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  1. Hello, I followed the @SpaceInvaderOne's excellent guide on reverse proxy w/ letsencrypt. I want to get the custom network (i.e. proxynet) it's own IP address so I can assign docker's on it there own IP addresses (mainly only one, the letsencrypt docker). I want to this because I want to expose 80 and 443, but I cannot because the unraid is using these ports (I do not want to change the unraid port) Is this possible?
  2. Exact same issue, i recently moved my Dockers/VMs to an unassigned SSD and they do not autostart Help?
  3. My favorite unRAID feature: VMs One thing I would like to see: Multiple arrays
  4. Okay Let me explain my situation and summarize my last few posts...lets get some new light in here! pfsense router - (pfsense also acts as DNS server) (network is unraid - br0 - docker's on unraid's IP ( & VMs br1.15 - dockers with their own IP. br1.15 is linked to VLAN 15, which I can access no problem throughout my LAN, (i.e, Wireguard network: WIreguard is set for remote tunnel access (Allow and using
  5. Through wireguard, I cannot access dockers that have custom IPs.....
  6. @bonienl First and foremost, thank you for all of your help and your wonderful plugin! Everything you do for the community is greatly appreciated :-) I did some troubleshooting but still no dice. I turned off NAT in wireguard settings. Nothing works (no surprise there?) When i do a nslookup, I get an error message, "Got recursion not available from, trying next server". Then it does not work and I get, "server cannot find Refused. This is interesting - I specifically put my pfsense router as the DNS server. However, when I tu
  7. Here you go: On Wifi: $ traceroute 1?: [LOCALHOST] pmtu 1500 1: 10.045ms reached 1: 2.332ms reached Resume: pmtu 1500 hops 1 back 1 On Wireguard: $ traceroute 1?: [LOCALHOST] pmtu 1280 1: 52.842ms 1: 63.555ms 2: no reply 3: no reply ^C I am not a netw
  8. Hmm, I use the pfSense as the DNS server, because i have custom entries pointing to my various dockers (,, etc.) They all sit behind my reverse proxy docker at I have updated the latest version of the plugin to add the DNS settings. Going directly to the domain (, thru reverse proxy) or accessing directly via IP ( does not work. Through the WebUI it goes through the IP and does not work either :-/ Edit: Here is unRAID's routing table: PROTOCOL ROUTE GATEWAY METRIC IPv4
  9. I have "remote tunnel access" enabled for my peer (the client has AllowedIPs= to tunnel all traffic thru the VPN tunnel) Updated OP to reflect this
  10. Hello, I must be close but cant figure out the last piece of the puzzle! I have gotten wireguard working, but cannot access dockers not on the bridge network (aka docker's with their own IP) I cannot access dockers with there own IP ( I can access dockers on unraid's IP ( Wireguard network: Router: Unraid IP: (network I have "remote tunnel access" enabled for my peer (the client has AllowedIPs= to tunnel all traffic thru the V
  11. Hello, I stopped using this docker for awhile because I couldn't do what I wanted to do w/ it, but with all the updates I thought I would crack at it again: Vlan 5 - Main network Vlan 15 - Docker network for Sabnzbd, Sonarr, Radarr, etc. If i run this container in bridge mode (Vlan 5), I cannot access Vlan 15 because of the macvlan driver (expected behavior) I cant get the OpenVPN server to start if I run in host, br1.5, br1.15, etc. So how can I run this in bridge mode and be able to access the Vlan15 network? Do I need a static route on my router
  12. I would like to know this as well. I want to run it on one of my customer networks (br1.20) so it can access dockers and the unRAID host, but could never figure it out.
  13. Here are my settings under 6.5.3 / 6.6.0 IPv4 custom network on interface br0: Subnet: Gateway: DHCP pool: not set IPv4 custom network on interface br1.10: Subnet: Gateway: DHCP pool: not set IPv4 custom network on interface br1.20: Subnet: Gateway: DHCP pool: not set NETWORK ID NAME DRIVER SCOPE b9b4178725d9 br0 macvlan local 0b839cad0823 br1.10 macvlan local 37bff31973a8 br1.20