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  1. After I calmed down, I performed some basic troubleshooting. I connected a monitor and keyboard, restarted the server and entered the BIOS, the MB has 8 SATA ports and one port was not showing a drive connected to it. So I shut down the system and connected drive 3 to a spare SATA port on the LSi controller card. I turned the server back on, logged in and the array started as it recognized drive 3. I was able to browse disk 3 and open files via the Dynamix File Manager plugin. I also opened some files via Windows explorer that reside on drive 3; the drive seems good to go at the moment. So, it's either a bad SATA port on the MB or a bad cable?? I'm going to leave things alone for a bit to make sure the server is stable. By the way, I just realized the system is 5 years old... boy time flies... it looks like I need to start buying some spare parts as I'm sure other things are going to go... Thanks for the reply... new diagnostics attached.
  2. The drives are labeled, so I know which one is drive #3; it's part of my OSD, as all drives are in proper order within the case. I have a backup of the USB key and there's an option to start the array without this drive, so trying to figure out my best options are.... any help is appreciated.
  3. Updated the original post with the zip file... thanks for the quick reply.
  4. After upgrading to 6.10.0 from 6.10-rc8, upon reboot the array won't start as a drive is missing; any help is appreciated. I have a backup of the USB drive.
  5. Here's what I did: I went here and created an account After logged into the website, I joined the Unraid team Installed RDP-BOINC docker and set the RDP port 3389 Once the docker was running, I logged into the docker with the ID I created in the 1st step
  6. I logged in here and joined the team:
  7. It was a "banner" across the top... similar as to when a new version of Unraid is available. I assume it checked to see if a server had the BOINC or Folding@Home docker installed, so if you already had one of them, you probably didn't see it. Not going to debate it's usefulness here, but I don't see an issue with it.
  8. Doing my part... both servers up and running using the BOINC-RDP container. Just to confirm... only Folding@Home is supporting GPUs?
  9. Just joined the team... using BOINC RDP on my backup server. Will be adding my main server shortly.
  10. Just upgraded one of my servers from 6.8.1 to 6.8.2; no issues.
  11. Updated 2 servers... so far so good.
  12. Ease of use and docker support. Would love to see official ZFS support, Snapshots as well as multiple arrays.
  13. Happy Birthday! I've been a happy custom for 2 years and looking forward to many more... Cheers!! 🍺🍺
  14. I've tried that as well as tried a different PC... same issue.
  15. No errors, no warnings that I see... I just tried the MakeMKV-RDP docker and it worked without issue. Very odd...
  16. Replaced my LG CH08LS10K with an Asus BW-16D1HT and when I open the webUI, it doesn't open the MakeMKV UI, it's basically blank? Any help is appreciated.
  17. I know this thread is a couple of months old, but did you try leveraging the P2000 with the Plex docker?
  18. Since you... "had a devil of a time deciding whether to simply update to the 4.19 kernel now..." 6.6.6 was the version number that came to mind? 🤣😎 As an FYI, I was able to upgrade both of my servers without the need for any holy water, crosses, chanting or other types of rituals.
  19. If I can help in any way, let me know. Feel free to send me a message with details.
  20. I like this new standard, so cheers! Updated both servers without issue while toasting the great unRAID crew!
  21. Correct, no built in GPU on the 1800x, so that's why I'm using a relatively cheap Asus HD 6450 for console purposes. I'm not performing GPU passthrough; however, I have no issues running VMs. I currently have Windows 10, Windows 2012 and 2016 Server VMs and I connect via RDP or VNC.
  22. Just another option, I'm running the Asus Prime X370-Pro and same here, been extremely happy. I'm using an LSI 9211-8i as I'm starting to run out of SATA ports. More details are in my signature... any questions, feel free to ask.