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  1. Happy Birthday! I've been a happy custom for 2 years and looking forward to many more... Cheers!! 🍺🍺
  2. Updated from rc5... no issues.
  3. I've tried that as well as tried a different PC... same issue.
  4. No errors, no warnings that I see... I just tried the MakeMKV-RDP docker and it worked without issue. Very odd...
  5. Replaced my LG CH08LS10K with an Asus BW-16D1HT and when I open the webUI, it doesn't open the MakeMKV UI, it's basically blank? Any help is appreciated.
  6. Great progress! So far so good...
  7. I know this thread is a couple of months old, but did you try leveraging the P2000 with the Plex docker?
  8. Since you... "had a devil of a time deciding whether to simply update to the 4.19 kernel now..." 6.6.6 was the version number that came to mind? 🤣😎 As an FYI, I was able to upgrade both of my servers without the need for any holy water, crosses, chanting or other types of rituals.
  9. If I can help in any way, let me know. Feel free to send me a message with details.
  10. I like this new standard, so cheers! Updated both servers without issue while toasting the great unRAID crew!
  11. Correct, no built in GPU on the 1800x, so that's why I'm using a relatively cheap Asus HD 6450 for console purposes. I'm not performing GPU passthrough; however, I have no issues running VMs. I currently have Windows 10, Windows 2012 and 2016 Server VMs and I connect via RDP or VNC.
  12. Just another option, I'm running the Asus Prime X370-Pro and same here, been extremely happy. I'm using an LSI 9211-8i as I'm starting to run out of SATA ports. More details are in my signature... any questions, feel free to ask.
  13. Sorry guys... I was able to backup the disc successfully, then used Handbrake to convert the backup to MKV.
  14. Thanks, I'll give it a try! Again, thanks for the help!
  15. Backing up is working! What Handbrake settings are you using as I prefer to preserve all surround sound formats. Since this question is out of the MakeMKV docker realm, feel free to PM me about Handbrake. Thanks for your help!
  16. Here are the results now; however, I still get the error when trying to rip the disc.
  17. Now this error: sh: cp : not found
  18. I get the following message, sorry, never tried console access for a container before. sh: /usr/bin: Permission denied
  19. Is that performed within the docker or docker properties?
  20. I checked the MakeMKV forums and I don't see any posts for this specific disc. Sorry, but I don't recall if other discs have required Java or not as it usually works or works once the docker is updated. I went back a few versions, stopped at v1.8.0 as all had the same issue / failure. I'll keep my eye on the MakeMKV forums for any updates as it's a recently released disc, so others should have similar issues. Thanks for your time!
  21. As luck would have it, it seems to be related to the new disk. I grabbed a bunch of others that were succesful and they are working just fine. Wierd, I've never had an issue like this before, so I assumed it was due to the upgrade. Is there a way to run a previous version of the container? Sorry, but I don't recall what version I was previously running.
  22. After the upgrade, I inserted a disk to rip and after 20 seconds or so, it errors out. I ripped a disk successfully last week or so.
  23. Upgraded docker to the 1.12.3 and receiving this error today. Any ideas? kernel: makemkvcon[4276]: segfault at 8 ip 000000000060c65d sp 000014cf32b8beb0 error 4 in makemkvcon[400000+5db000]