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  1. now i can ping from home assistant to phoscon have set them both to br0 see attach photos can someone please help been at this for well over a week and getting nowere
  2. They are both on the same subnet but pinging from home assistant to phoscon doesn't work.... any tips?
  3. am getting the same any one have any advice
  4. no it runing ok for me might be worth removing it using console commands as folders left behind even if you remove using the gui work on outher dockers for me
  5. im running AMD Turion™ II Neo N54L Dual-Core @ 2200 MHz if that help narrow down the problem if you want aly log let me know
  6. working well still for me one outher thing if possable any way to show something is downloading in the web ui
  7. thank very much will give it a tray
  8. work well one thing i wish it had was saveing video in to youtube channel name folders
  9. im having a problem with speedtest-tracker i cant get the Telegram bot to work please advice have checked the token is right works on other programs when using it now souly for speedtest-tracker hit the test button after hiting save with no luck please advise
  10. got my hands on a ssd dc 400gb s3700 used, pluged in got crc errors see photo below have change the cable with no luck put old drive back in is ok no errors please advice see attached screenshot of unraide error log and smartdata have a warrenty but before i send back would like a second opinion INTEL_SSDSC2BA400G3_BTTV421407SY400HGN-20201230-1355.txt
  11. looking at a ssd upgrade for a cash drive am looking at a intel dc p3700 ssd 800gb has anyone used ones of these in a n54l before have not had much luck with google Thank Rikki
  12. has anyone used one of these drives with a hp micro server n54l with any luck looking into running one as a cash drive