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  1. Here are the results now; however, I still get the error when trying to rip the disc.
  2. Now this error: sh: cp : not found
  3. I get the following message, sorry, never tried console access for a container before. sh: /usr/bin: Permission denied
  4. Is that performed within the docker or docker properties?
  5. I checked the MakeMKV forums and I don't see any posts for this specific disc. Sorry, but I don't recall if other discs have required Java or not as it usually works or works once the docker is updated. I went back a few versions, stopped at v1.8.0 as all had the same issue / failure. I'll keep my eye on the MakeMKV forums for any updates as it's a recently released disc, so others should have similar issues. Thanks for your time!
  6. As luck would have it, it seems to be related to the new disk. I grabbed a bunch of others that were succesful and they are working just fine. Wierd, I've never had an issue like this before, so I assumed it was due to the upgrade. Is there a way to run a previous version of the container? Sorry, but I don't recall what version I was previously running.
  7. After the upgrade, I inserted a disk to rip and after 20 seconds or so, it errors out. I ripped a disk successfully last week or so.
  8. Upgraded docker to the 1.12.3 and receiving this error today. Any ideas? kernel: makemkvcon[4276]: segfault at 8 ip 000000000060c65d sp 000014cf32b8beb0 error 4 in makemkvcon[400000+5db000]
  9. Updated both servers without issue and my Windows 10 VMs started without issue.
  10. Upgraded form rc-3 to rc-4 without issue.
  11. Not sure if it's been previously reported, but if you use a custom schedule under Scheduler and use the black theme, some fields are unreadable.
  12. Upgrade from 6.5.3 was painless and as someone else reported, the docker "Check for Updates" button doesn't work. In stead of the numerous and rather larger oranage boxes on the bottom of the main page, is it possible to underline the options as is performed for the various tabs? Is there a way to control the contrast or brightness of the server info section? It seems very muted to me.
  13. Same here, really liking the new website, forum and for sure, that 6.6 screenshot looks great!
  14. luisv

    We're moving

    New site / forum looks nice... very nice!
  15. luisv

    We're moving

    Shh... Orange what?
  16. Upgraded one of my servers from 6.5.3-rc2 and so far so good.
  17. Just updated one of my servers, so far so good.
  18. Upgrade on both servers was quick and painless. Kudos to @limetech, @bonienl and the rest of the team.
  19. Which Noctua cooler did you purchase? I originally purchased the NH-U9S CPU cooler, but the motherboard power cable was very close to the fan, so to avoid any issues I swapped it out for the NH-D9L. You should be fine with the PSU you selected as it's fully modular, I went with an EVGA G3 650w PSU.
  20. I recently built a system with that board and case, specs in my signature. Cable management was initially a little frustrating, but managable. If you have any build questions feel free to PM me.
  21. Upgrade 2 servers from 6.5.0 to 6.5.1... both were quick and painless.
  22. It's the logged in user avatar. Not sure how nor where it's pulling it from, but mine is set.
  23. I removed it along with v1 and started net new... I ran the appdata cleanup plugin to make sure all was gone. Before I cleaned up, I took screenshots of my v2 beta settings and while I was at it, I copied my v1 advanced.yaml file to a safe location. Took an extra min or so, but everything is up and running on the new v2... I like the integration of stats from Tautulli within the email. Very nice!
  24. Thanks! I'll see what I can do.
  25. Current cables are 18" long, going with 8 - 10" instead, but yes, I'll make sure there's no strain on the connectors. Thanks!