers where it'd just "crash" and become unreachable. I've tried rebooting it, restarting, pausing, stopping the dockers and have never been able to get them back going again. I've "solved" this by switching back and forth between different dockers and setting them up again, but it just happened again and want to see if there's anything else I should try. Do you guys have any suggestions? No idea what's causing it or how to solve it. Other dockers apps seem fine (not experiencing this issue). No idea what to do, any help would be much appreciated.
  14. Hi, so I recently updated my unRaid server from 6.6.6 to 6.7.2 and had a few different issues with various dockers it seems. Now with this Plex one, I'm having issues with my TV library. It seems it's not reading my library right and I'm stuck and don't know what to do. Shows that have episodes in them are now showing under there that there's 0 seasons (but the folder still shows up). Other ones I just added a 3rd season is now only showing 1. If I go to my Recently Added TV everything shows up correctly and plays fine there, well except for one episode that I deleted through Plex and verified it's no longer there on my directory. Anybody have any idea what's going on? I'm really at al loss right now and don't know what I should try doing. I'v tried scanning the library files which usually does the trick but that's not doing nothing right now. Any help would be much appreciated. EDIT: Should say my other library's look like they're working fine, it's just the TV one that's off.
  15. So doing that setting looks like it just stops the torrent from seeding. Still gotta go in and remove it manually. I do see a Recycling Bin path under File Management. Should that be set some where for that? If so, where?