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  1. Hello, I stopped using this docker for awhile because I couldn't do what I wanted to do w/ it, but with all the updates I thought I would crack at it again: Vlan 5 - Main network Vlan 15 - Docker network for Sabnzbd, Sonarr, Radarr, etc. If i run this container in bridge mode (Vlan 5), I cannot access Vlan 15 because of the macvlan driver (expected behavior) I cant get the OpenVPN server to start if I run in host, br1.5, br1.15, etc. So how can I run this in bridge mode and be able to access the Vlan15 network? Do I need a static route on my router? (using pfSense)
  2. I would like to know this as well. I want to run it on one of my customer networks (br1.20) so it can access dockers and the unRAID host, but could never figure it out.
  3. Here are my settings under 6.5.3 / 6.6.0 IPv4 custom network on interface br0: Subnet: Gateway: DHCP pool: not set IPv4 custom network on interface br1.10: Subnet: Gateway: DHCP pool: not set IPv4 custom network on interface br1.20: Subnet: Gateway: DHCP pool: not set NETWORK ID NAME DRIVER SCOPE b9b4178725d9 br0 macvlan local 0b839cad0823 br1.10 macvlan local 37bff31973a8 br1.20 macvlan local e1ef694e36c7 bridge bridge local f9bfd58f90c4 host host local 7759dbce282b none null local Under 6.5.3, I can set the network type to any of the networks when adding/updating a container. In 6..6.0, I can pick everything except br1.20
  4. I posted about this issue in the main 6.6.0 release thread (link), but wanted to make a separate thread specifically on this issue. On 6.5.3, I have 3 separate docker networks: br0: Gateway br1.10: Gateway (VLAN 10) br1.20: Gateway (VLAN 20) Note: br0 and br1.20 are in the same subnet, but have different gateways. I do this so dockers in br1.20 can connect to both the Unraid host, and dockers in all subnets (circumventing macvlan from blocking the connection between docker and host) All 3 networks have no DHCP pool, i manually set them for my docker containers. Now the problem. When I upgraded to 6.6.0, I could still see my 3 docker networks in docker settings, but I could no not select br1.20 in Update Container, under Network Type, it is simply not listed. Can someone let me know how I can do this, preferably through the GUI?
  5. Upgraded to 6.6.0 last. Really like the CPU pinning but unfortunately had to roll back to 6.5.3 due to a few minor issues: Docker custom networks. Besides the standard br0, I also run br1.10 and br1.20, linked to my VLANs (10 and 20 respectively). br1.20 is the same subnet as br0, but with a different gateway (br0: gateway, br1.10 gateway, br1.20 gateway DHCP is off on all custom networks, I set them manually. After upgrading to 6.6.0, I could no longer select br1.20 as a custom network in docker, even though it was listed in my docker settings. Unfortunately, this was the deal breaker for me and I had to roll back. I presume I could have made in manually via the CLI, but was not up to that yet Theme - It has to grow on me, but I liked the only theme of 6.5.3 and below. I believe I just need new time with the new theme. Docker Autostart - I removed the CA Docker Autostart plugin, due to it not being compatible with 6.6.0. I could not find the option in 6.6.0 where to set delay timers and to change the order that dockers are started in. @Squid showed me were this was, thank you! I am going to upgrade back tonight and play around with the custom docker networks so I can get my br1.20. If someone could shed some light on this as well, it would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: Spun off docker issue here
  6. unraid bare metal simple as that :-)
  7. @panzerschreck, don't mean to bump an old-ish topic, but this is GREAT!!! Thank you for your guide on Reddit, it was very helpful and I am on my way to creating my own dashboards! Even though I couldn't import your dashboard, the pictures of your settings are easy to follow and a great learning tool. :-) Thank you again!
  8. Did a quick search in this thread but couldn't find what i was looking for... Is there a way to have different share settings for different unassigned drives? Let me explain: I have 2 drives in UD Drive A for MythTV Recordings Drive B as a download location for Sabnzbd & hosting some files I have 2 SMB users, User1 and User2 I want User1 to only access 1 folder on DriveB (Sabnzbd), and User2 to access everything (DriveA and DriveB) I couldn't find a way in UD settings to have different users accessing different folders.
  9. ^^. This exactly. I was also trying to do this, loosely following this guide, but I am on 6.4. However, I just noticed the 6.4 updates and will have to try them out
  10. Alright I think i jumped the gun a little bit... can see, but wont connect to any dockers. I'll explain: (nzbhydra) can connect to (unRaid/sabnzbd), but not the other way ( cannot ping/traceroute/etc (unRaid/sonarr) cannot connect to (hydra) I see its going over the docker interface ( which is not I want. I presume I need another static route, so I tried this: Needless to say it didn't work :-(.
  11. BINGO it works! It half works. See post below Now just need to tighten up security on the pfSense side and add this to run at docker launch. Thanks again :-)
  12. I have played around with itbut was still not able to get it working :-/. Can you be more specific on how you did it?
  13. I believe I am having a similar issue; I made a seperate thread: